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OCR Xpress


OCR XpressOCR Xpress is the solution for adding optical character recognition (OCR) and text extraction to your Node.js, Linux C/C++, or Java applications.

This OCR SDK provides a quick and easy way to extract text from black-and-white or color images, and convert it into searchable PDFs or text. Numerous languages supported. OCR Xpress comes with help file documentation, samples, and the libraries required to quickly add OCR to your own application. Now offering support for Node.js on Windows.

Available for Node.js
Available for Java on 64-bit Linux
Available for C/C++ on 64-bit Linux

Why Should You Use OCR Xpress SDK for Text Recognition and Extraction?

Easy Integration

  • Straightforward setup, easy-to-use API for quick integration.
  • In just 9 lines of code, add OCR Xpress to your applications.

Versatile Ouput

  • Searchable PDF image-over-text file
  • Text file
  • In-memory data structure

Accurate Results

  • Reduce manual input.
  • Meets or exceeds industry best standards.
  • Check results against confidence values.


OCR Xpress for Linux

OCR Xpress for Linux is a powerful full-page Optical Character Recognition (OCR) product. It supports creation of searchable documents from uncompressed BMP files for distribution to end users.  Searchable documents in a variety of text or text plus image formats are supported. The OCR Xpress for Linux SDK can be used as a stand-alone OCR engine or in conjunction with other Accusoft products like ImageGear Professional.

The OCR Xpress for Linux SDK provides access to document recognition technology for images to enable the extraction of text from the document. It is an omni-font text recognition component that supports multiple output file formats, including text and PDF. It also supports the output of structured results for detailed examination of the recognition output results, including the area and confidence of the character text values.

New Feature

  • Enable automatic orientation detection for recognition and output of the document.

Primary Features

  • Creation of a new component for full page Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Enable the generation of text files and PDF of the image over text.
  • Provide structured output of the document.
  • Text recognition (OCR).
  • Perform operations on bitonal and color images, including the ability to export the original color images to a searchable document.
  • Automatic image and text segmentation.
  • Export to various document formats.
  • Multi-language support includes Western European languages.

Limitation of OCR Xpress

Even though OCR Xpress for Linux is designed to be a stand-alone OCR engine, there are some pre-OCR image processing operations that may need to be performed on the input image to achieve optimal results.

OCR Xpress for Linux:

  • does not Deskew the input image.
  • accepts only uncompressed BMP files.

Accusoft offers other products like ImageGear Professional to be companion components in a document recognition application. If your applications requires these pre-OCR image processing operations, Accusoft recommends using the Accusoft components that provide these functionalities.


OCR Xpress for Node.js

OCR Xpress for Node.js is an SDK designed for document recognition applications. OCR Xpress for Node.js performs the task of recognizing printed characters in a digital image. The digital image can be captured into an uncompressed Bitmap file (BMP) using scanners, cameras, or fax machines. Once the image is loaded, the application has three processing choices:

  • Generate a searchable PDF file.
  • Generate a searchable text file
  • Create a hierarchically structured data model of the image.


OCR Xpress for Java

OCR Xpress for Java is a full-page OCR engine. Any Java BufferedImage in an uncompressed 1-BPP, 8-BPP, and 24-BPP format can be loaded and processed without any image pre-filtering or pre-processing. OCR Xpress for Java converts the input image into a searchable PDF document. One or more buffered images can be built into a single PDF document. In addition, OCR Xpress for Java provides a rich API that allows you to access the same internal OCR results used to generate the PDF documents.

In addition to using OCR Xpress for Java in an end-to-end product solution for converting full page images into searchable text, there are several other uses in which customers may apply OCR Xpress for Java functionality. OCR Xpress for Java can also convert an image to a TXT file for archiving searchable text. By archiving the original image with the searchable text file in a database, it can later be retrieved according to the results of searches for key words or phrases in the text file.

For applications that need to access post-OCR data for processing purposes, OCR Xpress for Java generates and maintains an internal hierarchical model of the text it finds in an image. Every character is hierarchically tied to the word, text line, text block, region, and page with which it is associated. The same is true of every word, text line, text block, region, and page of the generated document. The rich API allows the application to access this internal hierarchical model or to directly access items in the hierarchy. With OCR Xpress for Java, a form reader application can extract data from the form based on its location. The API also provides confidence levels of the text in question so that the application can make content usage decisions based on the confidence that the recognized text is correct.

The OCR Xpress for Java toolkit provides the following functionality:

  • Full page stand-alone OCR (no pre-filtering or pre-processing of the image is required) of BufferedImages.
  • Access to hierarchically structured OCR results for advanced post-processing.
  • Export to searchable PDF file (single-page or multi-page) or TXT file.



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