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ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin

We're pleased to announce the official launch of GrapeCity's newest product line: ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin!

In order to ensure our customers get the fastest, most flexible controls available, Xuni's native mobile development team has directed its focus to developing the best Xamarin controls on the market. This new architecture adds UWP support, provides support for Xamarin's visual designers, and brings up to twice the performance of the previous version of Xuni.

The newly restructured controls still have all the speed, flexibility, and easy-to-read API of the existing charts, grids, and gauges, but they've been rebuilt to focus specifically on Xamarin. These restructured controls include some new features as well, like the addition of pull-to-refresh and zooming to FlexGrid.

Controls include:

  • FlexGrid, the fastest, most feature-rich grid available for native mobile apps
  • FlexChart and FlexPie
  • Input
  • Gauges
  • Calendar
  • CollectionView


ComponentOne Studio

PDF DocumentSource launches in WinForms, UWP, and WPF

PDF DocumentSource is a PDF component that reads, prints, searches, and exports your PDF documents. It also acts as a key component to load and view your PDFs in FlexViewer, a cross platform viewer that can load report and document types like FlexReport, C1Report, PDF and SSRS Documents.

FlexChartField launches in FlexReport for WinForms, WPF, and UWP

FlexViewer for WPF launches


Data Visualisation

TreeMap available in WinForms, WPF, and UWP

Display hierarchical information combined with relative quantity with the new FlexChart TreeMap control.



CalendarView, a new feature-rich calendar control with improved performance, launches in WinForms. CalendarView allows the user to select a date or range of dates. The control can display as one month or several months, and provide quick navigation through months and years.

DateEditor, a flexible date input control that displays the CalendarView control in a dropdown, enables faster date input and selection. This new control has better performance and appearance than old DateEdit from C1Input assembly, but it has a similar API.

ComboBox now supports partial search.

Additional Enhancements

  • Maps now supports a REST API
  • Gauges have been updated with a flat theme
  • GanttView now provides a backColor for specific days of the week.
  • True DBGrid now supports a footer row in the SaveExcel method.
  • Ribbon now supports scrolling when the ribbon is smaller than the tab area.



FlexGrid now includes the RowDetailsTemplate feature, a common feature in the most XAML data grids. With the current version, RowDetailsTemplate can be set from the XAML with no code-behind required.

WPF Enhancements

Office 2016 Themes

Provide modern styling in your XAML apps with Office 2016 themes for WPF! Themes include both light and dark styling.

Project Templates




TreeView control launches in ASP.NET MVC

Recently launched in Wijmo and WinForms, users can now easily build interactive hierarchical lists that can include check boxes, images, text, or HTML.

New MultiAutoComplete for ASP.NET MVC

FlexViewer for ASP.NET MVC now includes PDFViewer capability


Wijmo JavaScript

Wijmo supports Angular 4 and TypeScript 2.2

In keeping with Wijmo's commitment to the current technologies, as of May 2017, Wijmo controls support Angular version 4 and TypeScript v2.2!



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