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Providing the full spectrum of document,
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Accusoft provides a full spectrum of document, content and imaging solutions. With its broad range of solutions, Accusoft is committed to deliver best-in-class, enterprise grade and fully-supported applications and a globally recognised suite of software development kits (SDKs). Accusoft products work reliably behind the scenes for capturing, processing, storing and viewing images, documents and more.




Advanced imaging mobile toolkit

Use AIMTools to view grayscale medical images on the iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices.

Medical professionals can now access a wide array of medical images critical to their work, without sacrificing important image details. For the first time, doctors and patients can view Lossless JPEG and JPEG 2000 images on iOS and Android mobile devices.

AIMTools provides developers with a mobile SDK to meet the demands of tomorrow's medical applications. Now mobile apps can facilitate rapid collaboration among physicians and the viewing of Eletronic Health Records by patients.

Using AIMTools, documents scanned and stored as TIFFs can now be viewed on iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Lossless document images stored as JPEG 2000 images can be viewed with no loss of detail on mobile devices.

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Barcode Xpress

Barcode SDK for 1D and 2D barcode recognition and creation

Whether it's a document, a package or a medical record, there is no room for doubt.

Use Barcode Xpress and you’ll never have to worry about the accuracy of your barcode recognition. In just a few lines of code you can integrate the most accurate 1D or 2D barcode recognition into your applications.
Barcode Xpress

Detect, read and write more than 36 different 1D and 2D barcodes with accuracy and dependability.


Barcode Xpress Mobile

Mobile barcode SDK

Easily integrate barcode recognition into existing iOS and Android applications or build a new app with our easy-to-use samples.

Use Barcode Xpress Mobile to recognise 1D and 2D barcodes from iOS and Android phones and devices with cameras.

Supports reading common barcode types.

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Structured forms processing and OMR SDK

With the FormFix SDK, you can build powerful forms processing applications that include form recognition, registration, and dropout, along with image cleanup and OMR (optical mark recognition for check boxes, bubbles, etc).

Designed for production-level forms processing, FormFix technology was chosen for the largest data capture project in history, the Decennial Census.

Match scanned forms against pre-defined template forms, align and drop out the blank form image, then clip and pass the data on for cleanup and recognition.

Enhance & Clean Up - Enhance and clean up scanned images for improved recognition.
Identify & Align Forms - Recognize incoming scanned forms from your master form library.
Drop Out & Extract Zones - Drop out forms and extract fields of check marks or bubble marks.

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Structured forms processing SDK collection; zonal OCR, ICR, OMR

FormSuite bundles all of the components required to build a complete forms processing application:
  • FormFix for form id, dropout and OMR.
  • SmartZone for zonal OCR and zonal ICR.
  • ScanFix Xpress for image cleanup and enhancement.
  • ImagXpress for image viewing, TWAIN capture, annotations, compression, decompression and many other features.
Accusoft makes it easier and faster for you to develop your application using a forms processing SDK.

FormSuite is provided as both .NET and ActiveX SDKs.

FormSuite, the FormFix, SmartZone and ScanFix Xpress product bundle made for faster and easier forms processing development!
  1. Scan Your Forms - Bypass manual data entry entirely. Scan in forms containing valuable data.
  2. Enhance & Clean Up - Enhance and clean up scanned images for improved recognition.
  3. Identify & Align Forms - Recognise incoming scanned forms from your master form library.
  4. Drop Out & Extract Zones - Drop out the forms and extract fields of hand-printed text, typed text, check marks or bubble marks.
  5. OCR, ICR, OMR, & Barcode - Perform OCR, ICR, or OMR on the extracted fields, which could include names, amounts, or serial numbers.
  6. Ready For Storage - Store the results in a database or pass them to the next step in your workflow.
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SmartZone ICR/OCR

Text & handprint recognition SDK

Read hand and machine printed data off your forms. SmartZone SDKs make it easy to include the world's best character recognition in your application.

Just pass it an image clip, and SmartZone returns the characters. It's ideal for processing fields on forms, whether they were typed (OCR) or hand-printed (ICR).

Confidence values let you decide when an operator should review the results, and alternate characters help them quickly select the correct result.

