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List & Label 22

Reporting Component for Developers!


  • Report Designer can be redistributed at no extra cost
  • Designer can be launched with .NET without a single line of code
  • Free choice of development environment: .NET, Visual Studio, C#, etc.
  • One of the most feature-rich report generators on the market
  • Adds crosstabs, charts, gauges, forms, labels, barcodes, web reports...
  • Winner of multiple awards from customers and media worldwide

An Edition to Suit Any Requirement

From small-scale to full power – there is a List & Label edition for everyone. The List & Label reporting tool is available as a straightforward Standard Edition, or as one of two subscription editions – Professional and Enterprise. The subscription editions include support services, free upgrades to new versions, and much more besides.


All three editions of the reporting tool allow you to redistribute the Designer without paying extra license fees.

Designer Included For End Users

The Designer can be redistributed free of charge. You can deploy it with any appli­cation to provide end users with intuitive output functionality – in the form of reports, subreports, lists, multi-tables, crosstabs, graphs, charts, Gantt charts, gau­ges, forms, labels, mail merges, barcodes and web reporting. The Designer inte­grates seamlessly into any application and supports multiple operating systems, from Windows 2000 right up to the most recent version.

Simple Linking To Data Source

You can combine data fields and database fields, include List & Label as an en­capsu­lated component or DLL, use data binding or choose to work without a database, or place the Designer in a separate control. What's more, you can launch the Designer directly from the .NET development environment via a smart tag link, without a single line of code. The reporting tool supports a wide range of data sources, including SQL, Oracle, XML, LINQ and NoSQL. And you can easily com­bine multiple data sources, such as SQL data, business objects, and CSV data.

Choice of Development Environment

With List & Label you are free to select the development environment. And you can choose the language that's best for your project, such as NET, Visual Studio, C#, C/C++, Delphi and many more!

Sophisticated Reports

The report generator integrates into software with minimal programming effort, delivering professional-quality crosstabs, lists and reports. Users can employ a wide variety of charts and gauges to enhance their reports with powerful visuals. What's more, List & Label supports batch printing of labels, forms, and more, with­out the need for word processing tools.

Comprehensive Export Options

Clients can integrate a broad range of export options to enhance their applications with zero additional effort. That includes formats such as PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel, MHTML, XML, XPS, JPEG, EMF, TIFF/Multi-page TIFF, TTY, CSV, ZIP and PNG.

Easy Deployment

Because List & Label supports xcopy, integrating it into your application is as easy as 1, 2, 3. No special database drivers and setups are needed; it can simply be copied to where you want it, leaving an exceptionally small memory footprint. Developers love this straightforward process – not even registration is required (unless you're using OCX). And should there be a glitch, the integrated auto-debugging function sets things straight right away.

Rich Designer Objects

List & Label enables everything from simple tables to comprehensive master-detail reports/ subreports, crosstabs, charts, RTF text, barcodes, graphics, PDF objects and more. Designer components enable a host of custom objects to be seamlessly integrated.

User-Defined Objects

  • If you're working with .NET, VCL or OCX, you can integrate your custom objects into the Designer using the corresponding List & Label components.
  • If you're using a different programming language, you can integrate your custom objects using a callback, and the corresponding callback dialog events.

Form Control

  • Enables the end user to fill out the form in the print preview.

Form Template Object

  • Makes it possible to place images or PDFs, such as scanned bitmaps, in the background to position fields and elements more easily.

HTML Object

  • Enables you to display HTML content in your report.
  • You can specify the object's file name and URL under Properties or by using the formula wizard.

OLE Object

OLE enables you to add data from multiple applications – such as spreadsheet programs and text or image editors – to your report. Simply double-click on the object in the Designer to activate the program. Any changes made to the source document are immediately displayed in the Designer.

Text Object

  • Unlimited number of lines
  • Integration of text, variables, and functions
  • Variables can be added via drag & drop from list
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Adjustable word and line spacing
  • Optional word and page wrap
  • Precise positioning of frames; same options as for lines
  • Rotation of text objects in 90° intervals

Line, Rectangle, Circle/Ellipse Objects

  • Various colors, frames, and frame colors
  • Transparent or filled, with or without pattern
  • Multiple shadow/patterned shadow options
  • Highly precise: 0.001 inch or 0.001 mm increments

Picture Object

  • Fixed or variable, as stand-alone object or in table
  • Option to maintain original proportions
  • Objects can be embedded into the project


List & Label Turns up Your Success

List & Label's latest version brings numerous new features and improvements such as Conditional Formatting, enhanced Drag and Drop, consolidating formula errors, improved handling of default fonts and a brandnew color picker in the Designer. .NET devolopers get support for Nested Tables, native aggregate functions, new and enhanced data providers, a new Web Designer and a thumbnail view in the HTML5 viewer at their fingertips. And there's much more...


Report Server:
Enterprise Reporting for All

Generate powerful reports on an ad hoc basis. Browser-based, intuitive, and ready to use out-of-the-box, the combit Report Server is the perfect Business Intelligence solution for all kinds of data.

Combit Servercombit Report Server comes with even more sophisticated technology and over 20 new features. The new features include assistants for lightning-fast ad-hoc design, new data sources, and numerous improvements to the Report Server Designer. The Report Server was recently awarded the distinction of "Big Data Rising Star Germany" for its high performance.


  • Keep a handle on big data
  • Access data on the go
  • Accelerate workflows and reduce costs
  • Enable your employees to work independently
  • Create reports independently
  • Generate powerful reports for senior executives
  • Increase efficiency in the long term
  • Work flexibly from a smartphone, laptop or tablet PC
  • Integrate a host of data sources
  • Complete set-up in record time
  • Administrate with minimal effort
  • Distribute tasks to your team efficiently

Detailed information: Report Server Brochure (PDF 2 MB)

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