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50+ Premier WPF Controls for the Modern Business Applications of Today

WPF is the premier development platform for Windows desktop development, and ComponentOne Studio for WPF is a premier collection of UI controls that enhance your desktop apps. Download today and immediately get access to over 50 controls and libraries packed with high-demand controls like data bound charts, powerful data grids, out-of-the-box schedulers, flexible report and PDF viewers, and over a dozen complete, professionally designed themes.

What's Inside Studio for WPF?

What's New in ComponentOne Ultimate and ComponentOne Studio?

Studio for WPF

WPF at-a-glance

  • 50+ controls and libraries
  • WPF 4.0 and 4.5 support
  • 17 themes including Office 2013
  • Built-in Localisation for 20+ cultures
  • Visual Studio 2013 and Expression Blend ready
  • Gesture and multi-touch support
  • MVVM and UI automation (UIA) support
  • Code compatibility with Silverlight and WinRT

Features and Highlights

  • Stunning and Superior Data Visualisation

    With 40+ chart types, flexible data binding, optimisation for large data sets, and so many extensibility points, C1Chart is a powerful control you need in your toolbox. Top financial and professional service companies prefer C1Chart for their data visualisation needs. We have you covered when it comes to 3D charts too. C1Chart3D delivers interactive surface and contour charts with high-performance Direct3D rendering.
  • Load Data Intelligently with the Fastest Grid

    With our innovative, server-side Virtual Mode technology you can navigate through infinitely large data sets asynchronously. It works like paging on the data layer, but the user can scroll through the data as if all rows were on the client. Combine that with the fast and agile C1FlexGrid, or the full-featured C1DataGrid, and you get a streamlined datagrid with all the features and extensibility points you need for your business data.
  • 17 Complete, Professional Themes

    Get 17 themes including Modern UI and Office 2013 for the entire studio. These complete themes not only style ComponentOne controls but the standard ones too. So you can deliver a professionally designed theme for your entire application in just seconds. But if you do need a customised look that our themes do not provide, you can easily change control brushes in Visual Studio without having to override control templates thanks to our time-saving ClearStyle technology baked into every ComponentOne control.
  • Comprehensive PDF Support

    Get complete support for reading and writing PDF formatted files in your WPF apps. View your PDF documents using the essential PdfViewer for WPF. Export your data and create PDFs with ease using our PDF library.
  • Built for the Desktop, Optimised for Touch

    With Windows 8 the tablet and PC have converged into one. Build your desktop apps without sacrificing functionality on a touch device. Studio for WPF controls support natural dragging gestures where scrolling is required, and pinching gestures where zooming is offered. Plus, use our light and dark Cosmopolitan themes to provide a clean modern UI for your entire application.
  • Localisation for 20+ Cultures

    Broaden your global audience with quick localisation support for 20+ international cultures. Studio for WPF includes the necessary resource files for localising your apps so you can publish in Arabic, Chinese (General, Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
Studio for WPF

What's Inside?

Chart for WPF

Visualise your data and add advanced charts to your desktop apps with one control. ComponentOne Chart for WPF supports all popular 2D chart types, flexible data binding, fast and powerful rendering, rich styling of elements plus many more advanced features. Take your LOB and data visualisation apps to the next level today!
Chart for WPF
Features include:

  • 40+ Chart Types
  • Chart Legend
  • Data Labels and Tooltips
  • Interaction
  • Animation
  • Element Layers
  • Multiple Chart Types
  • Multiple Plot Areas
  • Customisable Axes
  • Trend Lines
  • Aggregate Views
  • Flexible Data Binding
  • Fast Render Mode
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Run-time Chart Editors
  • Export to Image
  • Built-in Themes and Colour Palettes
  • Lighting and Shadow Effects
  • XBAP Support

DataGrid for WPF

Upgrade your grid and get more useful features with ComponentOne DataGrid for WPF. The robust and data-bound WPF DataGrid makes it easy to display, edit, analyse and export tabular data in your WPF applications.

  • Fully Interactive
  • Grouping and Totals
  • Conditional Filtering
  • Multi-Value Filtering
  • Top and Bottom Row Templates
  • RowDetails and Hierarchical Support
  • Several Built-in Column Types
  • Custom Rows and Columns
  • Multiple Selection Modes
  • Cell Merging
  • Add New Row
  • Export to Excel
  • Printing Support
  • High Performance
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle

FlexGrid for WPF

FlexGrid is a fast, full-featured grid control that combines the powerful built-in features that you want with the flexibility and extensibility that you need. The only grid control available on seven different platforms, FlexGrid’s popularity is due to its familiar, Excel-like experience and excellent performance.

