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Visible products make the development of mission-critical applications more rigorous, maintainable, and reusable. They automate and accelerate many tasks associated with model-driven, object-oriented information systems development, including enterprise-level modeling, application and database analysis/design, code generation, and configuration management.

Agile Framework Edition

The Agile Framework Edition with Visible Analyst and Polaris
Visible has been helping organizations manage enterprise change for over two decades. Now, through the integration of its systems analysis and design product, Visible Analyst and an issues based, task management system, Visible Polaris; you will be able to better manage both the demand for change and the resources to accommodate those changes within the Agile Framework. Included in this edition is a client integration to Subversion (SVN) - one of the more popular version control open source software programs on the market today.

Enterprise Framework Edition

The Visible Analyst Enterprise Framework Edition is the most comprehensive design and deployment for rapid development and migration of information systems in the marketplace today. It incorporates strategic planning, data modeling, object modeling, process modeling, UML modeling, and includes the Visible Business Templates and ISO 9000 Templates . This product is extremely easy to set up and use, driven by an interface that allows straightforward navigation to all your model artifacts. The product currently supports the Zachman framework and tailored frameworks like C41SR, FEAF, TEAF and others. This product also includes a powerful application migration facility that can generate and maintain enterprise applications, as well as reverse engineer applications.

Razor (Software CM)

Integrated, feature-rich configuration management system providing process management, issue/problem tracking, version control, and release management for software engineering, e-Business, and web development. Ensures compliance with ISO 9000 and SEI CMM. Razor workflow, templates, rules, and controls can be customized to match any process. It is available for UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT.

Visible Developer (Migration/Code Generation)

A software component design and code generator, Visible Developer generates 90+% of the business and database access logic for typical business applications. Import data models from existing databases or Visible Analyst into Visible Developer , then define your business objects using powerful and intuitive modelling features. Visible Developer's code patterns translate the model into robust, modular, well-documented code for VB6, ASP, C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET. You're not stuck with the "shell code" generated by UML-based tools.

Visible Advantage (Enterprise Architecture)

Enterprise architecture management tool for building sophisticated new information systems, redeveloping legacy systems, and reengineering business processes. Automates business planning, data modelling, data access and business activity modelling, object-oriented design, and data reverse engineering. Ideal tool for creating an Enterprise Portal or Data Warehouse. Open architecture tool using SQL and XML as model transfer media.

Visible Analyst (Analysis and Design Modelling)

Affordable graphical planning, analysis, and design tool that enables enterprises to build complex client/server applications and databases. Allows data, processes, and objects to be modelled in multiple notations, including complete analysis and design UML, for effective software engineering. Most widely used modelling and design product in universities and colleges. Generates model information in multiple forms, including COBOL, C, Visual Basic, SQL, and XML.

Polaris (Issue Tracking & Workflow Management)

Windows-based issue tracking and workflow management helps you improve your software development process. It is completely customizable so you can tailor it to meet your organization's needs.

LCSIS (Product Data Management)

LCSIS is a dynamic, Enterprise Data Management System that is designed, from the ground up, to meet the specialized needs of product development. The LCSIS system enables the effective integration, structuring, and dissemination of the critical product and process data associated with Product Development, Engineering, Production, Customer Service and Support. LCSIS also promotes cross departmental synergism and optimal use of organizational resources by combining a robust data management environment with an easy to use interface to increase productivity, improve standards compliance, and build overall competitiveness.

Application Browser (Cobol Code Reengineering)

Application Browser is a unique COBOL reengineering product. Similar products produce reports and diagrams describing the legacy application. Application Browser also extracts critical information regarding the data and process flows of COBOL legacy systems and then stores this information as a model in the repository of the Visible Analyst. This gives you the power and flexibility of a robust, multi-user repository when reverse engineering your legacy system. Multiple developers can view the same model simultaneously.


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