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What's New in
ComponentOne Ultimate and
Studio Enterprise 2016 v3?


Ultimate and C1Studio: New Team-Pack Licenses Available

Effective immediately, customers of Ultimate and ComponentOne Studio will be able to buy team licenses in packs of five at a discount.

  • Team Pack licenses are only available for ComponentOne Studio with Platinum Support and Ultimate with Platinum Support.
  • Team Pack licenses are only available as new licenses.
  • Team Pack subscriptions can be renewed in the same manner as other products: annually, at the renewal price.
  • Multiple Team Pack licenses may be purchased.
  • Greater discounts for higher volumes of individual licenses can be negotiated with sales, but not combined with Team Pack licenses.
  • There is no upgrade or downgrade path.

Reporting and Documentation Updates

FlexReport: FlexReport Designer source code now available!

  • The source code for FlexReport Designer, our standalone report designer app, has been made available for ComponentOne Studio and Ultimate customers! The new source code will allow users to more easily migrate from C1Reports. In addition, using the source code, users can change the location of the ribbon and docking tabs and add or remove features from the Ribbon per the team's needs. Lastly, you can customise the functionality of each button click, messages in the alert boxes, and more.

FlexReport Designer:

  • FlexReport and FlexViewer are now available in beta for our WPF platform. FlexReport is already available in WinForms, WPF, and UWP.
  • Complete your mobile apps with MVC's new FlexViewer, which now supports viewing PDFs and SSRS reports.
  • With PDFDocumentSource for WinForms (beta), you can now view PDFs in FlexViewer for your desktop apps.

Charts and Data Visualisation News

FinancialChart now available in WinForms, WPF, and UWP

Our fast, flexible FinancialChart control, which includes eight different types of financial charts and a wide variety of built-in interactive elements, is now available in WinForms, WPF, and UWP.


New: Dynamic Dashboard for ASP.NET MVC

Give your users the power to configure their own web apps with the Dynamic Dashboard for MVC.

FlexChart Adds Three New Chart Types

  • All FlexChart platforms (WPF, UWP, WinForms, and MVC) have two new charts this release:
    • Waterfall charts add analytical information to data trends in a series, so it fits well in our analytics extension. Waterfall charts show a running total as values are added or subtracted to a series.
    • Polar and Radar charts show how multiple data points can be plotted in a variety of ways.
  • Sunburst, a modern pie chart that lets you visualise hierarchical data beyond the classical bars and circles, is now available for ASP.NET MVC.
  • All charts now have annotations, and line markers have been added for WinForms.

Waterfall Chart:

Radar Chart:

Sunburst Chart:

More Data Visualization Tools: Map and TreeView

Map for WinForms and TreeView for WinForms officially launch in this release.

Data Management

Process and aggregate thousands of rows in seconds on your web app with OLAP for MVC control, in beta.


Our Web API continues to expand:

  • PDF Source Support APIs
  • SSRS APIs for FlexViewer
  • SSRS export to Excel and PDFs
  • Cube support

HTML5/JavaScript Controls for Modern Web Apps

Expanded Interops Support

Angular 2 Samples

Not only is Wijmo committed to Angular 2 support, but we have interop libraries for many JavaScript frameworks.

ReactJS Support

Wijmo is dedicated to interop in any framework. This release contains official support for ReactJS, and you can use Wijmo controls in any ReactJS application as React components.

VueJS Support

VueJS is another framework gaining traction. Many customers have requested VueJS support in Wijmo. This release offers official support of VueJS 1.x and 2.x. You can use Wijmo controls in any VueJS application as Vue components.


In V3 we're launching ReportViewer, which includes a client-side ReportViewer control that uses FlexReport on the server to render reports. ReportViewer is currently a sample that includes a beta version of our potential ReportViewer control. Please try it out and send feedback before it becomes an official control in the future. ReportViewer also includes a PDFViewer.

