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Spell-checking Add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio

Spell-check code, comments, strings, HTML, XML, resources, and general text in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 as well as Visual Studio versions 2012, 2010, and 2008 with ComponentOne IntelliSpell.


Why Choose IntelliSpell?

  • Deliver Professional Applications: Eliminate embarrassing typos from your applications (Windows and Web Forms, UI controls, ToolTips, message boxes, and more).
  • Improve the Quality of Your Documentation: Spell-check XML documentation comments in your code as you type, right in Visual Studio.
  • It's Easy: Identify misspelled words in an entire solution with just one click or as you type.
  • It's Powerful: Utilise any of the 21 international dictionaries provided to deliver typo-free localised apps.
  • It's Fast: ComponentOne IntelliSpell can check 400,000 words per second.


IntelliSpell Features at a Glance

Visual Studio Integration Check
Spell-check code (comments, strings) Check
Spell-check files (HTML, XML, resource, text, and more) Check
Underline misspelled words Check
List errors in task list Check
Context menu with suggestions Check
Stand-alone checker (Microsoft Office not required) Check
Check individual files Check
Check entire projects/solutions with one click Check
As-you-type spell-checking Check
Create custom dictionaries Check
Customise checking with Options dialog box Check
Check localised projects (21 dictionaries) Check



  • Specify File Types to Spell-checkSpecify File Types to Spell-check
    The Options dialog box can now be used to specify the types of files that should be spell-checked. You can specify, for example, that files with extension "licx" should be checked as XML, and that files with extension "doc" should be checked as text.
  • Spell-check Your Entire Visual Studio Project
    Spell-check multiple files, your projects, or your entire solution. IntelliSpell provides an easy-to-use, one-click operation.
  • As-you-type Spell-checking
    Spell-checking your Visual Studio application is even better with as-you-type spell-checking functionality. You can easily correct spelling errors in files (HTML, XML, resource, text) and code (comments, strings) as-you-type.
  • Choose From a Wide Selection of Dictionaries
    IntelliSpell comes with the English-US dictionary as well as 20 additional dictionaries:
    Danish Danish (Denmark)
    Dutch Dutch (The Netherlands)
    English English (Australia)
    English English (Canada)
    English English (United Kingdom)
    English English (United States) - Medical
    French French (Canada)
    French French (France)
    German German (Germany)
    German German (Switzerland)
    Greek Greek (Greece)
    Italian Italian (Italy)
    Norwegian Norwegian (Bokmal)
    Russian Russian (Russia)
    Portuguese Portuguese (Brazil)
    Portuguese Portuguese (Portugal)
    Spanish Spanish (Argentina)
    Spanish Spanish (Mexico)
    Spanish Spanish (Spain)
    Swedish Swedish (Sweden)
    Plus, you can customise any dictionary or create a text file to define custom words to ignore by the spell checker.
  • You No Longer Have To Rely On an External Spell Checker
    IntelliSpell has its own spell-checking engine and does not rely on Microsoft Office spelling services. No longer do you have to have Microsoft Office installed or import/export documentation to solve this problem.
  • Complete XML and HTML Spell-checking in the Source Code
    Help documentation, based upon XML documents, typically required an intermediate process of importing to a word processor for spell-checking. Then corrections were made back in the source code. IntelliSpell eliminates this tedious and error-prone process.
  • Spell Correction is Easy with the Task List
    All spell-checking data can easily be tracked within your application (wiggly underlines), or within the Task List (line item spelling mistakes). This makes it easy to run through corrections for an entire project. Simply double-click the spelling mistake in the Task List to open the Visual Studio file containing the spelling error; you do not have to search through pages of code to find spelling mistakes.



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