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Forms Processing and OMR SDK

With the FormFix SDK, you can build powerful forms processing applications that include form recognition, registration, and dropout, along with image cleanup and OMR (optical mark recognition). Designed for production-level structured forms processing and OMR, FormFix technology was chosen for the largest data capture project in history, the Decennial Census.

Why should you use the FormFix structured forms processing and OMR SDK?

Identify & Align Forms

Recognise incoming scanned forms from your master form library.

Drop Out & Extract Zones

Drop out forms and extract fields of check marks or bubble marks.

Enhance & Clean Up

Enhance and clean up scanned images for improved recognition.



FormFix Version 5 is a forms identification, registration, and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) component. Its primary purpose is to speed the application development process of structured forms processing systems.

New Features in Version 5

  • A new OMR Processing mechanism for improved OMR recognition. For an easy way to convert old formsets to use the new mechanism, see the OMRThresholdConverter sample.
  • New methods for Image Transfer between Accusoft Components, which are easier to use and avoids memory leaks. See Upgrading from FormFix 4 to FormFix 5.
  • A new property, AcceptMultipleMatches, which will allow FormFix to better handle situations where multiple template images are returned as the best match.
  • A new licensing model.


Primary Features

Form Recognition and Registration

  • Ability to add multiple forms to a form template library.
  • Ability to identify incoming unknown images by matching them to a form template, returning form identification and confidence level information.
  • Ability to align (register) a filled form to its matching form template.
  • Ability to limit identification operations to a subset of the available templates.
  • Ability to identify and register forms even when the input filled form exhibits these characteristics:
    • Skew
    • Smaller image size than the template
    • Forms scanned at different resolutions than the template resolution
    • Rotated from the template
    • Warped images
    • Printing variations
  • Support of simple form registration using registration marks.
  • Configurable settings to control the level of effort in completing form matching:
    • Selection and return of a best match
    • Return of a configurable number of additional potential matches
    • Return of a confidence value for each match performed


  • Support for form drop-out within specified regions of interest or the entire image to improve OCR, ICR, and OMR recognition accuracy. 
  • Ability to reconstruct hand or machine printed characters that may have crossed the lines or guide text defining the form and were subsequently dropped out.
  • Configurable application of stroke restoration across areas of the image where the form was removed.


  • Ability to define single or multiple mark zones for OMR (Optical Mark Recognition).
  • Processing of two dimensional grids of bubbles, such as that used for defining name or identification number fields.
  • Return of confidence values aids in catching multiple and questionable marks.
  • Provides algorithms for advanced recognition and accuracy of multi-mark fields.
  • Includes dropout processing prior to mark detection for most accurate recognition.

FormFix Editions

FormFix version 5 is offered in two editions, Standard and Professional. FormFix Professional is the default edition and includes the maximum functionality available.

  • FormFix Professional - designed for high volume applications where processing speed is critical.  FormFix Professional identifies and aligns images at sub-second speeds, limited only by CPU processing speed. This product also includes ImagXpress Professional, ScanFix Xpress, SmartZone ICR, SmartZone OCR, and FormDirector.
  • FormFix Standard - designed for lower volume/lower cost applications where processing speed is not critical. FormFix Standard identifies and aligns up to 20 forms per minute. This product also includes ImagXpress .Net Standard, and FormDirector.

Accusoft Components in FormFix

  • FormDirector for form and form set definition.
  • SmartZone OCR performs OCR for zonal OCR and ICR recognition processing.
  • SmartZone ICR performs ICR recognition in user defined areas of interest or "zones" on an image.
  • ScanFix Xpress for image enhancements, cleanup, and auto binarization.
  • ImagXpress for loading, saving, and viewing images.
  • NotateXpress for adding image annotations.
  • PrintPRO for printing.
  • ThumbnailXpress to view thumbnail images.
  • TwainPRO to acquire images from TWAIN devices.



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