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ChangeBase AOK tools quickly identify application migration and compatibility issues that may arise when transitioning to new platforms.

ChangeBase AOK tools produce compatibility assessments in minutes rather than weeks and can fix many common migration and compatibility issues AUTOMATICALLY!!

  • Automatically fixes compatibility issues before deploying applications
  • Reduces testing by up to 90%
  • Speeds up package delivery by up to 75%
  • Reduces post development support issues
  • Projects need fewer resources, are completed faster and more cost effectively
  • Packages are always of the same consistent high quality




Are you assessing migration to a new operating environment?

Are you considering virtualisation?

Are you reviewing the feasibility of an upgrade or implementation project?

If you are, AOK Test-It will help you make accurate and informed decisions on the likely impact. The net result is a quick and accurate picture of application suitability in the target environment.

Key Product Benefits
  • Helps management make informed decisions on migration timescales and costs
  • Identifies potential compatibility issues before testing applications
  • Applications can be loaded for testing in minutes instead of days
  • Compatibility assessments are produced in minutes rather than weeks
  • Quickly identifies migration issues that may arise in the application estate
  • Produces detailed RAG reports (red, amber, green), grading applications and making prioritisation easier
  • Highlights the applications you don't need to re-license, replace or test

How It Works

Step 1 - Load It
AOK Test-It allows you to automatically upload MSI files (files not in MSI format can be converted from other formats by using AOK Convert-It or other repackaging tools).

Step 2 - Run It
AOK Test-It checks files against up to 250,000 different rules, covering both static analysis and runtime checks. AOK Test-It checks whether they will work on a new target operating system and which applications will be compatible for virtualisation (using AOK Virtualise-It). Checks include: 

• Windows 7 
• Windows Vista 
• Server 2008 
• 32 & 64 bit environments 

Using our option bolt-on modules you can also check: 
• App-V 
• Citrix Xenapp (hosted & streamed) 
• Office 2007/IE8 
• ThinApp 
• SVS 
• Office 2010 

AOK Test-It will quickly provide you with a detailed report showing applications as Red, Amber or Green (RAG rating). 

Red. A red issue is generally one that pertains to how the code or actual program works. In this case AOK will flag Red issues where a package may try to use objects or functions that have been deprecated from the OS or where their use has been restricted. In this case, there are no changes that a packager (or AOK) can make to the install routine to fix the problem. The problem needs to be dealt with at the program code level by the programmer that wrote it or by providing a more up to date driver. However, it is reasonably straightforward once a programmer has the information provided by AOK to make these changes. For vendor MSIs an upgrade may be required. The recommendation with applications containing RED issues is that they are tested to see if the issue is either causing it to fail to install or for a critical part of its functionality to fail. It is possible that an application that contains a red issue can be used if either the red issue is not used in the application or if the part of the application that relies on it is not important. Red issues will be marked Manual Testing Required. 

Amber means that there are installation or functionality issues that will need remediation. The majority of Amber applications run through AOK Fix-It will be automatically remediated. 

Green means that the applications are ready to move to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) stage. This allows organisations to plan application-packaging processes more effectively and identify costs of any re-licensing requirements up front.



AOK Fix-It has everything AOK Test-It has and provides the functionality to remediate the majority of application compatibility issues using innovative algorithms developed by the ChangeBASE team.

With AOK Fix-It the majority of these issues are automatically remediated - in minutes.

Key Product Benefits

  • Automatically fixes compatibility issues before deploying applications
  • Reduces testing by up to 90%
  • Speeds up package delivery by up to 75%
  • Reduces post development support issues
  • Projects need fewer resources, are completed faster and more cost effectively
  • Packages are always of the same consistent high quality

How It Works

Step 1 - Load It
AOK allows you to automatically upload MSI files (files not in MSI format can be converted from other formats by using AOK Convert-It or other repackaging tools).

Step 2 - Run It
AOK Fix-It scans the package using any or all of the AOK plug-ins. The scans identify the issues that may cause applications to fail to install or function correctly. Scans also check if applications may conflict with other applications. The issues are displayed in detail in the application UI and are also available in a series of summary and detail reports.

Step 3 - Fix It
Once you have used Run-It to identify the issues you can then choose Fix-It to automatically fix a large number of the amber issues that have been identified. These fixes can be applied using a variety of means either directly to the MSI or via the industry standard for vendor MSIs of transforms.



AOK Virtualise-It is an invaluable bolt-on module to AOK Test-It and AOK Fix-It.

AOK Virtualise-It works in conjunction with AOK Test-It to enable the assessment of application compatibility with specific focus on virtual environments. 

In conjunction with AOK Fix-It, AOK Virtualise-It further streamlines application readiness by automating the remediation of application compatibility issues for the target virtual environment. 

AOK Virtualise-It can save days or weeks of testing, trying to get an application to work in a virtual environment. 

Applications that need to be virtualised must still work on the target platform, have access to dependencies, and work with the other applications they are deployed with. AOK Virtualise-It, when used in conjunction with AOK Test-It/AOK Fix-It Middleware and Core App Scan, supports this process. 

