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Studio for WinForms

Smart and Powerful WinForms Controls for Rapid UI Development

Studio for WinForms is a complete .NET toolkit that includes the controls you need to build modern-looking, high-performance, and even touch-enabled applications. Display and visualise data with grids, charts, gauges, and even reports. Build UI with a Ribbon, tile control, input panels, and more. Even take advantage of PDF controls and a full reporting solution.

What's New in ComponentOne Ultimate and Studio Enterprise?

Controls included in Studio for Winforms

Studio for WinForms

Studio for WinForms Overview

Display Data with Fast and Flexible Grids

Our FlexGrid and TrueDBGrid controls have long been the most popular in the industry because they can handle large amounts of data, have many out-of-the box features, and are easily customised. Don't worry about coding advanced features such as sorting, cell merging, filtering, tree views, and paging. We've got that covered.

Build Complex Data Visualisation

Data visualisation and dashboard building is a common and complex challenge faced by today's developers. The good news is that we have done the coding for you. Our 80+ 2D and 3D chart types, grids, and gauges make it very easy to connect to and summarise data.

Easily Create Professional Themes

New Themes and our improved ThemeDesigner for WinForms application makes customisation lightning fast. Choose from over 25 professionally designed themes or create your own. Either way, it only takes a single line of code to theme your entire application.

Build Touch-Enabled Modern UI

WinForms applications can look and act like the latest Windows 8 releases with Studio for WinForms. Controls such as TileControl and the touch toolkit make this possible and easy. No need to learn new technologies.

Design and Generate Reports

Use the integrated reporting controls to effortlessly create customised and branded reports. We even include a ReportDesigner application that is free to distribute so you can let your end users create their own.

For an even more advanced reporting, see ActiveReports, ComponentOne's complete reporting solution.

Support for Entity Framework 6 with C1DataSource

The C1DataSource component makes Entity Framework data sources look like the traditional WinForms data sources you are familiar with. It allows you to data bind your views directly on the designer surface, with easy-to-use property dialog boxes and very little code to write. Now, Entity Framework 6 is supported, making Studio for WinForms one of the only collections of its kind to do so.

Learn from over 500 Samples

Take the guesswork out of Windows Forms development. Studio for WinForms includes over 500 samples that explain the hows and whys of every control. Whether you are trying to address a charting requirement in C# or need to implement custom filtering in a grid using VB, this extensive library is at your disposal. If you cannot find a sample that addresses your specific need, our team of experts is here to answer any questions to get you going quickly.

Controls Included in Studio for WinForms

Controls included in Studio for WinForms

Chart for WinForms

Visualise Data with Industry-leading .NET Chart Controls

Part of Studio for WinForms, this collection of .NET Windows Forms charting controls gives you over 80 types of 2D and 3D charts, customisable charting elements, visual effects, end-user interaction, advanced mouse-tracking capabilities, and more. With point-and-click designers, adding data visualisation to your WinForms applications has never been easier.

2D and 3D Chart Controls
Chart for WinForms includes two .NET charting controls, C1Chart and C1Chart3D, that provide virtually any type of chart you need.

Over 80 Chart Types
Choose from over 80 variations of all popular 2D and 3D chart types including bar, line, area, pie, and advanced chart types like bubble, candle, gantt, polar, radar, and contour surface. (image)

Chart Wizard for Code-Free Development
Design and populate your chart from start to finish without writing a single line of code. The Chart Wizard walks beginners through the steps of creating a new chart from start to finish in three easy steps. Use the Properties window to set more advanced features such as trend lines, labels, and all style attributes. You can also modify chart elements such as header, footer, and legend and even edit the chart's data.

Combine Multiple Series and Chart Types
Create an area-scatter combination chart or a bar-candle combination chart. Show relational data better with two chart groups in a single chart plot area. (image)
Financial Chart Types
Use Chart for WinForms in .NET financial applications right out of the box with Hi-Low, Hi-Low-Open-Close, and Candle chart types.

Custom or Automatic Data Labels
Customise and attach any number of labels to data points and axis values. Chart Labels can be set up at design time, in code, or automatically for you and they can easily be mapped to individual data points.

Highly Interactive
Chart provides built-in interaction including mouse-driven data highlighting, rotation, scaling, translating and zooming.

Dynamic Data Binding
Establish data binding at design time or at run time through code. Just choose which data fields should be bound to X and Y (and sometimes Y2 and Z) for each data series. Chart also supports binding to value arrays. Just use the CopyIn methods to populate your charts with arrays at run time.

FlexGrid for WinForms

The Industry's Most Agile .NET Grid for WinForms

FlexGrid for WinForms is popular for a reason. It makes adding and customising feature-rich data grids to your .NET Windows Forms applications very easy. With this control, you can display, edit, format, organise, summarise, and print tabular data. You can even add advanced features such as tree views, grouping, and Gantt views with minimal code.

