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ComponentOne Ultimate

Futureproof Your Enterprise with Cross-Platform UI Controls

Complete your toolkit with fast, flexible UI controls for JavaScript, .NET, and Xamarin. Includes:

  • ComponentOne Studio's 300+ .NET UI controls
  • Wijmo's 60+ JavaScript UI controls with full framework support
  • ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin's native mobile grids, charts, and gauges
  • 2200+ images and icons.


400+ UI controls for .NET, JavaScript, and Xamarin

Your license includes 30-day money-back guarantee and one full year of updates and new controls

  • The industry's most flexible, best data grid in 10 platforms and JavaScript
  • Powerful charting across ten platforms with a universal API across platforms
  • Deliver cross-platform application sets in web, mobile, and desktop

ComponentOne Studio .NET Controls

These 300+ .NET UI controls empower developers to deliver professional business apps in less time

  • Best-in-class integration with Visual Studio
  • Report and viewer integration across devices

Wijmo JavaScript UI Controls

Deliver next-generation HTML5 applications with Wijmo's best-of-breed JavaScript UI controls

  • First-class support for Angular, AngularJS, React, and VueJS
  • Dependency-free true JavaScript controls written in TypeScript
  • Fast, flexible, lightweight controls

FlexGrid Xamarin Data Grid

Cross-platform native mobile UI controls for the Xamarin platform

  • Includes Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.UWP
  • Code once in C# and XAML across native mobile devices
  • Built-in adaptive styles and first-class animation



GrapeCity's Ultimate Flex Philosophy comes down to four elements - speed, flexibility, familiarity, and a small footprint.

Every control is built for maximum performance. Our JavaScript, .NET and Xamarin grids and charts are lightning-fast, especially on initial load

Extensibility is built into every control and platform. We build a small core and supply extensions so you can expand only as you need to

Our readable, universal API reduces your learning curve across platforms, and we strive for parity with familiar offerings like Excel

Small footprint
We build small and allow you to extend. Wijmo's FlexGrid has a base size of 113, and our WPF FlexGrid base is less than 250 KB


What's Included?

Product Ultimate (bundle) ComponentOne Studio
ASP.NET Web Forms
Enterprise Features  
WinForms Enterprise Controls  
WPF Enterprise Controls  
UWP Enterprise Controls  
ASP.NET MVC Enterprise Controls  
JavaScript Enterprise Controls  
Silverlight Enterprise Controls  



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