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Studio for ASP.NET Web Forms

The Ultimate UI Tools for Web Forms

Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo

Over 40 styled, supercharged, and easy-to-use controls built on Web standards including AJAX, CSS, HTML5, and jQuery. All of which are available as ASP.NET Controls, Extenders. Shift your site into overdrive with ComponentOne ASP.NET Web Forms Edition.

Meet today's business demands and keep your applications relevant with ASP.NET Web Forms Edition's extensive collection of modern, touch-enabled .NET controls. Your clients will love the quality and variety of these controls—ranging from data management to UI to complex data visualisation—and you'll love the flexibility of the API and access to global support. This comprehensive collection of controls empower you to create and maintain high-quality applications of any scale, from basic forms to a complete website. Enhance your long-running applications today.

Map Your World, Analyse Your Data

Map your world and your data with Web Forms Edition controls! Handle large data sets easily, and create meaningful summaries of complex data with this full collection of data visualisation controls.

  • BarChart
  • LineChart
  • PieChart
  • ScatterChart
  • CompositeChart
  • BubbleChart
  • CandlestickChart

Web Forms Anytime, Anywhere

Bring your Web Forms Edition applications to life with responsive design and full touch support. Provide an interactive and engaging application for any device.

Create Complete Solutions

This comprehensive collection of Web Forms controls empower you to create and maintain high-quality applications of any scale, from basic forms to a complete website.

Optimise Your Visual Studio Experience

The Visual Studio integration is seamless, starting with installation. ComponentOne Studio controls automatically appear in your Toolbox, and ComponentOne support for IntelliSense and the latest Microsoft frameworks will skyrocket your productivity.

All the Controls in ASP.NET Web Forms

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