  • Flexible Data-binding
  • Grouping, Sorting, and Filtering
  • Group Aggregates
  • Unbound Mode
  • Cell Merging
  • Excel-like Editing
  • Excel-like Filtering
  • Printing Support
  • Multi-cell Column and Row Headers
  • Row and Column Freezing
  • Mapped Columns
  • Multiple Selection Modes
  • Custom Cells
  • Quick Styles
  • High Performance
  • Autosize Rows and Columns
  • Familiar WinForms Syntax
  • FlexGrid for Silverlight Compatibility

Maps for WPF

Get smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographical coordinates with ComponentOne Maps for WPF. Display online maps from multiple sources and import KML files that work offline. You can even superimpose your own custom elements to the maps.

Maps for WPF

ComponentOne Maps for WPF raises the bar on image viewing with smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographical coordinates. C1Maps allows you to display rich geographical information from various sources, including Bing Maps and Google Maps.

Built on top of the Microsoft Deep Zoom technology, C1Maps enables end-users to enjoy extreme close-ups with high-resolution images and smooth transitions. It also supports layers that allow you to superimpose your own custom elements to the maps. Key Features:

  • Draw any Geometry
    C1Maps' vector layer allows you to draw geometries/shapes/polygons/paths with geo coordinates on top of the map. The vector layer is useful to draw: Political borders, Geo details, Choropleth maps.
  • KML Support
    The vector layer supports basic KML import/export (KML is the standard file format to exchange drawings on top of maps). For more information, see KML Import/Export.
  • Rich Geographical Information
    Display rich geographical information from various sources, including Bing Maps as well as any custom source. For example, you can build your own source for Yahoo! Maps.
  • Display a Large Number of Elements on the Map
    Maps for WPF allows virtualisation of local and server data. Using its virtual layer Maps only displays and requests the elements currently visible.
  • Zoom, Pan, and Map Coordinates
    Maps for WPF supports zooming and panning using the mouse or the keyboard. It also supports mapping between screen and geographical coordinates.

RichTextBox for WPF

Display and edit formatted text as HTML and RTF documents with ComponentOne RichTextBox for WPF. The C1RichTextBox control supports all common text formats, hyperlinks, tables, images, bulleted lists and more. Use the control to display HTML content from the Web or use it as a complete rich text editor.

  • Complete WYSIWYG rich text editor
  • Supported formats: HTML, RTF
  • Insert hyperlinks, tables, images and annotations
  • Localised toolbars and menus
  • Bulleted and numbered list styles
  • Spell-checking and find/replace
  • Clipboard and document history (undo/redo)
  • Align and wrap text with paged views
  • View document as draft and print view

Scheduler for WPF

Implement Outlook-style scheduling in your apps with ComponentOne Scheduler for WPF. This out-of-the-box scheduling solution comes complete with five built-in views, recurring appointments, reminders, labels, data binding, grouping, import/export capabilities and much more. Developing a scheduling app has never been easier!

  • Five Built-in Default Views
  • Complete Outlook-style Scheduling
  • Reminders
  • Resource Grouping
  • Time Line View
  • Calendar Navigation
  • Custom Views
  • Dialog Customisation
  • Data Binding
  • Import and Export Data
  • Localisation Support
  • Eight Built-in Themes
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle
  • XBAP Support


Microsoft Outlook-style Navigation Bar for WPF
Display a list of expandable items with ComponentOne Accordion for WPF. Select an item to expand it and collapse all others, automatically organising your UI and optimising the use of screen real-estate.

Binding Expressions

Never write another converter again with ComponentOne Binding Expressions for WPF. Save time and write cleaner XAML by taking advantage of C1Binding’s rich, inline expression syntax. Concatenate strings, compute formulas, and even apply if/else logic directly in your binding statements without the need for code-behind converters.


Page-turning Container Control
Present UIElement objects as if they were pages in a regular paper book. You can see two elements at a time, add shadows, turn pages with the mouse, and more with ComponentOne Book for WPF.