Wijmo ReportViewer:

Other Enhancements

New Chart Types

  • BoxPlot (for box and whisper types)
  • Funnel chart
  • FlexRadar

General Enhancements

  • New Help System
  • FlexGrid validation and footers
  • OLAP server-side beta

Native Mobile Controls for Xamarin Platform, iOS, and Android

We're adding some nice customer-requested enhancements to Xuni controls.

FlexGrid Enhancements

  • Now includes supoprt for keyboard navigation.

Input Enhancements

  • In the DropDown Input control, users have the option to expand the popup to full screen, with back-button support.
  • A placeholder property has been added to Masked Text Input.

FlexChart Enhancements

  • We're adding a Zones sample for FlexChart.


What's New in
ComponentOne Ultimate and
Studio Enterprise 2016 v2?


FlexChart for UWP, WPF, and WinForms

We're in the process of a full-scale refactor of all our top controls, and FlexChart (already available in MVC, Wijmo, and Xuni) is now officially released for WPF, UWP, and WinForms. (It's been in beta since May.)

Why FlexChart?

  • Flexible: FlexChart supports our trademark flexibility, allowing you to take the key feature set and customize to fit any requirement.
  • Fast: FlexChart has been engineered to perform faster and better than C1Chart.
  • Small footprint: FlexChart's assembly tops out at 229 KB for WinForms, 183 KB for WPF, and 218 KB for UWP.
  • Key Feature set: It includes all the top chart types and elements you'd expect from world-class chart control.
  • Universal API: FlexChart has a shared object model; you'll be able to code across platforms with virtually no learning curve.


C1Word Library for UWP, WPF, and WinForms

Our C1Word Library for desktop allows you to create, read, and update Word and RTF documents in your apps, through the code. We released the beta version back in March.

Why C1Word?

  • Extensive APIs to explore all elements of Microsoft Word documents
    • Formats (Title, Paragraph, Heading, Text)
    • All fonts and settings
    • Tables
    • Images and graphic objects
    • Work with some shapes
  • Save content in DOCX or RTF format
    • Retain page size settings
    • Draw UI object trees (UWP, WPF) or metafiles (WinForms)
    • Add bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • View the generated file in all versions of MSWord and industry-standard document viewers
  • Ideal for:
    • Read and edit document content within an app
    • Generate custom free-flow reports in Microsoft Word
    • Send data in a standard editable file to non-users of your app


FlexViewer for UWP

We continue to grow our reporting and documents offerings, and today we're launching FlexViewer document viewer for UWP. You can display your FlexReports and C1Reports in your app, and we support a variety of features, including:

  • Built-in parameters
  • Built-in document pane for bookmarks and pages
  • Touch support
  • Full print support
  • Pixel-perfect rendering
    • DirectX rendering in desktop and Windows 10 mobile devices
    • SVG rendering in MVC (currently available in beta)
  • Rich viewer feature set
    • Search
    • Thumbnails
    • Parameters
    • Document map
  • Export to:
    • PDF
    • HTML
    • RTF
    • Excel
    • Open XML
    • Word/Excel
    • TIFF
    • BMP
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • GIF


UWP Licensing Model has Changed

UWP Edition licensing model has been changed. Since 2016 v2 release, each application that uses UWP Edition controls requires a unique license key (either evaluation one or fully licensed key). 


Platform Features & Enhancements


New Controls

  • FlexChart charting control has launched out of beta.
  • C1Word Library allows users to read, create, and update RTF and Word files through code.
  • A new Map control has been added to WinForms Edition!
  • TreeView for WinForms has been released as a beta control.
  • The Beta version of FinancialChart control supports eight different specialized financial chart types.