When using FlexGrid, you can choose between the modern C1FlexGrid control or C1FlexGridClassic for an object model nearly identical to that found in the ActiveX VSFlexGrid control.

FlexGrid for WinForms
  • New in 2014 v1: Gantt View Mode
  • Code-free Development (image)
  • Enhanced Cell Editing
  • Integrated Printing
  • Hierarchical Styles (image)
  • Microsoft Excel-style Filtering
  • Flexible Data Binding
  • Built-in Visual Styles
  • Child Tables for Displaying Hierarchical Data
  • Make it a Tree
  • Images and Data in Cells
  • Special Drawing Effects
  • Column Field Names
  • Merged Cells
  • Range Aggregates
  • Multiple File Formats for Saving/Loading Data
  • Right-to-left Support

PDF for .NET

Create PDF Documents from Your .NET WinForms Applications

Part of the Studio for WinForms control collection, PDF for .NET uses familiar .NET syntax to generate PDFs from your C# or VB .NET applications. These PDFs can be generated from UI elements, such as grids and charts, HTML, or data sources. PDF for .NET supports commonly used PDF features such as forms, security, compression, and more.

Easily Add Content
Add text, images, and shapes with syntax similar to what you will find in the WinForms Graphics class. This makes sure you can get started with PDF for .NET on Day 1.

Create Bookmarks (PDF Outline)
Create a PDF outline with bookmarks so readers can easily navigate your documents using a TOC-like pane.

Add Fillable Forms to Your Documents
Use the new AddField method to add Acrobat form fields to your PDF documents. PDF for .NET supports the following field types: text box, check box, radio button, push button, combo box, list box, and signature fields.

Use HTML to Create Documents
Easily render HTML into your PDF documents. You can flow HTML content into multiple pages or columns, use existing style sheets, and mix HTML with other types of content (images, RTF, plain text, form fields, and so on).

Full Image Placement and Compression Support
Place and draw images at a specified location with familiar .NET syntax. Any regular .NET image object, including metafiles can be rendered. These metafiles are not converted into bitmaps; they are parsed and converted into vector graphics commands and thus retain the best possible resolution.
Control Document Information and Viewer Preference
PDF allows you to add meta data to the PDF documents you create. Specify author, creation date, keywords, and so on. You can also provide default viewer preferences to be applied when the document is opened in the Adobe Reader. Specify the initial page layout, window position, as well as reader toolbar and menu visibility.

Document Security and Permission Support
All PDF security, permission, and encryption features are supported. Set owner and reader passwords, use encryption, or selectively restrict users' access to print, copy, and edit documents.

Use Hyperlinks and Anchor Links
Link to external URLs or anchors within the document

Add Attachments
Attach any kind of file, including spreadsheets, other documents multimedia files with movies and sound, and sample code. Simply specify which file you want to attach, what area of the page should contain the attachment, and optionally, the appearance of the attachment.

Reports for WinForms

Report Generation, Design, Preview, Printing, and Exporting in One Solution

Part of Studio for WinForms, Reports for .NET is a collection of controls and applications that enable you to generate and view complex reports on the fly. The controls included will help you add report generation, design, preview, import, export, and printing to your WinForms application. Two stand-alone redistributable applications, Report Designer and Report Scheduler, enable you to let your end-users create and generate their own reports.

Easily Add Reporting to Your WinForms Applications
Reports for .NET includes a complete collection of controls that add reporting functionality to your WinForms applications with minimal coding required. Highlights include a visual designer, report generator, preview controls, and print and export.

Allow End-Users to Roll Their Own Using the Report Designer
Deliver the full power of report creation and design to the hands of your end-users by integrating the C1ReportDesigner application into your existing solution. Enjoy royalty free run-time distribution of this powerful application (source code included) for unlimited deployment.

Allow Users to Schedule Reports with the Report Scheduler
The C1ReportScheduler application enables automated background report generation on set schedules. Report tasks can be scheduled one-time or recurring hourly, daily, weekly and so on. The source code is included and can be redistributed royalty-free like the report designer.

Generate Print Previews
Reports for .NET includes A full set of preview and document navigation WinForms controls including outlines, thumbnails, page zoom, and text search.
Rich Report Generating Object Model
C1Report, the pimary control, generates Access-style database reports. This control exposes a rich object model for creating, customising, loading, and saving report definitions. Generate reports with items like rich text, HTML, bound and unbound images, barcodes, shapes, gradients, charts, maps, and subreports.

Print or Export to External Formats
The included C1PrintDocument control exports reports directly to a printer or to several portable formats including XLS, XLSX, PDF, HTML, RTF, XPS, TIFF and more. The object model specifically targets paginated documents, providing a rich set of features facilitating automatic and intelligent pagination of complex structured documents. Documents can be created completely in code or bound to a database via a flexible data binding model.

Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports Compatibility
With the click of a button, import Access report files (MDB, ADP) and Crystal report files (RPT). Reports for .NET supports most features found in Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports.


Add barcode images to grid cells, regular .NET PrintDocument objects or generate them from a Web service with ComponentOne BarCode for WinForms. With support for over 10 linear and 2D encoding types, just add the control to your form, set the value and encoding type, and you're done! (image)


Get additional rich data views in the native ADO.NET datasets. ComponentOne ADO.NET DataExtender simplifies working with ADO.NET, automating reading the schema and data from the database, exposing database tables and views as regular ADO.NET objects, and providing an ability to set up customised data views.

  • Simplified Data Binding
  • Data Source Representation
  • Automated Smart Update
  • Composite Views
  • DataSet Object Mediation
  • Typed View Set Definitions
  • Consistent Client and Server-side Filtering
  • Rich Customisation
  • Calculated Columns
  • Constraint Expressions
  • Ability to Attach Presentation Attributes to Data Columns
  • Surpasses View Level Limitations


ComponentOne DataObjects for .NET is a complete data and business objects framework that can be used in .NET apps of any range, scalability and architecture, from simple desktop to classic client-server to 3-tier distributed apps and enterprise-wide business object libraries.
In using a standard business object paradigm, DataObjects allows you to develop business logic components (data libraries) and reuse them in multiple client projects. DataObjects completely automates the task of developing distributed 3-tier Web-based applications; no special server-based code is necessary. Creating sophisticated, fully scalable Web-based distributed applications is a matter of point-and-click with DataObjects for .NET.

  • Create Re-usable Business Logic Components
  • Virtual Mode Technology
  • Quickly Adapt to the Familiar ADO.NET Technology
  • Automates 3-tier Web-based Applications
  • Immediate Row-changing Updates
  • Present Structured Data without Coding
  • Composite Tables
  • Automated Database Updates
  • Import and Export XML Data
  • Easy Data Access with ADO.NET Data Storage


ComponentOne DataSource for Entity Framework adds ease-of-use and performance enhancements to the Microsoft Entity Framework. It simplifies data binding by improving design-time support, as well as by solving common problems related to loading, paging, filtering, and saving data. It also provides performance enhancements such as data caching and asynchronous data virtualisation for navigating infinitely large data sets. C1DataSource at-a-glance:

  • Supports Entity Framework 6.x and the new DbContext API
  • Makes Entity Framework data sources easy to use
  • Set up binding, sorting and filtering at design-time
  • Simplifies MVVM development in WinForms
  • Virtual Mode improves performance for large data sets
  • Smart client-side caching and memory management saves time and resources
  • Multiple platform support for WinForms, WPF and Silverlight


Create a familiar tab control interface with flexible behavior and styling. Tabs can be oriented, sized, and styled any way you would like. You can even create docking and floating tabs with ComponentOne DockingTab for WinForms. (image)


View Help files in your Windows Forms apps. ComponentOne DynamicHelp for WinForms provides Help on individual controls, including hyperlinks, images, tables, and more. This type of Help system is available in apps like Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, and ComponentOne Doc-To-Help.

DynamicHelp for WinForms


The powerful editing control, ComponentOne Editor for WinForms allows even non-technical users to author and manage Xhtml content in both design and source code modes. Replace any text box with this intuitive editor and edit your Xhtml content in this friendly, Microsoft Word processor-like interface. (image)


Your Excel data is just a simple command away from any of your .NET apps with ComponentOne Excel for .NET – you don't even need to have Microsoft Excel installed! Load a workbook with a single command, manipulate sheets as if they were grid controls (composed of rows, columns, and cells), then save the workbook to an Excel file. OpenXml format support allows you to save smaller, compressed XLSX files.

  • Manage Cell Comments (or Notes)
  • Image Support
  • Add Images to the Header or Footer
  • Accurately Match Colours with the Improved Colour Palette
  • Export to XLS or XLSX Files


Present your data in the form of vector graphics and animation with ComponentOne Flash for .NET. Create Macromedia Flash (SWF) documents from your apps: draw content to a single-frame Flash document, create Flash animation through a series of frames, or organise your Flash frames in a slide show.

  • Provides Highly-secure Text
  • Render Any .NET Image Object
  • Easy-to-use C1FlashSlide Designer


ComponentOne GanttView for WinForms delivers a Microsoft Project-like user experience for project management. It provides a graphical diagram of a schedule that helps to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in a project. Manage projects effectively and efficiently with added support for constraints, dependencies, resources, styles, and more.


Build and design rich linear and radial type gauge controls. ComponentOne Gauges for WinForms allows you to customise each to get the exact graphical representation you need with all the bells and whistles you want.


