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Studio for ActiveX

64-bit ActiveX Controls

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX brings you the most popular and accomplished ActiveX components, including commercial-grade True DBGrid, VSFlexGrid, reporting, charting, and UI components. The entire Studio is fully supported. 

Studio for ActiveX


Studio for ActiveX - Features

The Most Comprehensive Suite of ActiveX Controls Available
Studio for ActiveX contains a wide range of components and controls including grids, charts, reports, PDF and more.

Ideal Choice for Updating & Maintaining Legacy Applications
Studio for ActiveX supports developing applications in Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual C++ 6.0. It also gives you migration utilities for updating from version 7.0 and earlier to the latest version 8.0 for most controls.

64-bit Platform Support
Experience the benefits of building and running 64-bit MFC applications with ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX controls (Chart, VSFlexGrid, VSVIEW Classic and C1Query). Applications targeting 64-bit experience better performance with larger available memory allocation. This means you can process larger datasets into charts and grids more efficiently because a 64-bit system can maintain a much larger cache of data in memory.

Unparalleled Platinum Support
From ComponentOne's support response guarantee to their knowledge-rich online community. ComponentOne's customers are entitled to:
* Knowledge Base Access
* Email Support
* Forum Support

What's Inside Studio for ActiveX?

Studio for ActiveX Controls


Create blazingly fast 2D and 3D charts and graphs in minutes, and distribute them royalty-free.


Your elegant solution for ad hoc querying. Collect end-user input and generate a SQL query or an ADO Filter condition at run time.


Your four-in-one tool for simple and complex sizing, tabbing, and parsing to automatically slice and dice strings.

True DataControl

Enhanced data control with built-in application logic. Specify business logic, data relationships and constraints, and even UI features as a set of rules at design time with no code.

True DBGrid

The most robust grid available for enterprise wide database front-end application development. Browse, edit, add, and delete data in a tabular format.

True DBInput

Data-aware input controls that streamline the process of building enterprise-wide database applications and save you valuable coding time.

True DBList

Retrieve and display data fast and efficiently. Implement multi-column lookup tables with incremental search, and take advantage of 250+ properties, methods, and events.


Build flexible, robust front-ends for database apps. Customise the grid's display and presentation with a host of new ways to show, edit, format, organise, summarise, and print tabular data.


Add complete spell-checking and thesaurus functionality to any of your VB apps. It's lightweight and easy to distribute with no external dependencies.

VSVIEW Classic

Quickly and easily view, format, export, and print your documents within Microsoft Visual Studio.

VSVIEW Reporting

Powerful, flexible database reporting for your Visual Basic, VC++, and C++Builder apps. Plus preview, print, and export those reports on your desktop or over the Web.


Easily create sophisticated charts and graphs for Active Server Page (ASP) apps, and serve them as JPEG or PNG to any browser or as an ActiveX control. 



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