New Features

  • C1Report
    • Added German, Italian and Spanish localizations for most end user-visible strings.
  • Command
    • C1TopicBar: Added new property C1TopicLink.Pressed: the value indicates whether the link was pressed.
  • FlexPivot
    • It is now possible to use a single field multiple times in any role, in Values, Rows, Columns, Filters. Main uses of this feature are to apply different subtotal functions to a single field at the same time (adding the field to Values) and to group by the same field more than once using different formats (adding the field to Rows or Columns), for example, to see subtotals by year and by quarter using the same date field.
    • Added Show As feature. It allows to show results as difference or percentage with respect to the previous row or column. Great for showing how measured values are changing from previous year or quarter, compare different measures, and other tasks like that. To specify a Show As calculation, use the new Show As tab of the Field Settings dialog on a value field.
    • FlexPivot grid now has a context menu with Copy, Show Detail, Field Settings.
    • Added TotalsBeforeData property. It is False by default, which means that subtotals rows and columns appear after data rows and columns. If it is set to True, subtotals will appear before data.
    • Weighted group operations (aggregations, subtotals) are now supported in DataEngine. Previously, they were only supported for the DataSource data option. Weighted subtotals are specified using the "Weigh by" combo box on the Subtotals tab of the Field Settings dialog.
    • Cancelling current calculation is faster now. Current operation is cancelled if the user changes view settings while the engine is calculating. Previously, the engine had to finish the current operation (not necessarily the entire calculation; a calculation usually consists of multiple operations), which in some cases could take considerable time. Now, cancel is virtually immediate in all cases.
    • DataEngine queries now support custom operations. Both group operations (aggregation) and simple operations can now be custom, user-specified. Programmers can write arbitrary code in a custom class, that will constitute the body of a custom operation. Actions or calculations performed on the data are no longer limited to the stock operations, and performance is kept on the same lightning-speed level because loop over data, including indexing, is performed by DataEngine using the same optimizations as in the stock operations.
  • FlexReport
    • Added parameterized constructors for TextField class.
    • Added properties:
      • float TextFieldBase.TextAngle { get; set; }
      • float Field.TextAngle { get; set; }
      • Gets or sets the angle of text rotation within the field.
      • double TextFieldBase.LineSpacing { get; set; }
      • double Field.LineSpacing { get; set; }
      • Gets or sets the line spacing between text lines in the field, in percent. The default is 100 which corresponds to normal line spacing.
      • TextFitMode TextFieldBase.TextFitMode { get; set; }
      • Gets or sets a value indicating how the text is fit into field's bounds.
    • Behavior change: previously, if the type of a field could not be resolved while loading a report, an exception occurred. Now, instead of the exception, a text field is created, with the following text: Unknown field type [XXX]. This field type may not be supported in the current edition of FlexReport.
  • FlexGrid
    • Added C1SuperErrorProvider property to show customizable error tips.
  • TrueDBGrid
    • Added BorderColor property and BorderColorChanged event.
  • GanttView
    • Added Task.SplitTask(double[] durations) public method.
    • Added a possibility to change the display format of Duration column in the grid of C1GanttView.
    • Added C1GanttView.Schedule.CalendarWeekRule property.
  • Input
    • Added ComboBoxDataBinding sample.
    • C1ComboBox: Improved RTL handling. Text in non-RTL languages doesn't change words order when shown with RTL layout.
  • InputPanel
    • InputControlHost can be saved to XML and loaded from XML at runtime.
    • Added the ControlHostFromXmlNode event to C1InputPanel. It allows to detect user's ControlHost in XML tree.
    • Added the ControlHostNodeName property and Load/SaveControlHostProperties virtual methods to InputControlHost.
    • Added InputPanelDeserialized and ItemDeserialized events to C1InputPanel.
  • Ribbon
    • RibbonControlHost can be saved to XML and loaded from XML at runtime (if supported by ControlHost developer).
    • Added the ControlHostFromXmlNode event to C1Ribbon and C1StatusBar. It supports detection of user's ControlHost in XML tree.
    • Added the ControlHostNodeName property and Load/SaveControlHostProperties virtual methods to RibbonControlHost.
    • Added a few *Deserialized events to C1Ribbon and C1StatusBar to allow subscribing to event handlers after loading from XML.
  • Schedule
    • Improved RTL handling. Text in non-RTL languages doesn't change words order when shown with RTL layout.
  • SuperTooltip
    • Improved RTL handling. Text in non-RTL languages doesn't change words order when shown with RTL layout.
    • Added RightToLeft property. Default property value is RightToLeft.Inherit, which means that tooltip will be shown with the same layout as associated control.
  • TrueDBGrid
    • Added Add(int[] rows) method for C1TrueDBGrid.SelectedRows collection. This method is used for adding several rows at once for selection.
  • FlexChart
    • Added FinancialChart control for visualisation of financial data(BETA license).
    • Added FinancialChartExplorer sample.
    • Added TrendLine class for plotting trend lines. It can be used with FlexChart/FinancialChart.
    • Added Axis.TitleStyle property for customization of axis title appearance.
    • Added Legend.Orientation property for setting legend orientation.
    • Added Legend.Title/TitleStyle properties for customization of legend's title.
    • Added FlexChart.SeriesVisibilityChanged event. The event fires when series visibility was changed.
    • Added Series.AltStyle property that allows to specify alternative data point appearance.

