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Barcode Xpress

Barcode SDK for 1D and 2D barcodes

Give your applications the power to detect, read, and write more than 30 types of barcodes with speed and accuracy. In just a few lines of code, you can integrate the most accurate 1D or 2D barcode recognition into your applications, including desktop, web, Android, and iOS. You can rely on frequent updates and active support.

Available for:

  • Node.js for Linux 64 bit
  • .NET (VB / C#)
  • C/C++ (Linux)
  • ActiveX
  • Java
  • Android and iOS (Mobile)

Why choose Barcode Xpress, the barcode reader SDK?

Speed & Accuracy

Whether it's a document, a package, or a medical record, there's no room for doubt. Read multiple barcodes at up to 1,000 pages per minute while accurately locating and decoding multiple barcodes on each page. Read damaged, broken, and incorrect barcodes that other SDK engines fail to read. Barcode Xpress supports:

  • 1D Barcodes
  • 2D Barcodes
  • Postal Codes
  • Patch Codes

Multiple Platforms

Get the same great accuracy and speed on all of your languages/platforms.
Barcode Xpress currently supports:

  • Node.js
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • ActiveX
  • .NET (VB / C#)
  • JAVA
  • C/C++
  • Objective-C

Leading Edge Technology

As image capture devices and technology change over time, so does our barcode recognition engine. We scrutinise how every change to our SDK affects overall performance and accuracy. Our engineers strive to deliver improved barcode recognition performance to you with every new release.

A History of Expertise and Innovation

Accusoft has been developing imaging and document recognition technology for over 25 years, and holds more than 30 patents. That means you have access to powerful, state-of-the-art processing capabilities through the most efficient API interface on the market. That, combined with our extensive documentation and source code samples, helps you minimise your time to market and accelerate your development.


Barcode Xpress is a powerful control which accurately reads common industry 1D and 2D barcodes, detecting them anywhere on the page, in any orientation. It also writes most 1D barcodes and some 2D barcodes.

Barcode Xpress ships with ImagXpress which provides world class image cleanup capability for use with Barcode Xpress. Configurable speed settings are available to suit various application and budget requirements.

New Features in Version 12.0

  • We have improved accuracy and performance in Code 128, Code 93, Data Matrix, QR Code, and GS1 DataBar barcodes.
  • We now provide NuGet Packages to simplify the packaging process. NuGet packages make it easy to add, remove, and update libraries and tools in Visual Studio projects that use the .NET Framework.

Primary Features

  • Detect, read, and write 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Recognize barcodes located anywhere on a page
  • Report confidence values for detected barcodes
  • Provides image input, output, and handling by the included ImagXpress component
  • ImagXpress provides pre-process functionality for image cleanup and modification prior to analysis
  • Seamless integration with Accusoft's Form Processing Suite with streaming support
  • Set a minimum size that barcodes must meet to be returned by the Analyze method by using the Reader.MinimumBarcodeSize parameter
  • Track the internal states of the QR Code as it is being read at any point in the output stream (e.g., Kanji, Numeric, etc.)
  • Grayscale (8bpp) detection on various 1D barcode types.
  • Report the row and column information for supported 2D barcodes.
  • Report the error correction level for 2D barcodes.

Supported Barcode Types

For the list of supported barcodes, please refer the table in Supported Barcode Types.

Barcode Xpress Editions

Barcode Xpress version 12 is offered in four editions, 1D Standard, 1D Professional, 1D/2D Standard, and 1D/2D Professional. BarcodeXpress 1D/2D Professional is the default edition which has the maximum functionality available.

  • Standard Editions are for deploying a moderate speed scanning solution, with up to a few barcodes per page.
    • 1D Standard – It reads and writes 1D barcodes, including Postal Code, at a 40 pages per minute speed limit.
    • 1D/2D Standard – It includes the 1D Standard edition capabilities, with reading of all 2D barcodes (PDF417, Data Matrix, QR code, and Aztec), along with writing of some 2D barcodes (PDF417 and Data Matrix). The recognition rate is 40 pages per minute.
  • Professional Editions comprise the unlimited speed barcode engines. They are for high-end, high-volume imaging applications where speed is critical for the success of the application. They support all reading speeds, allowing integrators to sell various speed and price options. They read as fast as the processor allows.
    • 1D Professional – It reads and writes 1D barcodes, including Postal Code, with unlimited processing speed. 
    • 1D/2D Professional – The 1D/2D Standard edition capabilities with unlimited processing speed.


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