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Accusoft Products

Document and imaging tools built for developers

Accusoft offers a robust portfolio of document and imaging tools created for developers. The APIs and software development kits (SDKs) are built using patented technology, providing high performance document viewing, advanced search, image compression, conversion, barcode recognition, OCR, and other image processing tools for use in application and web development.




mobile imaging sdk

Use the AIMTools mobile imaging SDK to build one-of-a-kind mobile apps for viewing, compressing, and ...

Barcode Xpress

Barcode SDK for 1D and 2D barcodes

Give your applications the power to read and write over 30 types of 1D and 2D barcodes. ... 

Barcode Xpress Mobile

mobile barcode reader sdk for iOS and Android

Barcode Xpress Mobile enables you to quickly, easily add powerful barcode detection and reading functions ...


Structured Forms Processing and OMR SDK

With the FormFix SDK, you can build powerful forms processing applications that include form recognition, ...



FormSuite for Invoices

Invoice Processing SDK

With FormSuite for Invoices, you can build your custom Accounts Payable (AP) data entry automation ...

FormSuite for Structured Forms

forms processing SDK

Build your feature-rich forms processing application quickly and easily. Available for .NET, the FormSuite for ...


Document Imaging Developer Toolkit

ImageGear is a multi-platform image processing developer toolkit with APIs to create, view, edit, OCR, ...

ImageGear for Java

java image processing library

Quickly integrate image processing and file conversion into your Java applications. ImageGear for Java is ...


ImageGear Medical


ImageGear Medical is a DICOM toolkit that empowers you to create cutting-edge medical imaging solutions ...


imaging sdk

ImagXpress is a collection of image processing libraries which add image processing to your Windows ...

ISIS Xpress

custom ISIS scanner sdk

With ISIS Xpress, you can easily build a custom user interface for controlling ISIS scanners. ...

OCR Xpress


Build powerful full page optical character recognition and text extraction into your custom applications to easily extract text from images and PDF. ...

PDF Xpress

a full-featured, easy-to-implement pdf sdk

PDF Xpress is a PDF SDK that makes it fast & easy to enhance your ...

PICTools Document

scanned image processing sdk

Use the most powerful document image cleanup available to create superior document imaging, records management, ...

PICTools Medical

medical image compression toolkit

Access commercially-supported software development libraries for lossy JPEG, lossless JPEG, JPEG 2000 Part 1, JPIP, ...

PICTools Photo

photo imaging sdk

Access the most powerful photo editing capabilities available to enrich photo management software, online photo ...

ScanFix Xpress

scanned image processing sdk

ScanFix Xpress enhances your applications with the power to automatically clean up and correct scanned ...


text & handprint recognition SDK

SmartZone makes it easy to include the world's best character recognition in your application. Just ...


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