Breaking Changes

  • Due to an added reference to the C1.Win assembly, the following controls will experience breaking changes:
    • PDF
    • GanttView
    • Input
    • InputPanel
    • Ribbon
    • Schedule
    • SplitContainer
    • SuperToolTip
  • Due to an added reference to the C1.Win.C1SuperTooltip assembly, the following controls will experience breaking changes:
    • InputPanel
    • Ribbon
    • Schedule
    • SplitContainer
    • FlexReport
  • ImageEntry class has been moved to C1.Win.C1SuperTooltip assembly, affecting the following controls:
    • Ribbon
  • FlexReport breaking changes
    • All export filters (classes derived from C1.Win.FlexReport.ExportFilter) were moved to C1.Win.C1Document.4 assembly. The namespace for all those classes has changed to C1.Win.C1Document.Export. The following classes were affected by this change:
      • FlexReport.GraphicsFilter -> C1.Win.C1Document.Export.GraphicsFilter
      • FlexReport.ImageFilter -> C1.Win.C1Document.Export.ImageFilter
      • FlexReport.RasterImageFilter -> C1.Win.C1Document.Export.RasterImageFilter
      • FlexReport.JpegFilter -> C1.Win.C1Document.Export.JpegFilter
      • FlexReport.PdfFilter -> C1.Win.C1Document.Export.PdfFilter
      • ...and so on.
    • Static properties on C1FlexReport returning static registered instances of supported export providers were moved to the ExportProvider class. (The reason for this change is the addition of the new C1PdfDocumentSource component which uses the same export filters as C1FlexReport.)



  • UWP Edition licensing model has been changed. Since 2016 v2 release, each application that uses UWP Edition controls requires a unique license key (either evaluation one or fully licensed key).

New Controls

  • FlexChart charting control has been released for UWP.
  • C1Word Library allows users to read, create, and update RTF and Word files through code.
  • FlexViewer flexible report viewer has been released.
  • FlexReport for UWP has been released! This powerful report engine will allow UWP developers to create lightning-fast reports across all Windows 10 devices.
  • The Beta version of the FinancialChart control supports eight different specialized financial chart types.



New Controls

  • FlexChart charting control has been released for WPF.
  • C1Word Library allows users to read, create, and update RTF and Word files through code.
  • Sparkline for WPF offers a new type of chart to track change over time.
  • The Beta version of GanttView control has been added to WPF Edition!
  • The Beta version of FinancialChart control supports eight different specialized financial chart types.

New Features & Enhancements

  • DataGrid
    • Add methods to get page images in a background thread.
    • Improved performance when C1DataGrid.ColumnWidth property is AutoStar (default value). Added DataGridColumn.DefaultAutoWidth property which determines default column width used in AutoStar sizing.



ASP.NET Core 1.0 Compatible

MVC Edition controls are now ASP.NET Core 1.0 compatible.

