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InstallShield 2012 - Features by Edition



  Premier Professional Express
 Suite Installations
With the new InstallShield Suite Project type, multiple products can be easily bundled together into a single, unified suite installation.
 Installation Streaming
Installation Streaming reduces the downloading wait time required before installation can begin.
 Installation Collaboration
The InstallShield 2012 Collaboration add-on has been significantly enhanced to better support distributed, collaborative installation development.
 64-Bit Enhancements
InstallShield 2012 has been enhanced to provide the most comprehensive support for 64-bit installation development.
 Application Tagging
InstallShield 2012 is the only strategic installation development solution that creates ISO 19770-2 software identification tags as part of the installation development process.
 Monitoring for COM Extraction
InstallShield 2012 supports a new monitoring method for COM extraction.
 Merge Module Projects
Merge Module Projects now include built-In support for IIS, text file changes, and XML file changes.
 Read-write property RequiredExecutionLevel
The read-write property RequiredExecutionLevel has been added to the ISWiRelease object.
 Support for New Technologies
InstallShield 2012 includes enhanced support new technologies.
 Standalone Build Add-On
InstallShield provides a Standalone Build add-on that enables installation developers to maintain a clean build system by using the part of InstallShield that builds the installations, plus any redistributables included in the installations.
Microsoft App-V Support
Deploy your applications as App-V virtual packages that run without conflict.
InstallShield Best Practices Validation Suite
Avoid common installation issues by getting alerts from validators in this suite, if your installation violates best-practices guidelines.
Multilingual Support
Present installation text in up to 35 languages, eliminating hours of installation dialog and message box translation.
Unicode Support
InstallShield includes Unicode support in almost every view to improve multi-language installation development.
Standalone Build System
Maintain a clean build machine by using only the part of InstallShield that builds the installations. 
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Network Repositories
Build a repository of common elements to quickly rollout new setups.
Virtual Machine Detection
Block your installations from running on virtual machines.
Setting Permissions
Overcome MSI LockPermissions limitations such as adding permissions without overwriting existing ones.
Managed-Code Custom Action Support
InstallShield lets you easily add managed-code custom actions to Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI, and Merge Module projects.
Installing Multiple Product Instances
Give your MSIs the ability to install multiple instances of the same product on the same machine.
Windows Installer Installation Chaining
Add MSI software installation packages to your main installation and chain them together so they are processed as a single transaction.
Associate Prerequisites with Features
Associate setup prerequisites with features to chain multiple MSIs together in a single installation.
Automation Interface Improvements
Use script to add new files, add or delete features, initiate the build process, and change product name and upgrade code, release settings, summary information stream items, release flags, and more.
Setup Prerequisite Editor
Create custom setup prerequisites that you can include in your projects.

XML Support
Save time by quickly testing XML configuration changes to installation projects.

Require EULA Reading
"Force" users to scroll to the end of EULA before installation can proceed.
Registry-Free COM Registration (Application Manifests)
Instead of writing COM information to the registry on a target system, write COM information to an application manifest file.
Local Repositories
Quickly rollout new setups and ensure consistency across projects.
Modify Users and Groups
Add and manage Windows users during installation.
Expiring Setup Launchers
Prevent your end users from installing outdated versions of applications.
Industry-Standard InstallScript
Achieve maximum flexibility in your installations with InstallScript—a powerful and easy-to-use scripting language.
Transform File Editing
Easily edit Windows Installer transform files.
Complete Project Debugging
Step through the entire installation to confirm behavior or identify and eliminate trouble spots.
Source Code Control Integration
Manage installation projects the same way your team manages other code.
Save Projects as XML Files
Save projects in an XML format, making them easier to manage and manipulate.
Patch Creation
Patches created with the Premier and Professional editions contain updates to a previous installation or set of installations on a file-level or byte-level basis. Distribute on the Internet and save end-user time and server bandwidth.
Release Management
Build several flavors or versions of a product from one installation project.
Reusable Project Templates
Maintain consistency across installation projects using project templates.
Search the Target System
Identify if certain files, folders, or registry entries exist on a user's system before conditional action is taken.
New Predefined System Searches
New searches for .NET Framework 4.0, SQL Server 2008 Express SP1, and Adobe Reader 9 check if the required component is installed on the target system and take appropriate action.
Media Spanning for Large Applications
Build an installation that spans multiple media and never impose limits on the size of your application.
Support for Digital Signatures
Save time by digitally signing all your files at build time.
Specify Custom Icon and Version Resource Properties
Modify the icon and version resource properties to match your company and product branding.
Command Line Builder
Have your build process automatically occur every night by using the command line build option.
Build Reports
View a summary of a build's contents for troubleshooting, training, or creating documentation
Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) Support
Build Visual Studio solutions with InstallShield projects in build lab environments where Visual Studio is not installed.
Referencing Developer Installation Manifest (DIM) Files
Reference DIM files created with the InstallShield Collaboration plug-in.
Installation Prerequisites
Check for and install prerequisites before your installation is executed.
InstallScript Prerequisites
Add InstallShield prerequisites to your InstallScript projects.

And many more features!




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