Book for WPF
  • Real Book-like Visuals
  • Vertical Orientation
  • Flexible Data Binding
  • Custom Styles for Book Pages and Cover
  • Jump to a Specified Page


Multi-month Date Selection and Navigation
Add date selection across multiple months with ComponentOne Calendar for WPF. The C1Calendar control integrates seamlessly with ComponentOne Scheduler for a complete, Microsoft Outlook Calendar-style navigation system. Features include:

  • Multi-Month Views
  • Interactive Navigation
  • Date Selections
  • Easy and Flexible Styling Model
  • Synchronise with C1Scheduler
  • Globalisation Support

Create 3D animated lists
C1CarouselPanel is a virtualising panel control that arranges child elements along an arbitrary 3D path. You can use C1CarouselPanel with any items control to turn a flat list of items into a virtualising carousel with true 3D perspectives and scrolling animation.

Carousel for WPF
  • Define an Arbitrary Path
  • True 3D Perspective
  • Perspective Effects
  • Scroll Animation
  • Many Control Options
  • Use with any Items Control


Render 3D Surface Charts
Graph your data in three dimensions. With ComponentOne Chart3D for WPF you can create professional looking 3D surface charts with options for contour levels and zones. Rotate the chart to any angle, show a chart legend and more.

  • Surface Chart Types
  • Show a Legend
  • Set Rotation and Elevation
  • Floors and Ceilings
  • Show 2D Projection
  • Customise Axis Annotations


Pick Colours from Pre-defined or Custom Palettes
Select colours from professionally-designed palettes or build your own custom colours including support for transparency with ComponentOne ColorPicker for WPF.

  • Select from 20+ Predefined Professionally Designed Palette
  • Create Custom Colours Using the Built-in Colour Editor
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Combo Box Control for Data-aware WPF Apps
ComponentOne ComboBox for WPF is a full-featured combo box control that combines an editable text box with an auto-searchable drop-down list.

  • Auto-searchable
  • Item Virtualisation
  • Control the Drop Direction
  • Data Templates
  • Familiar Object Model
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


ComponentOne DataSource for Entity Framework adds ease-of-use and performance enhancements to the Microsoft Entity Framework. It simplifies data binding by improving design-time support, as well as by solving common problems related to loading, paging, filtering, and saving data. It also provides performance enhancements such as data caching and asynchronous data virtualisation for navigating infinitely large data sets.

DateTime Editors

Input DateTime Values in WPF
Display, edit and validate DateTime information using ComponentOne DateTime Editors for WPF. The C1DateTimePicker control provides a single, intuitive UI for selecting date and time values. The C1TimeEditor control provides a simple masked editor for just time values. Your date and time values can be edited by using the spin buttons, keyboard arrows, or by typing in fields.

  • Multiple Display Versions
  • Supports Spin Buttons
  • Wide Range of Cultures
  • Supports Null Values
  • Validate Input with Masking
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Multi-tabbed Docking in WPF
Handle multiple windows in your WPF application with ComponentOne DockControl for WPF. Similar to the docking system in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, DockControl delivers dockable, floating, and tabbed windows. You can also auto-hide sections and easily style the DockControl.

  • Docking Diamond
  • Custom Docking
  • Floating Windows
  • Tabbed Windows
  • Sliding (Auto Hide)
  • Rich Programmatic API
  • Support for Two Monitors
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Custom Drag Sourcing and Drop Targeting in WPF
Effortlessly add drag-and-drop operations anywhere with ComponentOne DragDropManager for WPF. The C1DragDropManager class provides a visually appealing drag-and-drop UI with custom drag sourcing and drop targeting.

DragDropManager for WPF
  • Control Drag-and-drop Behaviour
  • Customise Drag Markers
  • Scrolling Support

Drop-down Control for Data-aware WPF Apps
Implement single item selection that's simple to setup and powerful to use with ComponentOne DropDown for WPF.

  • Specialised Drop-down Editors
  • Expandable Above/Below the Header
  • AutoClose
  • Sizable Drop-down List
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Read and Write Microsoft Excel Files
Export your data to Excel with ComponentOne Excel for WPF - you don't even need to have Microsoft Excel installed! Create and load XLS and XLSX files with this easy to use component. Access and modify data in individual sheets as if they were a simple grid composed of rows, columns and cells.