FlexViewer Beta

  • The FlexViewer control continues to evolve.
    • View FlexReport and C1Reports using FlexViewer for MVC
    • Available in ASP.NET 4.0 and ASP.NET Core 1.0.
    • In ASP.NET Core you can use HtmlHelpers or TagHelpers.
  • Use Visual Studio ItemTemplate to rapidly integrate FlexViewer and FlexReport Web API in the same project. This template allows you to quickly integrate FlexReport Web API and FlexViewer in MVC5 applications. In ASP.NET Core, MVC3, and MVC4, it allows configuring FlexViewer control according to the separately hosted FlexReport Web API.


  • New Control: InputDateTime control supports entering and editing date and time values using a single control (as opposed to using an InputDate and an InputTime).
  • New Properties:
    • AutoExpandSelection in DropDown controls determines whether input controls should automatically select whole words/numbers when clicked. This applies to all controls that derive from DropDown, and makes it easier to edit dates, times, colors, etc.
    • HeaderPath in ComboBox control allows decoupling the values shown in the combo's input element from the values shown in the drop-down list.


  • New Properties:
    • FlexGrid.IMEEnabled supports IME modes while the grid is not in edit mode. This property benefits sites and applications in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other languages that require IME support.
    • DropDownCssClass makes it easier to style the drop-down list used to edit cells in columns that have DataMaps.


  • New Properties:
    • ShowAnimation enables animation in FlexChart. FlexChart now supports over two dozen animation modes.
    • SupportGestures enables panning and zooming in FlexChart. This property exposes relevant MouseAction property that allows setting either Zooming or Panning along chart axis.
  • New Scaffolder:
    • Quickly add FlexChart to the application using scaffolder and configure properties. The scaffolder generates relevant controller and view code to set up FlexChart.


  • New Sample:
    • FlexSheet 101: Intro sample for MVC shows you how to get started. 
  • New Scaffolder:
    • Easily add FlexSheet to applications using a guided wizard that allows you to set different properties of the control. The scaffolder generates relevant controller and view code to set up FlexSheet.

Client API IntelliSense

In 2016 V1.5, we added TypeScript IntelliSense for MVC controls, and now we have added client side JavaScript IntelliSense capability for the controls. The IntelliSense not only provides code completion but also displays relevant documentation for each property.




  • New features:
    • Add/delete column in Excel inside storage
    • Add/delete rows in Excel files in storage
    • Hide/unhide columns and rows of Excel file in storage
    • Group/ungroup columns of Excel file in storage
    • Split Excel files into multiple files
    • Add posted Excel file to storage.
    • Find text in Excel. Return all sheet names and cell index.
    • Replace text in Excel sheet
    • Generate Excel from given template and data


What's New in
ComponentOne Ultimate and
Studio Enterprise 2016 v1?


ComponentOne Studio UWP Edition

The beta UWP Edition was released back in October, and it's been enormously popular. The 50+ UWP controls--built from the former WinRT Edition--are stable and feature-rich right out of the box, and a few new beta controls that fit into the new Flex line of controls are also being released.

FlexReport for UWP (Beta)

The UWP beta is a leaner version, feature-wise, but you'll still get the standalone FlexReport Designer, cross-device FlexViewer, and the power and speed of the other reporting tools. The official launch is scheduled for later in 2016.

C1Word Library has been added as a beta library.

FlexChart and FlexPie for UWP (Beta)

This supercharged chart control allows you to select from one of dozens of chart types, easily integrate built-in features like line markers and legends, and includes a pie chart with exploding slices. This is the be official launch is scheduled for July 2016.

Migrate from WinRT and Windows Phone

From now until March 15, 2017, WinRT and Windows Phone Edition owners can upgrade to UWP for free. C1Studio license holders get the upgrade just by downloading the latest build. Contact a sales rep if you'd like to update today. Effective immediately, WinRT is going into maintenance mode and will only be updated for bug fixes.



