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Collabion Charts For SharePoint

Create interactive charts and dashboards in SharePoint… without writing any code

  • Visualise Your Data
    Don't let your raw data be just a bunch of numbers. Weave magic and make them come alive.
  • Gain Incredible Insights
    Understanding your data never got better. Spot patterns, trends and exceptions to craft your strategy.
  • Optimise Your Decisions
    Use valuable insights to form well-informed decisions and optimal forecasts. Stay ahead of competitors.

** Also available in DataParts for Sharepoint bundle (Best Value)!

Collabion Charts For SharePoint

Build Stunning Charts and Insightful Dashboards in SharePoint

  • 100% no-code solution

    Modern and easy-to-use interface. Get started without any training at all.
  • Look at the data that matters

    Effectively filter and narrow down your selection of data to show only what matters to you.
  • Group data and drill-down

    Combine pieces of data together and dig deep to get finer details. Analyse effectively.
  • Connect to multiple data sources

    Easily connect to and retrieve your data from no matter where it is stored.
  • Rich user experience

    Play with extensive configuration options. Customise every aspect of your chart, all by yourself.
  • Spread the delight

    Export and share compelling charts and dashboards. Tell stories with your data.



Delightful charts for SharePoint. Simply plug-n-play!

A wizard based installation, which means you never need to write a single line of code. You can create your first dashboard in less than 15 minutes and chart building process.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint offers 56 chart types, high level of interactivity, support for multi-level drill-downs, Web Part connection, automatic refresh and much more.The charts are interactive and sure to "wow" your users.

Works with on-premise installations of all SharePoint versions, including Foundation server

It works the same across SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, MOSS and WSS 3.0, including Foundation Server, without the need for PerformancePoint Server.

Easy to install. Intuitive interface. No coding required at all.

Rapid installation. No need to write even a single line of code. Charts are created and edited using the design-time wizard. Very modern and easy-to-use interface, so your team can get started without any training at all.

Connects to multiple data sources

The data to plot the charts can be retrieved from SharePoint Lists , Views, CSV string or files , Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle, Excel & BCS/BDC with the same ease of use.

Supports filtering, grouping & multi-level drill-down

Logical, Boolean and wide number of date filters can be specified on data sets to narrow down the data to be plotted on the chart. Further, they can be re-grouped using a different set of parameters and then drill-down can be enabled based on this grouping. This allows you to slice, dice and visualise data in any way you want, irrespective of how it is originally stored in SharePoint.

Connects with Web Parts

Charts can be connected to Web Parts, allowing you to pass single or multiple values to the chart, filter chart data based on the value and show a subset of data on the chart during run-time. Charts can be connected with SharePoint OOB Filter Web Parts, SharePoint List and custom Web Parts. One-to-One and One-to-Many connections between Collabion Charts and Web Parts allow you to change the view of the underlying data and enhance the decision making process.

Interactive dashboards

The charts are highly interactive with tooltips, single or multi-level drill-downs, Web Part connection, selective display of data and auto refresh capability, enabling a rich user experience.

Extensively customisable cosmetics

Visual aspects like fonts, colours, effects and animation of each element on the chart can be customised extensively using the wizard.

Easy export options

Charts can be exported as Excel chart, exported as image or PDF for offline use. The charts can be printed as well.

Priority support from the Collabion team

When you run into an issue (if at all), you get personalised tech support directly from the Collabion team within 24 working hours.

Trusted by leading organisations across the world

Leading organisations across the world including Thomson Reuters, IBM, AT&T, HSBC, NASA and CBRE use Collabion Charts for SharePoint to enable their teams to make more informed business decisions.


What is Collabion Charts for SharePoint?



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