  • Save and Load Workbooks with One Command
  • Read and Write Data in Individual Cells
  • Microsoft Excel Independence
  • Format the Data in Each Cell
  • Add Cell Formulas
  • Grouping and Subtotals
  • Manage Cell Comments (Notes)
  • Image Support
  • Add Images to the Header or Footer
  • Accurately Match Colours with the Improved Colour Palette
  • Export to XLS or XLSX Files


Dashboard-style Data Visualisation
ComponentOne Gauges for WPF includes seven controls to enhance your data visualisations and business dashboards. Provide an interactive and attractive way to display information graphically.
Controls Included: C1LinearGauge; C1RadialGauge; C1Knob; C1SpeedometerGauge; C1RulerGauge; C1VolumeGauge; C1RegionKnob

  • Seven Gauge Controls
  • Radial Gauges
  • Linear Gauges
  • Tick Marks and Labels
  • Ranges
  • Off Mode Support
  • Interactive Gauges
  • Scale Customisation
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Interactive Panel with Zoom Effects for WPF
ComponentOne HyperPanel for WPF is a StackPanel that provides an automatic zoom effect for items near the mouse. Place any elements in the panel to achieve carousel-like effects and display a large number of elements in a small container, without using scrollbars.

  • Dynamic Zooming
  • Control the Zoom Effect
  • Limit the Zoom Effect
  • Control Item Opacity


Provide smarter input for phone numbers, percentages, numerical ranges, files and more. With ComponentOne Input for WPF you get several controls for specialised input.


Get two high performance controls for displaying lists of bound data with ComponentOne ListBox for WPF. Display lists with tile layouts or with optical zoom using the C1ListBox and C1TileListBox controls. These controls support UI virtualisation so they are blazing-fast while able to display complex items with support for preview templates.


Add Rich Media Content to Your WPF App
ComponentOne MediaPlayer for WPF provides a player that runs media, video or audio, and supports the media formats supported by WPF. Implement advanced capabilities with ease such as playlists, full-screen mode, overlay support, and more.

MediaPlayer for WPF
  • Create Play Lists
  • Create Chapter Lists
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Unobtrusive Button Bar
  • Overlay Support
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Organisation Charts Made Simple
Create hierarchical diagrams that show the structure and relationships of you data. ComponentOne OrgChart for WPF leverages the rich data binding mechanisms of the platform to provide a flexible, yet easy-to-use control.

  • Flexible Data Binding
  • Versatile Orientation and Flow
  • Collapsible Nodes
  • Connector Line Customisation
  • Child Spacing and Alignment Options
  • Complex Hierarchical Displays


Microsoft Outlook-style Navigation
Group menus and controls into distinct categories with this side bar navigation system. ComponentOne OutlookBar for WPF mimics the Microsoft Outlook navigation pane. It consists of any number of categories represented by buttons where each button has a header as well as a panel for adding additional controls.

  • Microsoft Outlook-style UI
  • Expand/Collapse
  • Stackable Buttons
  • Flexible Data Binding
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Create PDF Documents from Your WPF Apps
Easily create, print and email Adobe PDF documents with ComponentOne PDF for WPF. Create dynamic reports or directly output your UI to a PDF format with support for security, compression, outlining, hyper-linking, and attachments.

  • Easily Add Content
  • Export Your UI
  • Familiar Syntax Using DrawImage Method
  • Fast Rendering and Compression of Images
  • Security and Permissions
  • Outline Structure
  • Hyperlinks and Local Links
  • Attachments
  • Document Information and Viewer Preferences


View PDFs in WPF
Add PDF viewing capabilities to your WPF applications. ComponentOne PdfViewer for WPF can display PDF documents within your applications without Adobe Reader. Load and save arbitrary PDF documents with support for printing, paging, zooming, and searching.

  • View PDF Files
  • PDF Specification Support
  • Load and Save Documents
  • Printing Support
  • Find Text
  • Multiple View Modes
  • Get Pages from PDF
  • Customise the Toolbar


Visually indicate progress of a lengthy operation with ComponentOne ProgressBar for WPF. Modeled after the Windows Store UI, the C1ProgressBar control displays an animated repeating pattern of dots to indicate an indeterminate operation is in progress.


A version of the well known Microsoft Visual Studio property grid, ComponentOne PropertyGrid for WPF (C1PropertyGrid) allows you to easily edit any class and includes more than 10 built-in editors.


Dynamically Create Your UI
A version of the well known Microsoft Visual Studio property grid, ComponentOne PropertyGrid for WPF (C1PropertyGrid) allows you to easily edit any class and includes more than 10 built-in editors.

