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Enterprise-ready Spreadsheet

SpreadJS brings all the data visualisation and calculation features into your web applications. Create calculators, dynamic interactive dashboards, rich colorful reports, and much more!

SpreadJS is a comprehensive, high-performance HTML5 spreadsheet component for enterprise web application development. SpreadJS provides powerful grid capabilities and spreadsheet functionality that includes cross-sheet referencing and calculations to make use of data and formulas on a variety of sheets.

Built on HTML5 and jQuery technology with Canvas as the presenter on the client side, SpreadJS provides a rich, interactive user experience with an Excel-like appearance and UI behavior. Extensive functionality is provided to build spreadsheet documents or database web applications quickly and easily. SpreadJS also includes a rich client side JavaScript API to allow you the flexibility needed for client-side programming.

Why SpreadJS?

Rich Data Interaction & Appearance

With an Excel-like appearance, customise the look and feel of SpreadJS within your application. Data is integral to your application. The colours, borders, fonts and table-layout elements used to lay out your data should support a high level of customisation. SpreadJS provides extensive customisation at the row, column, and cell level. In addition, SpreadJS provides Excel-style theme support to allow you to create the presentation you desire.


Data Visualisation and Analysis Support

Let your data tell a story through the enhanced data visualisation support in SpreadJS! Recognise trends, isolate out-of-range values, and gain a picture clear understanding of your data. SpreadJS data visualisation support includes:

  • Multiple sheets
  • Sparklines
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Excel-style Grouping
  • Filtering with Excel-style dialog support


Powerful Calculation Engine

SpreadJS includes powerful Excel-compatible formula support and ability to data aggregation and analysis, 320+ functions, cross sheet reference and custom name support.


Flexible Data Binding

SpreadJS provides powerful data binding, which helps you to rapidly create single-page web applications. Through wijmo.data support, SpreadJS allows you to handle filtering, sorting, and grouping with no changes to the underlying data. Two-way binding allows you to bind specific cells to data field records, so you can also use SpreadJS to create data entry forms.


Data Operation and Validation

With Excel-like UI behaviour, flexible data editing and Drag-Fill, Drag Drop, Excel-style Filter, Row/Column Freeze and Resize, SpreadJS provides cell types to help end-user data entry and also provides rich criteria data validation for cell values by displaying a red circle on cells with an invalid value.


High Performance

SpreadJS is a pure JavaScript widget which builds on jQuery and HTML5 technology. SpreadJS draws all content on a Canvas in pixels, but is not a composite of HTML DOM elements. This provides higher render performance than other normal datagrids, and fast UI operations like selection and scrolling. In addition, SpreadJS has an efficient data model to manipulate data rapidly which allows you to load and operate tons of data smoothly.



  • Explore SpreadJS

    Explore features of SpreadJS in these demos. They showcase specific features and some typical use cases. Every sample displays the source code used to create it. If you want to see what SpreadJS has to offer, you should check out these demos.

    Run Demo

  • SpreadJS Excel-like App

    Excel-like spreadsheet application that uses SpreadJS and Wijmo's Ribbon widget.

    Run Demo

  • SpreadJS Excel Import/Export

    This sample shows how SpreadJS import/export Excel file (.xls, .xlsx) through ExcelIO service.

    Run Demo



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