Get a full suite of input controls with built-in masking, formatting, parsing, and validating capabilities with ComponentOne Input for WinForms. This rich suite of 9 separate controls allows you to display dynamic data in a visual format, manage dataset navigation, create specialised drop-downs and more.


ComponentOne InputPanel for WinForms is a single control that acts like a complete data-entry form. It manages the design, layout, appearance, and behaviour of multiple input components.


Get a full-featured list box control and a multi-column combo box control. ComponentOne List for WinForms features Microsoft Excel-like splits, incremental searching, in-cell objects, Visual Styles, and more.

Create docking/floating toolbars, multi-level menus, and context menus with ComponentOne Menus and Toolbars for WinForms. Built on the C1Command framework, these powerful controls include the latest built-in Microsoft Office Visual Styles so you can achieve a professional look and feel across your entire application.

Group menus and controls into distinct categories with this side bar navigation system. ComponentOne NavBar for WinForms mimics the Microsoft Outlook navigation bar. It consists of any number of categories represented by buttons where each button has a header as well as a panel for adding information and additional controls.

NavBar for WinForms


Add classic Microsoft Outlook-style navigation to your apps with ComponentOne OutBar for WinForms. The C1OutBar control behaves like an accordion, where when one group expands the others collapse, and includes features such as scrolling and animation.

Radial Menu

Inspired by the OneNote menu, the new ComponentOne RadialMenu for WinForms is an excellent visual alternative to standard menus and toolbars. With functionality powered by C1Command for WinForms, you get the same powerful menu command framework with a visually pleasing and highly customisable UI.


Enhance your UI with a Ribbon style menu. ComponentOne Ribbon for WinForms delivers both Ribbon and status bar functionality with the same, pixel-perfect look and feel as the new Microsoft Office 2010 UI.


Implement Outlook-style scheduling in your apps with ComponentOne Scheduler for WinForms. This out-of-the-box scheduling solution comes complete with five built-in views, recurring appointments, reminders, labels, data binding, grouping, import/export capabilities and much more. Developing a scheduling app has never been easier!


Create resolution-independent, resizable forms with ComponentOne Sizer for WinForms. This powerful grid layout manager extends the basic layout capabilities provided by the .NET Framework and resizes controls to fill your form like the WPF and Silverlight Grid control.


Get the easiest-to-use and most efficient spell checker available on the market. Just drop the C1SpellChecker and text box on your Windows Form, set one property, and experience Microsoft Word-like spell checking. ComponentOne SpellChecker for WinForms can process 400,000 words per second!


Create complex, multi-panel layouts with support for resizing and collapsing content using ComponentOne SplitContainer for WinForms. C1SplitContainer is similar to the standard SplitContainer control, but it supports more than two panels, headers, visual styles, and collapsible buttons.


Give your app a voice of its own by adding rich, informative tooltips, labels and error providers with ComponentOne SuperTooltip for WinForms. These controls render HTML content so you can easily display multiple fonts, colours, tables, lists, images and more.

SuperTooltip for WinForms

Choose one of our 25+ professionally designed themes or design your own theme completely from the ground up to fit your company branding and app's design. The included ThemeDesigner application features an intuitive user interface and a host of properties and settings so you can customise your theme however you want.


The Windows 8-inspired ComponentOne TileControl for WinForms makes it easy to replicate the Windows 8 Modern UI experience in your desktop app. Using the C1TileControl, you can create automatic or manual tile layouts with touch and keyboard navigation support.


Create stunning, expandable and collapsible navigation with ComponentOne TopicBar for WinForms. The C1TopicBar control represents a collection of links or commands organised into various groups, mimicking the navigation bar seen in Windows XP.


Introducing the ground-breaking ComponentOne TouchToolkit for WinForms. Designed to give your applications a fresh and updated feel, TouchToolkit for WinForms is the first toolkit of its kind in the industry. Go above and beyond only enabling touch support on the control level. This cutting edge toolkit allows you to add touch to your entire application including gesture support and other advanced features.

True DBGrid

Quickly create databound grid apps with ComponentOne True DBGrid for WinForms. This .NET grid control features fast data access and data presentation such as Excel-like split views, grouping, filtering, exporting, printing and customised navigation. Get loads of features by just setting a few properties.

Win7 Pack

Integrate your applications with Windows 7 using ComponentOne Windows 7 Control Pack for WinForms. These controls enable you to easily manage progress indicators, thumbnails and jump lists on the Windows 7 taskbar, as well as create and display custom dialogs.


Quickly compress data, saving disk space and network bandwidth, and easily manipulate and work with compressed data. ComponentOne Zip for .NET allows you to compress files from your applications, including system and hidden files, and add and delete compressed files and folders; you can even read and write to zip files stored in streams.



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