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Sencha Ext JS

JavaScript Framework for Rich Apps in Every Browser

Ext JS 4

The New Standard in Web Application Development

With an advanced MVC architecture, plugin-free charting, and modern UI widgets, Sencha Ext JS is the industry's most powerful desktop application development platform. Sencha Ext JS provides unparalleled cross-browser compatibility enabling you to develop incredible web apps for any browser.


Ext JS 4 Overview

Ext JS 4 MVC Ext JS 4 is a major step forward for web frameworks. Building on Ext JS 3.3, Sencha's latest release adds over 350 new APIs, 50 new classes, and 65% more documentation. Ext JS 4 also brings an entirely new data package that enables developers to use a model-view-controller architecture when building their app. The new MVC enables apps to leverage features like Infinite Scrolling a Grid to build an entirely new level of interactivity in to web apps.

Plugin-free Charting

extjs4-drawing No plugins, no problem. Don't let proprietary browser plugins get in the way of delivering eye-catching charts. Ext JS 4 delivers the most advanced charting and graphing capabilities of any JavaScript framework, delivering pixel perfect visuals on any browser on any operating system. Leveraging SVG and VML, Ext JS 4's new charting package lets developers design and program their graphs once and never have to worry if they’ll work.

Rich, Modern UI Widgets

Ext JS offers an extraordinary range of user interface widgets. High performance scalable grids, trees, menus, and more. If you need it, we've probably already built it. And even if it's not in the core library, you're almost certain to find it in the thousands of user extensions from our million-strong Sencha community.

Rich, Modern UI Widgets

Clean Component Model

20110425-componentA core strength of Ext JS is its component design. You can easily extend the default components to meet your needs, and extensions will be encapsulated within just those components. As a result, your development teams can create even the largest applications without stepping on each other's code.

Documentation, Training and Support

Sencha's learning resources and API documentation are comprehensive, detailed and regularly maintained. They also offer several options for professional training at multiple levels including beginner and advanced. They also offer professional support with guaranteed response times and a full ticketing system.

Sencha Cmd works with Ext JS

Sencha Cmd is the cornerstone to build your Sencha application. From scaffolding a new project, to minifying and deploying your application to production, Sencha Cmd provides a full set of lifecycle management features to compliment your Sencha project. With a rich command line syntax and Ant integration, Cmd is perfect to integrate into your enterprise build environment or use standalone for your application.


Automated Optimisation with new SDK Tools beta

With the new application architecture it’s now possible for us to create tooling that makes writing, optimising and deploying applications much easier. Ext JS 4 works with a beta version of the Sencha SDK Tools, including Optimizer, Builder, and Slicer. These tools let you optimise your JavaScript builds as well as ensure your theming works all the way down to IE6.
Download Sencha SDK Tools beta for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Sencha's new SDK Tools have the power to automatically create an optimised build of your app, removing any unused classes and providing you the best loading experience possible. Along with other Optimise your Ext JS projects with our command line interface that works on any platform: Windows, Mac and Linux. Find out more about JSBuilder

Cross Platform Browser Compatibility

Ext JS 4 lets developers deliver on an incredible variety of browsers and on more operating systems using the same code — over ten years of browsers in one release. On modern browsers, Ext JS 4 utilises HTML5 features and falls back to alternatives on older browsers. Whether you’re using Ext JS’ built-in UI components, using the new Charting package, or theming your application, Ext JS 4 makes it easy to build an app that gives you the power of the web regardless of what browser your customer uses.

safari firefox ie chrome opera

Ext JS supports all major web browsers including:

  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Firefox 3.6+ (PC, Mac)
  • Safari 4+
  • Chrome 10+
  • Opera 11+ (PC, Mac)

Ext Direct

20110425-ext-directExt Direct is a platform and language agnostic technology to remote server-side methods to the client-side. Ext Direct allows for seamless communication between the client-side of an Ext JS application and all popular server platforms. Find out more about Ext Direct


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