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Scanfix Xpress

Document Image Processing SDK

Scanfix XpressScanFix Xpress is a comprehensive document image processing SDK that enhances your applications with the power to automatically clean up and correct scanned image files with little or no operator intervention. Document cleanup improves the accuracy of subsequent processes such as optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), and forms processing.

Improve OCR & Forms Processing

After a scan has been cleaned up with ScanFix Xpress, subsequent processes such as optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), and forms processing yield more accurate results.

Cleaner Archives

Create documents that are small, clean, sharp, easy to read and aligned properly. Scans cleaned up by ScanFix Xpress compress more efficiently and take up less space in your archives, and transmit to internal and external customers faster.

Intelligent Cleanup Operations

Many of the key document cleanup operations require no settings to produce the best results, eliminating user interaction and allowing your scanner workflow to operate uninterrupted at full speed.



ScanFix Xpress Version 8 improves image quality and increases content recognition accuracy by applying image processing and enhancements to color, grayscale, and black and white images.

ScanFix Xpress provides brightness/contrast correction, clean up of noisy colors, color detection, color drop out or color extract, plus many additional image cleanup features. Remove lines and dot shading, smooth and repair characters, and eliminate unnecessary borders.

An Auto Binarize operation easily converts images from color or grayscale to black and white. ScanFix Xpress includes the ImagXpress component, and integrates easily with other Accusoft components to create document capture systems. 

New Features in Version 8

  • Updated the binarization function to improve conversion of grayscale and color images to bitonal images.
  • Added new API for line detection and removal.
  • Automatically correct the perspective distortion of an image taken at an angle with a camera or smart phone.

Primary Features

  • Fast and effective image cleanup on bitonal, grayscale, and color images.
  • Color detection, brightness/contrast adjustment, color drop, noise reduction, and various filters applied to 24-bit and 8-bit images.
  • Deskew, auto-negate, auto-border crop, image registration, blank page and blank rectangle detection, flip, dilate, erode, mirror, rescale, rotate, and shear applied to 1-bit, 8-bit and 24-bit images.
  • Despeckle, line removal, blob and hole removal, automatic rotation, dot shading removal, correction of inverse text, and comb removal applied to 1-bit images.
  • Confidence reporting on clean up results.
  • Save batch processing instructions to support application workflow among other components including FormFix, FormDirector, SmartZone, and Barcode Xpress components.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other Accusoft components, including ImagXpress, Notate Xpress, TwainPRO, PrintPRO, ImageGear and others.

ScanFix Xpress Editions

ScanFix Xpress is offered in two editions:

  • ScanFix Xpress ActiveX supports development in ActiveX/COM development environments, and deploys to 32-bit processors and to 64-bit processors as 32-bit applications.
  • ScanFix Xpress .NET supports development in .NET/C#/VB.NET development environments, and deploys to 64-bit and 32-bit processors as AnyCPU-compiled applications. 

Accusoft Components Shipped with ScanFix Xpress

  • ImagXpress for loading, saving, and viewing images.
  • NotateXpress for adding image annotations.
  • PrintPRO for printing.
  • ThumbnailXpress to view thumbnail images.
  • TwainPRO to acquire images from TWAIN devices.
  • ISIS Xpress for ISIS image acquisition. License sold separately.




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