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OLAP for Silverlight

Easy to Use Pivot Grids and Charts for Instant Data Analysis

Discover new trends and drive efficiency with essential data analysis and charting. Rather than summarising data in spreadsheets, which can be tedious, repetitive, and error-prone; make ComponentOne OLAP for Silverlight your business solution. These controls provide analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. With drag-and-drop views, you get real-time information, insights, and results in seconds. Only available as part of Studio for Silverlight, Studio Enterprise or Ultimate.

OLAP for Silverlight

OLAP at-a-glance

  • Code-free analysis for any data source
  • Subtotals and grouping
  • Filtering and run-time conditional formatting
  • Export and print reports
  • Charts with six different chart types
  • Undo/Redo history
  • Modeled after Microsoft Excel


Features and Highlights

  • Save Time and Deliver Endless Views for Users

  • Deliver endless views to end users without writing or re-writing code. Typically when a user needs a new report they ask the developer to make one. With an OLAP solution they can build the report themselves and save it for future runs of the application. ComponentOne OLAP saves developers time while giving more power to the end user.
  • Simple, Code-free Data Analysis

    To create the simplest OLAP application, just create an empty application, drop the C1OlapPage control on the page, and connect to a data source. It’s that easy. Run your application and go. Dynamically create summarized views by dragging fields into the row, column, and value lists. The UI is modeled after Microsoft Excel so it’s very easy for users to understand.
  • OLAP Charting

    In addition to a pivot grid, ComponentOne OLAP includes charting for every view of the same aggregated data. The charts support six different chart types (Bar, Column, Area, Line, Scatter and Pie), tooltips, stacking, palettes and grouping (totals). For large views, an axis scrollbar is automatically enabled so the chart remains readable.
  • Print a Report and Persist Views

    The real power and usefulness with ComponentOne OLAP is the ability to easily save and persist views. Configure your application to allow the user to save common views for future analysis. The pivot table information can also be exported to CSV, Html and Txt formats. Users can also print the pivot grid and chart together in a single report.
  • Code-free Data Analysis

    To create the simplest OLAP application, just create an empty Silverlight application, drop the C1OlapPage control on the page, and connect to a data source. It’s that easy. Run your application and go.
  • Dynamic Views

    Dynamically create data views by dragging fields into the row, column and value lists. This will give you a summary of your data. You can also summarize your data by modifying the filters. The UI is similar to Microsoft Excel.
  • Subtotals and Grand Totals

    The OLAP Grid automatically calculates grand totals for each slice of your data. If you measure multiple dimensions the OLAP Grid can also calculate subtotals with collapsible headers.
  • Multiple Value Fields

    You may add as many value fields to a view as you want. This enables users to aggregate totals for multiple measures from the data set. For example, create a view that compares both total revenue and cost side-by-side.
  • Conditional Formatting

    Simple properties make it easy to apply conditional formatting to the C1OlapGrid. Conditional format thresholds may be specified as absolute values or as percentages. Make certain values stand out to draw attention. For example, apply a unique style for values in the top 10% and another style for values in the bottom 10%.
  • OLAP Charting

    The C1OlapChart control is used to display OLAP charts. It supports five different chart types (Bar, Column, Area, Line and Scatter), automatic tooltips, stacking and palette selection.
  • Print Reports

    Directly print the C1OlapGrid and C1OlapChart together in a single report. Users can customise scaling, page margins, headers and footers, and insert time stamps, page counts and a title for the report.
  • Filtering

    To narrow down the data pool, use the filter feature. You can filter on multiple fields. Just right-click on the field you would like to filter and select Field Settings. From the Field Settings dialog box, you can create your custom text filter. No coding required. The filter settings get saved with the OLAP view so they are there the next time you load the view.
  • Totals and Aggregates

    Choose from many different aggregations for the totals (Value field). Choose from Sum, Count, Average, Maximum, Minimum, First, Last, Variance, Standard Deviation, and Variance Population.
  • Data Formatting

    Format the value field in the Field Settings dialog. Select from decimal, currency, and percentage formats; or create custom format strings.
  • View Underlying Records

    You can see the underlying records behind each aggregated value in the OLAP grid by double-clicking any cell.
  • Undo/Redo History Support

    As you make changes to the OLAP view you can undo and redo steps.
  • Save/Load Views

    ReadXml and WriteXml methods allow you to persist views to files and streams. These methods make it very easy to implement predefined views and expose them in a menu so your end-user can select them.
  • Customisable User Interface

    OLAP / Pivot exposes most of the components it contains, which makes customisation straightforward. You can add, remove or change the elements from the Menu, the TabControl, and you can also add other elements to the page in addition to the C1OlapPanel, C1OlapGrid and C1OlapChart.



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