Key Product Benefits

  • Discovers which applications can be virtualised in seconds
  • Automatically remediates applications for target platforms
  • Checks for middleware dependencies

AOK Virtualise-It currently supports Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenApp, VMWare ThinApp*, SVS and Terminal Services.


* AOK VMWare ThinApp is a new Plug-in which addresses the application compatibility testing requirements for ThinApp migrations. 



Migrating your desktop Operating System means you will almost certainly migrate your version of Office to Microsoft Office 2007/2010 and Internet Explorer 7/8.

Microsoft Office migration throws up all sorts of challenges, which is why we have created AOK Office and more recently the Office 2010 Plug-in*

This is an analysis module that highlights issues relating to migrating applications that depend on Office 2007/2010 to provide part of their functionality. It quickly identifies application integration points and dependencies on versions of Microsoft Office prior to 2007/2010 that may become deprecated or restricted. It comprehensively examines application configuration and file details for each application installation package for dependencies on the file and configuration information contained within the Office 2007/2010 installation. The AOK Office 2007/2010 Assessment report and operates on an application level and does not interrogate the formatting or structure of Office documents such as Word or Excel.

Key Product Benefits

  • Rapid assessment of Office 2007/2010* integration and dependencies
  • Determines obsolete references that may cause parts of an application to fail
  • Ensures application packages are compliant with Active Directory policies
  • Identifies obsolete file formats 

* AOK Office 2010 is a new Plug-in which addresses the application compatibility testing requirements for Office 2010 migrations.



AOK QA-It can be used as a bolt-on to AOK Fix-It. It includes access to the AOK Report Generator where people can write their own plugins from a number of predefined templates. AOK QA-It also allows people to author more complex plug-ins using Stored Procedures in SQL. ChangeBASE offers a 2 day Plugin Authoring course to facilitate writing the more complex checks and fixes. 

Ensuring that each application package adheres to company and packaging standards is expensive and time consuming but vitally important. The QA process is prone to human error and costly. It can cost end-user organisations a great deal of time and for Outsource Partners it leads to failed SLAs and financial penalties. 

The AOK QA-It module allows you to automatically test for Company and Packaging (MSI) issues and automatically remediates them to make your packages compliant. 

This allows you to fully automate your QA checking process gaining all the benefits of automation. Additionally, these checks and fixes are 100% repeatable and so will eliminate failures and rework. 

Using AOK QA-It clients have achieved time savings of up to 95% in comparison to manual checking.

Key Product Benefits

  • Considerably reduces QA costs
  • QA plug-in generator for tailoring user generated QA checks and fixes
  • Complete consistency regardless of level of application complexity
  • Reduced round tripping due to failures


AOK Manage-It is an invaluable bolt-on for both AOK Test-It and AOK Fix-It.

Product Information
Every month organisations deploy Windows, Office and IE patches and updates to their application estate. Centrally managing the validation and impact assessment of all Windows updates enables businesses to quickly decide if it's safe to release an update or not. 

AOK Manage-It provides on-going Windows Update testing and patch impact management. The result is an environment where changes can be introduced rapidly with a high degree of certainty about the outcome thus vastly reducing the amount of time that the application estate remains under any possible security risk.

Key Product Benefits

  • Patch impact testing in minutes, not days
  • Allowing faster deployment and providing a more secure environment
  • Focused testing data, saving patch deployment time and money
  • Reduction or elimination of missed patch updates and changes


AOK Convert-It works in conjunction with both AOK Test-It and AOK Fix-It

AOK Convert-It can read an application's installed application folder and extract its files, registry settings and COM information to then load into the AOK database for application compatibility assessment. 

Product Information
This unique utility saves considerable time and allows for compatibility reporting where the installation media is lost or unavailable. It also provides an MSI that will act as a starting point for recreating the installation if the installation source media was lost. Companies may also load in legacy applications for assessment purposes as well as BootStrap MSIs.

Key Product Benefits

  • Solves the "Missing Installation Media" problem by automatically capturing installed legacy applications
  • Generates RAW MSI Installer packages
  • Can be used to import applications for compatibility reporting where the media is inconvenient to access


AOK Browse-It - Automated IE8/9 Browser and Web Application Compatibility Testing 

Organisations embracing IE8/9 via their Windows 7 deployment may face...

  • Web-based application compatibility issues with the new browser version
  • Presenting and rendering (display) of internal and external websites and portals
  • Missing elements on pages due to incompatibility, potentially leading to lost business 

AOK Browse-It
ChangeBASE has developed an automated testing solution to overcome this major compatibility hurdle, saving your organisation time, money and resource. AOK Browse-It speeds up the testing and fixing of browser based and web-based applications compatibility issues for IE8/9.

Key Product Benefits

  • Time to test web-applications, internal and external websites for IE8/9 compatibility reduced to minutes
  • Consistent and accurate reporting of all compatibility issues found
  • Ability to prioritise fixing following the exact procedures contained within the report
  • Ability to build an accurate cost, time and resource business case
  • Tangible cost savings against manual testing and fixing



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