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.NET Tools for Serious Application Development

ComponentOne Studio includes hundreds of controls for eight development platforms so you can deliver rich, responsive desktop and Web applications on time and under budget. With controls ranging from UI to complex data visualisation and platforms including WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, WinRT XAML, LightSwitch, Silverlight, and ActiveX you will have everything you need to build the most modern touch-enabled apps as well as maintain and update legacy applications.

ComponentOne Studio includes these toolsets


Harness the power of desktop applications with ComponentOne Studio WinForms Edition. Deliver top-of-the-line, modern solutions built on a comprehensive set of data, reporting, and input controls. Design with power, right out of the box.

ASP.NET Web Forms

Meet today's business demands and keep your applications relevant with ASP.NET Web Forms Edition's extensive collection of modern, touch-enabled .NET controls..


Embrace elegance and innovation with ComponentOne Studio WPF Edition, your complete toolset for desktop development. Lightning-fast grids, stunning charts, and touch optimisation will give your applications the edge they need in today's market.


Shorten your development cycle and deliver top-notch web apps for the desktop with ComponentOne Studio Silverlight Edition's collection of lightweight controls. Fast grids, powerful charts, and professional themes give your users what they need, when they need it.


Build modern, touch-first solutions without compromise. With ComponentOneStudio ASP.NET MVC Edition, you'll get fast, lightweight controls to support any user requirement, all the benefits of MVC's test-driven development, and professional designs on the latest mobile devices and browsers. 


Catapult your applications to new heights with our stunning visualisation, powerful reports and complete schedulers available on any Windows 10 device. Desktop, tablet, and phone become one--and you only have to code once.


Deliver lightning-fast data-based applications sooner than ever with ComponentOne Studio LightSwitch Edition. Our comprehensive collection of plug-and-play charts, grids, gauges, calendars and screen templates meet your clients' needs and shorten your to-market development time.


Update and maintain your legacy applications with ComponentOne Studio ActiveX Edition, the most comprehensive suite of ActiveX controls available. With full support for Visual Basic and Visual C++ 6.0, and migration utilities for updating to 8.0, you'll keep your long-running applications in tip-top shape. You can even add some new features your clients will love.

What's included in ComponentOne Studio

Grids & Data Management

GridView FlexSheet FlexGrid FlexGrid VSFlexGrid FlexGrid FlexGrid FlexGrid
Mobile ListView FlexGrid Grid True DBGrid True DBGrid DataGrid DataGrid ListBox
  ListBox JSON Grid FlexPivot Query FlexSheet* OLAP / Pivot CollectionView
    OLAP List True DataControl ListBox ListBox  
      DataObjects True DBList OLAP / Pivot Data  
      DataExtender   DataSource DataSource  
      DataSource     CollectionView  
      OLAP / Pivot        

Data Visualisation

HTMLCharts FlexChart FlexChart for Cloud Business Apps Chart Chart Chart Chart FlexChart
RadialGauge RadialGauge FlexPie for Cloud Business Apps FlexChart WebChart Gauges Gauges FlexPie
LinearGauge LinearGauge BulletGraph for Cloud Business Apps Gauges   Chart3D Chart3D Gauges
Sparkline MVC FinancialChart Gauges for Cloud Business Apps GanttView   Maps Maps Maps
Maps FlexPie Chart FlexPie   OrgChart OrgChart Sparkline
TreeMap BulletGraph           OrgChart


EventsCalendar   Scheduler Scheduler   Scheduler Scheduler Scheduler
Calendar   Calendar for Cloud Business Apps     Calendar Calendar Calendar
    Events Calendar          

Input & Editing

Input Input Input for Cloud Business Apps Input True DBInput Input Input Input
ComboBox ComboBox RichTextBox Editor   ComboBox ComboBox DateTime Editors
AutoComplete AutoComplete   InputPanel   DateTime Editors DateTime Editors DropDown
Editor         RichTextBox RichTextBox RichTextBox
Upload         ColorPicker ColorPicker ColorPicker
FileExplorer         Rating DropDown  
Rating         DropDown PropertyGrid  