  • Familiar Properties Window
  • Dynamic Display
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Solid and Time-tested Reporting Tools for WPF
Integrate reporting and document-generating functionality into your WPF applications with ComponentOne Reports for WPF. Using Reports for WPF you can generate native WPF documents (FixedDocument objects and XPS files), strengthen your applications with powerful report and document generating capabilities, and save time with the clear upgrade path moving from WinForms to WPF.
Reports for WPF includes the following tools:

  • C1Report Component
  • C1RdlReport Component
  • C1PrintDocument Component
  • C1MultiDocument Component
  • C1DocumentViewer Control
  • Report Designer Application
  • Report Scheduler Application 


View any Report in WPF
Add report viewing capabilities to your WPF applications. ComponentOne ReportViewer for WPF can display HTML and PDF-based reports from virtually any report service, including Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and C1Report. This powerful viewer allows users to see, search, zoom, select, print and save the reports to local files.

ReportViewer for WPF
  • View Reports from Multiple Sources
  • Load and Save Documents
  • Printing Support
  • Find Text
  • Multiple View Modes
  • Page Customisation
  • Customise the Toolbar


The Most Efficient Spell Checker
ComponentOne SpellChecker for WPF control provides the easiest-to-use and most efficient spell checker available on the market today. Experience Microsoft Word-like spell checking capable of processing 400,000 words per second and supported in over 20 different languages.

  • Easy to Use
  • Most Efficient
  • Flexible Spell Checking
  • Multi-language Support


Host Full Pages of Content on Multiple Tabs
Easily organise and navigate Web content with ComponentOne TabControl for WPF. Host full pages of content on each tab.

  • Customisable Header
  • Overlapping Headers
  • Align Header Items
  • Changeable Background
  • Closeable Tabs
  • New Tab Page
  • Menu Tabs
  • Scrollable Elements
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Theme your entire application, even the standard controls, with ComponentOne Themes for WPF. Get 17 complete, professional themes inspired by popular interfaces such as Microsoft Office, Expression Blend and Modern UI.


Create tiled displays and navigation hubs with ComponentOne Tiles for WPF. Tiles make it easy to replicate the Windows 8 start screen experience in your own app. Get two different tile controls that support sliding animations and live updates. Combine tiles with different containers to achieve endless layout possibilities.


Interactive Data Views
Interactively browse through your data with ComponentOne TileView for WPF. Expand and collapse tiles to view more or less information. Show-off the true power of the Windows Presentation Foundation in your apps with this highly visual and interactive control. Create dashboards, detail views, photo galleries and more!

  • Expand and Collapse Tiles
  • Minimise Position
  • Data Binding
  • Virtualisation
  • Drag-and-drop Interface
  • Animation


Add Professional Toolbars to Your WPF Apps
Add some organisation and elegance to your application. ComponentOne Toolbar for WPF provides Ribbon-like toolbars, buttons and toolstrips, giving you the ability to create professional-looking apps that wow your users. Controls Included: C1Toolbar; C1ToolbarStrip; C1ToolbarButton; C1ToolbarSplitButton; C1ToolbarToggleButton; C1ToolbarGroup; C1ToolbarTab.

Toolbar for WPF
  • Tabs and Groups
  • Overflow Support
  • Styled Buttons and Drop-downs
  • WPF Command Framework Support
  • Ribbon-like Features
  • Lightweight ToolbarStrip
  • Horizontal/Vertical Orientation
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


A More Powerful TreeView
Get a hierarchical view of your data items with ComponentOne TreeView for WPF. It's similar to the TreeView control available in the box, but provides more powerful features like auto-search, drag-and-drop and hierarchical templates.

  • Drag-and-drop Nodes
  • Customisable Drag-drop Behavior
  • Auto-search
  • Hierarchical Templates
  • Editable Nodes
  • Customisable Nodes
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Generate Enhanced Dialog Windows in Your WPF Apps
Replace standard browser dialog windows with ComponentOne Windows for WPF. The C1Window control shows content in a floating window and works in XBAP scenarios.

  • Modal and Modeless Dialog Windows
  • Separate XAML Files to Define Window Objects
  • Resizeable Windows
  • Window State
  • Window Elements
  • XBAP Support
  • Easily Change Colours with ClearStyle


Add Space-saving Zip Compression to Your WPF Apps
Quickly compress data, saving disk space and network bandwidth, and easily manipulate and work with compressed data. ComponentOne Zip for WPF allows you to easily compress files, including system and hidden files, and add and delete compressed files and folders; you can even read and write to zip files stored in streams.

  • Standard-based
  • Compress Files and Streams
  • Encrypt Data
  • Perfect for XML Data



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