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Other Vendors Products

Here are some other vendors whose products MicroWay also handles.

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KeepTool - Tools for Oracle Databases

Hora - Administration tool for Oracle Databases

Hora is KeepTool's flagship product for viewing and manipulating Oracle databases, and accommodates a variety of users. Primarily designed for both DBA's and developers, it can also help end users query data and generate simple reports. Thanks to its intuitive interface and the ability to preview SQL before execution, Hora does not require that you read the manual before using it.

Its object-oriented navigation system takes you to any database function within a few clicks.

Hora is compact. Everything you need to work with the database is in a single tool. Start-up time and resource usage are minimal.

HoraLight - The light version for the end user

HoraLight, which follows the design and usability principles of the full version of Hora, makes viewing and modifying tables, and producing simple or complex queries, something that end users can do for themselves with ease.

ER Diagrammer - Display tables and their relationships

KeepTool's Entity Relationship Diagrammer shows the tables and their relationships to each other systematically, according to the IDEF1X standard. ER Diagrammer can create an entity-relationship diagram from an existing database. Optionally, for a complex database, ER Diagrammer can generate diagrams for specific portions that you can select. Usually, the result will picture the tables in a manner that shows relationships with all parent tables to the left. If you prefer, you can rearrange the tables differently, and the connectors will follow along. The image can then be saved in a file for future display.

You can also use ER Diagrammer in conjunction with Hora, the parent of the KeepTool 8 family, to generate a data model for a new database. Simply use Hora to define tables—adding, dropping and renaming columns where necessary; then use ER Diagrammer to create a graphic view of your data model.

PL/SQL Debugger

KeepTool 8's PL/SQL Debugger gives you, the PL/SQL developer, all you need to test and debug code. You can set breakpoints and define watches for variables. Breakpoint lines are color-coded and can be removed or reset at will. In addition to the source display, there are separate windows that display watched variables, breakpoints and the call stack.

PL/SQL Debugger has been designed with the same emphasis on usability as Hora. This ensures that both tools are closely integrated. Using Hora and the Debugger together, you will be on your way to creating to creating efficient PL/SQL code.

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RadiantQ - jQuery, Silverlight and WPF Gantt Packages

Written natively for HTML5, Silverlight and WPF, these Gantt controls are high performing, very rich, highly customisable, standards based and light weight. They provide cross-platform, cross-browser support for desktop and mobile devices.

Gantt Controls for all platforms, devices and scenarios
Developing apps in a rich client platforms like WPF or Silverlight? These Gantt Controls provide high performance, feature rich, standards based and are great looking. They also target cross-platform desktop and mobile devices, targeting any and all browsers. This jQuery Gantt Package is a HTML5 based component, with interactivity and richness all in a standards based jQuery UI Gantt Widget.

Use the gantts to develop Project Management, Resource Management, Production Planning, etc. type applications (to name just a few), taking your user interface to a great new level.

The Project Gantt is an MS Project like project-task hierarchy viewer and editor with built-in scheduling, resource assignment and constraints support. The Resource Gantt is a very light-weight gantt control that can bind to any kind of resource hierarchy to display and track their utilisation. Both these controls come with an editable multi-column tree list, dynamic and zoomable time scale headers, rich and interactive task bars and excellent Printing options.

Products available include:

  • Silverlight Gantt Package
  • WPF Gantt Package
  • jQuery Gantt Package
  • Sharepoint Gantt Webparts

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Dr.Explain - Professional Level Help Authoring

A help authoring tool that creates help files, documentation and on-line manuals in CHM, PDF, RTF & HTML formats almost automatically

  • Online Help Manuals
    with search, indexes & cool navigation

    Create online help manuals automatically!
    Unique to Dr.Explain is its know-how approach to creating online help manuals with search function & navigational menus much quicker than with other help tools..
    The program parses a live application and automatically produces help pages with annotated screenshots.
    The process is accurate and fully automated, so you can quickly document application screens & windows for your application help manual.
  • Software Help Files
    for desktop & Web applications

    You don't have to learn technical writing!
    Make CHM help files to ship with your Windows application with ease.
    Make help files and online manuals literally in minutes. Simple and well thought out interface will save your time and eliminate stress.
    Setup help page layout and topic structure in a couple of clicks and deliver context sensitive help files for your software applications.
  • Printable Manuals & User Guides
    in many formats from single source

    A single cost-effective tool for all projects!
    Use one source and the only help tool to make documentation in many formats. Don't spend money on multiple tools and utilities.
    Create print-ready software user guides in RTF PDF formats as well as software help files and online manuals from the same project.

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FastReport - Report generator and reporting tools for Delphi, .Net

Full featured reporting solution for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, MVC, Mono and Embarcadero Delphi and FMX

ASP.Net Visual Studio


FastReport.Net is a full-featured reporting solution for Windows Forms, ASP.NET and MVC. It can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010-2015 and Delphi Prism.

With FastReport.Net, you can create application-independent .Net reports. In other words, FastReport.Net can be used as a standalone reporting tool.


FastReport.Net for SAP Netweaver

FastReport.Net for SAP Netweaver is a fully functional report generator for SAP.

FastReport VCL 5

FastReport VCL is an add-on component that allows your application to generate reports quickly and efficiently.

FastCube VCL 2

FastCube enables you to analyse data and to build summary tables (data slices) as well as create a variety of reports and graphs both easily and instantly.


FastScript is a cross-platform, multi-language scripting engine.


FastQueryBuilder is an easy to use visual SQL query builder.


FastCube FMX

FastCube FMX enables you to analyse data and to build summary tables (data slices) as well as create a variety of reports and graphs both easily and instantly.

FastReport FMX 2

Multi-platform report generator for Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, compatible with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE (FMX library), FireMonkey FM3.


FastReport.Mono is a full-featured reporting solution for the Mono Framework.

FastReport for Lazarus beta

FastReport VCL Professional Edition for Lazarus is an add-on reporting tool component that allows your application to generate reports quickly and efficiently.

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