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Sapien PowerShell & VBScript Self-Paced Training

Learn the technologies you need at your own pace, on your own schedule, and in your own way with Video training from SAPIEN Technologies. Designed and delivered by industry experts, these classes include everything from hands-on exercises and self-assessment quizzes to detailed sample scripts and conceptual animations. Far more than a narrated slide deck or "CBT video," each Video delivers hours of detailed technological instruction.

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PowerShellWindows PowerShell Video Set

Microsoft's hottest administrative technology is yours to command with SAPIEN's Windows PowerShell training. Starting from scratch, these titles provides more than 30 total hours of instruction, including conceptual animations, demonstrations and samples, hands-on exercises, and much more, all in a friendly, easy-to-understand style. The four volume set includes:

Windows PowerShell Fundamentals

Learn how to use Windows PowerShell – whether you are administering Windows, Exchange Server, or any other PowerShell-enabled product. PowerShell MVP and guru Don Jones, one of the world’s most experienced PowerShell instructors, guides you through PowerShell’s basics – assuming no prior experience. You will learn about cmdlets, the pipeline, WMI and ADSI within Windows PowerShell, and much more. Don’s conversational style, conceptual animations, extensive demonstrations, and real hands-on exercises help you learn quickly and effectively. Designed to complement the book Windows PowerShell: TFM, you’ll find yourself mastering PowerShell more quickly than you though possible.

Windows PowerShell Intermediate

Take Windows PowerShell further with intermediate-level topics that build on your existing fundamental skills. Learn to use regular expressions for string parsing and manipulation, discover the power of .NET Framework objects inside PowerShell, learn to use PowerShell’s error handling and debugging capabilities, and much more. You’ll also learn advanced modularization, advanced object filtering, and more, including how to save and export objects for sharing or later analysis. Go from being a PowerShell user to a PowerShell master, with top instructor Don Jones guiding you along the way. Dozens of hands-on tasks, complete with sample solutions, let you practice what you learn, helping to cement key skills.

Windows PowerShell Advanced

Complete your mastery of Windows PowerShell with high-end, advanced topics designed for administrators who have already completed fundamentals and intermediate training. Learn to access databases within PowerShell scripts, create custom format views and type extensions, create your own graphical user interfaces using Windows Forms, and other advanced techniques. Conclude with an extensive hands-on lab that builds a complete graphical administration tool from scratch, all in Windows PowerShell – complete with sample solutions. Delivered by PowerShell guru Don Jones and packed with hands-on exercises and real-world tips, this is the pinnacle of PowerShell achievement.

Windows PowerShell v2, What's New

You asked for it and we got it! The newly released ScriptingAnswers.com Windows PowerShell V2: What's New Class-on-Disc! Windows PowerShell V2: What's New is the fourth video in our Windows PowerShell training series. A perfect complement to our original training set, this disk covers what has changed and been added to PowerShell V2. This is not intended for the PowerShell beginner. This disc assumes that you have completed the PowerShell Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced discs, or that you have an advanced understanding of PowerShell. This disc ONLY covers what is new in version 2. Disc four has a 1.5 hour run time and covers nine PowerShell v2 topics including: Using the ISE, Remoting, Background Jobs, Debugging, Try...Catch, WMI, Advanced Functions, Modules and Events. This disc also includes script samples, Tricks and Traps, and additional content. Recorded in hi-def it also includes a free iPod compatible version of the video.

You can also download a sample below.

  • Demo A is a 3-minute, full-sized video that lets you check your system requirements. If this sample plays on your computer, you're fine to purchase any of these products.
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  • Demo B is a longer 23-minute sample to give you a better look at the content of these products. It is in a significantly reduced size to make it easier and faster to download, but will give you an idea of what the course looks like.
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VBScriptVBScript Video Set

The most mature and stable administrative script language available for Windows is demystified and made simple with Don Jones' VBScript Administrative Scripting series. Each title includes more than a dozen hours of learning, including hands-on exercises, self-assessment quizzes, conceptual animations, and plenty of "face time" with your instructor.

Titles in the Class-On-Disc series feature an intuitive, Flash-based presentation environment, instructor video, narrated demonstrations, conceptual animations, self-assessment quizzes, optional final exams, and a host of other educational and assessment features. They're the closest you can get to a genuine classroom experience, and let you learn on your own schedule. The three volume set includes:

VBS 101: Introduction to Windows Administrative Scripting

Go from zero to sixty in just eight 30-minute modules. Starting with no prior VBScript experience, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start writing your own administrative scripts, including login scripts, basic configuration scripts, and more. This course provides the essential knowledge you need to master intermediate and advanced VBScript topics. Select modules are followed by a self-assessment opportunity, and all samples are attached directly to the presentation for your convenience.

This is the place. VBS 101 assumes no prior experience, and walks you through VBScript from the absolute beginning.
Download a sample

VBS 201: Intermediate Windows Administrative Scripting

Extend your VBScript skills to include powerful Windows administrative technologies like Windows Management Instrumentation, Active Directory Services interface, and much more. You’ll also learn best practices that help make scripting easier and more effective in both small business and enterprise environments. Assumes that you already understand the VBScript core language (or have completed our VBScript 101 course). Select modules are followed by a self-assessment opportunity, and all samples are attached directly to the presentation for your convenience.

VBS 201 assumes basic prior experience with VBScript, such as the topics you learn in our VBS 101 class.
Download a sample

VBS 301: Advanced Windows Administrative Scripting

Master advanced scripting topics and take your scripting skills to the next level! Learn to work with databases, e-mail, and other enterprise technologies, and learn the tools and techniques needed to make powerful, self-contained scripting tools quickly and easily. You’ll even learn how to apply your scripting skills to create graphical scripts, called HTML Applications (HTAs). Select modules are followed by a self-assessment opportunity, and all samples are attached directly to the presentation for your convenience...

VBS 301 assumes significant prior experience with VBScript. In addition to the topics covered in VBS 101 and VBS 201, you should have at least a few months' practical experience with VBScript.
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Complete Video SetPowerShell and VBScript Complete Video Set

The combined set of Sapien's PowerShell videos and VBScript videos.

This complete video set includes ALL of the material from the Windows PowerShell Video Set as well as ALL of the material from the VBScript Video Set listed above.


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