Navigation & Layout

Mobile AppView Menu Gallery Menus and Toolbars SizerOne DragDropManager DragDropManager TreeView
Pager     Ribbon   Toolbar DockControl TileView
Splitter     Ribbon   DockControl HyperPanel Tiles
Menu     SplitContainer   RadialMenu HtmlHost TabControl
TreeView     SuperTooltip   Tiles Imaging RadialMenu
SuperPanel     Win Pack   TreeView Layout Panels Menus
Tabs     TopicBar   HyperPanel Menu Layout Panels
Dialog     DockingTab   OutlookBar TabControl Book
Tooltip     NavBar   Accordion Tiles  
FormDecorator     OutBar   TabControl TileView  
ProgressBar     Radial Menu   Windows Toolbar  
Wizard     TileControl   MediaPlayer TreeView  
Accordion         ProgressBar OutlookBar  
Expander         TileView RadialMenu  
Multimedia: Gallery         Carousel CoverFlow  
FlipCard         Book Carousel  
Multimedia: Carousel           Accordion  
SiteMap           ProgressBar  
Multimedia: Lightbox           Windows  
Slider           MediaPlayer  
Video Player           Book  

Reporting & Documents

ReportViewer Excel PDFViewer FlexReport VSView Classic C1Word Library ReportViewer FlexReport
PDF PDF   C1Report VSView Reporting Reports PdfViewer C1Word Library
Excel FlexViewer   Excel   ReportViewer Excel PdfViewer
  FlexReport   PDF   PdfViewer   PDF
      C1Word Library   PDF   Excel


ThemeRoller Zip   Themes VSSpell Themes Binding Expressions Imaging
BarCode Themes   BarCode   Binding Expressions SpellChecker Zip
Zip MVC Templates   SpellChecker   SpellChecker Uploader IntelliSpell*
BinaryImage Web API   TouchToolkit   Zip Zip BarCode
IntelliSpell* IntelliSpell*   Zip   IntelliSpell* IntelliSpell*  
      DynamicHelp   BarCode XapOptimizer*  
      IntelliSpell*     Themes  



Features & Highlights

Whether you develop for desktop, web or touch devices, this collection provides the tools to tackle both core and trending technologies.

Modern Themes & Theming

Make your whole app beautiful with ComponentOne controls. Choose from collections of built-in themes or customize your own using our designers and simple styling techniques. We offer unique theming features like full Bootstrap support in our Web controls, ClearStyle technology in our XAML controls, and a theming framework for our WinForms controls. Creating modern and professional looking apps can't be any easier.

Windows Forms | HTML5 | ASP.NET | WPF | Silverlight


ComponentOne is the industry leader in HTML5 controls. By incorporating our core Wijmo technology, we deliver touch-enabled jQuery widgets that make your applications suitable for today's web and automatically adapt to any device—mobile, tablet or desktop.



Touch is the future of modern apps. Our studios for Windows Store and Windows Phone have been designed with a touch-first UX in mind. We also have full touch support in our HTML5, WPF, Silverlight and Windows Forms studios. Support for multi-touch gestures ensures delivery of compelling and interactive experiences that meet the most-stringent industry demands for tablet, phone and even desktops.

Windows Forms | WinRT XAML | Windows Phone | HTML5 | ASP.NET | WPF | Silverlight

Data Visualisation

Tasked with developing meaningful data visuals and dashboards? With hundreds of controls including charts, gauges and maps, Studio Enterprise includes the most advanced visualisation tools on the market to bring your data to life.

HTML5 | WinRT XAML | WPF | Silverlight | Windows Forms | MVC | ASP.NET | ActiveX



With products like FlexGrid and True DBGrid, it's no wonder that we have been known for decades as the leader in datagrid technology. Our grids are used by thousands of developers worldwide, across all of the major application platforms.

HTML5 | WinRT XAML | WPF | Silverlight | Windows Forms | MVC | ASP.NET | ActiveX


Integrate reporting and document-generation functionality into your applications with our pixel-perfect reporting, PDF and print-preview controls. You can even integrate your existing reporting solutions (SQL Server, Access, Crystal) into your applications.

WinRT XAML | WPF | Silverlight | Windows Forms | ASP.NET | ActiveX



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