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MindManager 2016

MindManager's flexible mind maps promote freeform thinking and quick organisation of ideas, so creativity and productivity can live in harmony. Capture ideas. Manage meetings. Create strategic plans. Organise anything. Watch the video to see how you can do more with MindManager.

The new MindManager 2016 for Windows helps you visualise workflows with powerful new capabilities for brainstorming, planning, process improvement, decision-making, and more. Tools for creating flowcharts and concept maps, along with other new features and user interface enhancements, make MindManager 2016 for Windows a major release you won't want to miss.

MindManager includes versions for both
Windows and Mac (*features vary). With MindManager you can:

  • Boost Productivity
    Organise ideas and information in a single view so you can see connections and draw conclusions quickly.
  • Ensure Project Success
    Get visibility into every aspect of your projects. Show the big picture and view the details in context.
  • Communicate More Effectively
    Organise and present in a visual context to improve understanding and retention.


The New MindManager is More Powerful and Intuitive Than Ever.

More Powerful
Create network and IT systems diagrams, engineering workflows, business process flowcharts, and other step-by-step illustrations, using new diagram tools.

Drag-and-drop topic shapes, decision topics, and line annotations make creating flowcharts and other diagrams simple.

Unlike most chart drawing tools, diagrams created with MindManager have all the intelligence of our mind maps. Add notes, attachments, icons, tags, and other content to provide context. You can also filter, index, and search, so you can always find what you need.

More Creative
Concept maps help organise and structure knowledge by depicting relationships. Use MindManager concept mapping for free-form brainstorming, then add lines with labels to identify the connections between topics.

More Flexible
With MindManager 2016 for Windows, you can add mind map topics to a flowchart. Add tasks or budget calculations, for example, to show all relevant information in a single view.

More Convenient
MindManager 2016 for Windows offers multi-monitor support, so you can work with MindManager maps on two (or more) monitors. It's easy to "detach tab" to move a map, simply by right clicking on the map tab.


MindManager Uses


Generate more great ideas using MindManager. It's a virtual whiteboard that lets you easily capture everyone's best thinking. With MindManager you can focus on keeping up with the flow of ideas and organise them later with drag and drop ease.

Meeting Management

Everyone participates more effectively in meetings if the agenda is clear and each participant is prepared. Using MindManager you can clearly communicate agendas and get more out of your meetings.

Project Management

Gain clarity on requirements, resources and schedules with less miscommunication. With MindManager you can manage projects in a visual format that helps drive decision-making on goals, assignments, and priorities.

Visual Framework

Seeing is understanding. Mind maps are virtual whiteboards where you can visually capture your best thinking. Just drag and drop to organise and prioritise tasks and information.

Information Management

Overcome the overload. MindManager lets you access and organise information from multiple sources in a single dashboard.

Business and Project Tools

Turn ideas into action. Use MindManager's visual layout to create, validate, and communicate business requirements, project schedules, competitive research, budget assumptions, and strategic priorities.

Works with Your
Current Applications

Stay Streamlined. Use MindManager's visual framework to organise your work, and then export to the tools you use everyday. MindManager works with most popular Microsoft Office and Apple productivity apps, including Outlook and Entourage.

Mobile Mind Mapping

Keep connected. Take MindManager on the road with Mindjet Maps for Android and iOS. Access and create maps, capture ideas, share files, and manage tasks from just about anywhere. Mindjet Mobile apps are available with MindManager PLUS and other Mindjet web subscriptions.

MindManager for Windows and Mac

MindManager includes the most up-to-date releases for both Windows and Mac.  View a list of features for each in the comparison chart.



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