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PDF Xpress

High-level PDF and PDF/A SDK

Build feature-rich applications by giving users more control over PDF documents. With the tools available in PDF Xpress, you can easily develop a more sophisticated PDF application.

With PDF Xpress, PDF SDK, you can easily create, modify, and render PDF and PDF/A files from within your applications.

  • Create new PDF documents
  • Create image-only PDF/A compliant documents
  • Split, merge, insert, move and delete pages from existing PDF documents
  • Rapidly display large PDF images such as engineering drawings
  • Determine whether color information may be safely removed to reduce file size

PDF XpressBuild a PDF portfolio of multiple documents and document types, allowing for a single file to contain images, Word documents, spreadsheets, and more.


Render PDFs

  • Read and rasterize PDFs through version 1.7, plus PDF/A
  • Load PDFs from files or memory
  • Render to Bitmap, DIB, EPS, RAW, or Device Context
  • Search for and highlight text within a PDF document
  • Specify portion to render, target resolution, and bit depth
  • Render PDF annotations
  • Navigate using bookmarks
  • Render large pages to higher resolution for detailed viewing
  • Render copy-protected PDFs where content copying and extraction is restricted

Create PDF and PDF/A files

  • Build PDFs from images or text
  • Create PDF/A-1b archive files
  • Add text objects to PDF pages
  • Create, modify, and delete page thumbnails
  • Add images to PDF pages, including:
    • TIFF
    • JBIG2
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • JPEG 2000
    • GIF
    • BMP
    • RAW
  • Linearize PDFs for rapid display

Image Display and Manipulation

  • View the latest PDF versions
  • Extract each image in a PDF:
  • Access the uncompressed image data for each image in a PDF
  • Easily pass uncompressed image data to other Accusoft components to perform other imaging operations
  • Use ImagXpress to display rendered PDF pages
  • Use ImagXpress for image conversion, compression, resize, reorient, etc.
  • ImagXpress Standard includes thumbnail creation and TWAIN scanning
  • ImagXpress Professional adds annotation and printing
  • ImagXpress supports all common image formats

PDF Portfolio and Attachments

  • Build a portfolio PDF viewer by opening attachment data contained in a PDF
    Add and remove PDF attachments
    Determine if a PDF document has attachments

Page Manipulation

  • Add, insert, delete, or move pages
  • Re-order or modify pages
  • Merge or split PDF files
  • Extract pages from a PDF document:
    • Easily add, move and delete groups of pages in a PDF document
    • Easily extract specific pages from a PDF document
    • Create a new PDF from extracted pages

Bookmarks and Metadata

  • Read, create, edit, delete, and move bookmarks and links (table of contents)
  • Auto-generate bookmarks
  • Read, add, edit, and delete document metadata:
    • Author
    • Title
    • Subject
    • Creator
    • Producer
    • Keywords
  • Read creation and modification dates

Edition Descriptions

Note: Add ImagXpress for viewing or image manipulation

PDF Xpress Reader

  • Open PDF documents
  • Render pages for viewing, including annotations and bookmarks
  • Extract content from PDFs

PDF Xpress Professional

  • All Reader features plus:
  • Create PDF and PDF/A documents
  • Modify PDF content, bookmarks, annotations, metadata, watermarks, etc.

PDF Annotations

  • Read, display, add, edit, and delete PDF annotations
  • Includes comment, highlight, text, arrow, line, and various shape annotations
  • Import and export PDF annotations to XFDF (XML format)
  • Import and export to NotateXpress format

PDF Properties Control

  • Determine the PDF version of a document
  • Determine if a document is linearized for efficient access in a network environment


  • Add hyperlinks that allow users to launch a web page from a PDF
  • Edit the bounding box and URL properties of existing PDF hyperlinks
  • Get, edit, and remove hyperlinks



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