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Multilizer Localisation Tool - Easy way to create and manage multilingual versions of software, websites and content.

Multilizer products help enterprises efficiently produce and maintain multiple language versions of their software - on time and on budget. There are Multilizer products for both big and small companies.

Multilizer offers an integrated solution for optimising the localisation process by automating string extraction and protection, language version builds, and version control. It includes a full set of compatible tools for project management, software engineering and translation work in various environments.



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Multilizer product options
You can compare the features of different Multilizer products at a glance by checking out the Multilizer 2011 Feature Matrix.

Short product overviews:
Multilizer Enterprise: the most comprehensive edition, includes all features that are available also in other editions plus tools for localisation process automation. Multilizer Enterprise and Pro editions allow outsourcing translations with a free tool which creates translation packages containing all the material to be send to the translator(s).

Multilizer Pro for Developers and Multilizer Pro for Documents: include almost all features that are available in Multilizer Enterprise except tools for build process automation and smaller selection of localisable file formats. Please note that you can add support for new file formats with Multilizer localisation plug-ins. The difference between Pro for Developers and Pro for Document is in the file formats that are supported out-of-the-box.

Multilizer Lite for Developers and Multilizer Lite for Documents: contain the basic features for small localisation projects with a cost-effective price. This edition cannot be expanded with any plug-ins. The difference between Lite for Developers and Lite for Document is in the file formats that are supported out-of-the-box.


Multilizer Enterprise

Multilizer Enterprise is designed for enterprises that want to get maximum savings in localisation. Multilizer is optimised for multi-format projects and automation of repetitive tasks.

Multilizer Enterprise supports the localisation of software, document and web content formats. All localisable information is in a single Multilizer project, simplifying the localisation project administration.

Enterprise Only Features

Multilizer Enterprise has the same features as Multilizer Pro for Developers and Multilizer Pro for Documents together.

In addition it also has the following Enterprise only key features:

  • Command-line utility. Multilizer Enterprise includes a command-line tool that allows users to automate nearly every aspect of localisation process. The tool can automate the creation of new localisation projects, scanning, building, importing/exporting translations, sharing translation work, and displaying projects statistics, etc.
  • Advanced Menu. Multilizer Enterprise is powered with efficient project maintenance features, such as populating missing translations with native text.
  • 3 extra scanner plug-ins. The following extra scanner plug-ins are available in Multilizer Enterprise only: XMLAttributeScanner, MSXMLScanner, and SourceScanner. (These plug-ins can be purchased for  Multilizer Pro products separately).
  • Support for Xliff. Multilizer Enterprise supports importing and exporting of Xliff files. (Available in Multilizer Pro products separately)
  • Use projects as Translation Reference. Existing Multilizer projects can be used as translation reference, in order to increase the translation consistency inside the company. (Available in Multilizer Pro products separately)

Productivity Features

Multilizer Enterprise contains the following productivity features:

  • 40+ validations that automatically find localisation issues; with quick automatic fixes.
  • Wysiwyg editors to see the localisable content visually.
  • CustomText scanner for localizing any text file formats using regular expressions.
  • Wizards for exchanging project data between team members.
  • Extensive support for adding translations references for consistent translation.
  • Tagging of new/modified/removed texts in the files being localised.
  • Row level commenting, locking, and setting of max width etc.
  • Comprehensive settings for specifying localisation rules for the supported file format.
  • Machine translation plug-in included for quick translation drafts.
  • Spell Check (OpenOffice).



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