SmartZone for .NET includes exclusive new technology that uses regular expressions, such as social security numbers or phone numbers, to improve accuracy even further. When you know the format of the expected data in any field, you can increase overall accuracy by specifying which characters can occupy each position.
  • OCR, ICR, OMR, & Barcode Perform OCR, ICR, or OMR on the extracted fields, which could include names, amounts, or serial numbers.
  • Ready For Storage Store the results in a database or pass them to the next step in your workflow.
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Prizm Content Connect

HTML5 Document Viewer

Prizm Content Connect is an application for securely viewing and sharing virtually every document or image file type on almost any end-user device, including desktop and mobile, without the need to download or install external players, plugins or apps.
view - Show any document or image in a web page or application, fast. Users need only a browser for a hi-fi view on any device, even mobile.
protect - Secure documents with SSL encryption, configurable user controls and a viewing architecture that keeps original files safe on your server.
verticalise - Add fast, any-device viewing to legal eDiscovery applications, DICOM medical records applications, financial records applications…
search - Empower users to search any text-based document, and to leverage advanced search parameters. Integrates with global search tools.
customise - Adapt the look and feel of the viewer to match your needs. Pick colors, fonts and branding. Show or hide controls for printing or copying…
deploy - Install in any server environment. Enable the Watchdog process, load balancing, multi-server mode, and other server enhancements.
mark-up - Enable group workflows with multi-user annotations, redactions and digital signing. Facilitate development of auto-redaction applications.
integrate - Control the viewer from your application, through easy APIs and exposed events. Or choose the version ready-built for SharePoint 2013.
extend - Under programmatic control, tap the viewer to extract text from documents, or rapidly convert to PDF or SVG for standardisation or archival…
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Multi-platform document, medical, and photo imaging SDK

The ImageGear family of imaging SDKs accelerates development on many platforms.
ImageGear tools give you everything you need to handle images in your programs. With support for over 100 image types, you can rely on ImageGear to provide powerful imaging features, so you can concentrate on building better applications. Add imaging experts to your team by downloading ImageGear today.

Available in five editions... select the one for your development environment.


PDF Xpress

High-level PDF and PDF/A SDK

Build feature-rich applications by giving users more control over PDF documents. With the tools available in PDF Xpress, you can easily develop a more sophisticated PDF application.

With PDF Xpress, PDF SDK, you can easily create, modify, and render PDF and PDF/A files from within your applications.
PDF Xpress
  • Create new PDF documents
  • Create image-only PDF/A compliant documents
  • Split, merge, insert, move and delete pages from existing PDF documents
  • Rapidly display large PDF images such as engineering drawings
  • Determine whether color information may be safely removed to reduce file size


Speed-optimised document and photo imaging SDK 

Barcode Reading for iOS and Android Mobile Devices
ImagXpress lets you quickly add the world's most trusted imaging functions to your Windows application.

How quickly?

How about adding a viewer with thumbnail and annotation support in less than 50 lines of code!

With our powerful imaging tools, you can quickly accomplish complex imaging tasks for document imaging, photo processing, or medical applications, freeing you to concentrate on your unique application needs.


ISIS Xpress

High-speed ISIS scanning SDK

With ISIS Xpress, you can easily build a custom user interface for controlling ISIS scanners.

Available as a .NET or ActiveX SDK, it enables complete control over your scanners, including advanced features like multi-streaming.

Access high-performance document scanner features.
Build custom scanner interfaces.

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USB Scanner SDK

Add USB scanning to existing Android apps, or build new scanning-enabled apps with our easy-to-use sample!

Accusoft provides you with code and instructions to add document scanning functions to any Android app easily. Your users can direct-connect their Android devices via USB cable, control the scanner from within your app, and pass the saved scan directly into the application.

Building USB scanning into a workflow enables a world of advanced applications…
  1. Empower truck drivers to scan complex bills of lading and other documents directly into a transportation management system (TMS).
  2. Developers of mobile applications that have a document workflow can use the USB Scanner SDK to get documents into the flow without having to write code to support specific scanners.
  3. Give mobile or home health workers in the field the ability to record and transmit signed medical forms efficiently, improving productivity and patient care.
  4. Accelerate insurance adjustments and appraisals by enabling field workers to transmit vehicle information and signed statements quickly and easily.
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ScanFix Xpress

Superior scanned image cleanup SDK

Save time with automated image cleanup processes resulting in improved OCR results and smaller file sizes.

Automated image processing features enable applications to produce cleaner, better images with little or no operator intervention to perform the image processing. Limit the need for users to arrange documents when documents are automatically rotated to an upright orientation.

Save development time using ScanFix Xpress with its easy to use cleanup operations that require less code to be written. Testing time to achieve improved images is reduced by decreasing the complexity of selecting the appropriate cleanup settings.

Automated processing including:
  • Deskew
  • Binarize
  • BorderCrop
  • Image Detergent to reduce variability in colours
  • Document rotation and orientation
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Hole punch removal
  • Background smoothing on colour and grayscale images
  • Inverse text correction in colors
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Image compression & editing SDK; high-performance and multi-platform

PICTools Medical - Enhance both still image and video medical imaging applications. Support both lossy and lossless DICOM-compliant formats, including 8-bit and 16-bit grayscale.

PICTools Photo - Access the most powerful photo editing capabilities available to enrich photo management software, online photo services, kiosk applications, and more.

PICTools Document - Use the most powerful document image cleanup available to create superior document imaging, records management, and forms processing applications.

PICTools Fingerprint - Advance security applications with PICTools Fingerprint, and take advantage of the included WSQ file format.

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