FlexSheet for MVC: Build a Web-Based Excel-Like Spreadsheet

The TagHelper-supported, ASP.NET Core-compatible, mobile-first FlexSheet control allows you to add all the top Excel-like spreadsheet functions to your web app, including over 100 built-in formulas and the ability to add custom formulas.

With import/export functionality and flexible data binding, you'll get all the top features of a spreadsheet app--and with our SignalR sample, you'll also get simultaneous editing in multiple devices. FlexSheet is available only with ComponentOne Studio and Ultimate.

FlexViewer (Beta) for MVC: View Reports in Browser

This fast, flexible HTML5-based report viewer for modern enterprises allows you to easily display C1Report and FlexReports in your browsers. With SVG-based pixel-perfect report rendering and full print support, users will get a top-quality experience. Paired with the C1Studio standaone FlexReport Designer and our built-in Web API, you'll be able to build and display reports in no time.

Export reports to:
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • Excel
  • Open XML (Word/Excel)
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF
Rich viewer feature set includes:
  • Search
  • Zoom
  • Thumbnails
  • Continuous paging
  • Parameters
  • Document map
  • Keyboard navigation

Other MVC News

  • MVC controls now support scaffolding, which allows for straightforward code-free app design.
  • Financial Chart Additions
    • New overlays: Bollinger Bands and Moving Average Envelopes.
    • New indicators: Average True Range, Relative Strength Index, Commodity Channel Index, Williams %R, MACD/MACD Histogram, Stochastic Oscillator.
    • New Fibonacci Extensions for FinancialChart: Fans, Arcs, Time Zones

C1Word Library (Beta)

C1Word Library Beta allows users to create Microsoft Word documents with advanced features in enterprise applications. The control launches in July 2016; the beta is currently available for UWP, WinForms, and WPF. It supports multiple fonts and properties, including adding bookmarks, hyperlinks, metafiles, and multiple paper sizes.

Other supported features:
  • Images
  • Text
  • Paragraph
  • Graphics
  • Quotes
  • Text Flow
  • Tables
Supported shapes:
  • Arc
  • Beizer
  • Ellipse
  • Line
  • Pie
  • Polygon
  • PolygonLine
  • Rectangle

WinForms Edition

FlexPivot for WinForms: Millions of Rows in Milliseconds

Process and aggregate millions of rows of data in milliseconds: that's what users get from FlexPivot for WinForms, the new pivot table in ComponentOne Studio. Built on a new super-charged data engine, this feature-rich control offers a modernised UI and lightning-fast processing to give your users more power, speed, and reach than ever. FlexPivot is available only in ComponentOne Studio and Ultimate.

Other WinForms News

  • C1Word Library has been added as a beta library.
  • FlexReport, FlexReport Designer and FlexViewer have several UI and usability updates.
    • Highlight: These Crystal Report features will now be supported upon migration to FlexReport.
      • Parameters
      • Cross-Section Box
      • Specified Order Grouping
      • Drop Shadow property of TextField
  • FlexChart and FlexPie (Betas) have been released for WinForms Edition. These powerful chart controls are already available in LightSwitch and MVC, and have been released in beta for UWP and WinForms.
  • GanttView
    • Provided Task Dependency dialog display when double-clicking on the predecessors line
    • Added markers to SummaryTasks
    • Improved performance when loading more than 30 pages in print preview
    • Added day tooltip in the timeline
    • Provided "Inactive" tasks feature
    • ​Scheduler/GanttView integration added as a sample
  • ​​Input
    • Added auto-sizing to TextBox
    • When to set AutoCompleteMode and AutoCompleteSource property of ComboBox in designer, AutoComplete is not applied
  • FlexGrid
    • ​Added alternating frozen row styles


WPF Edition

  • C1Word Library has been added as a beta library.
  • ​​​RichTextBox
    • Added ability to add space before or after a table.
  • FlexGrid
    • ​​​Provided functions to save and load images and merged cells in "ExcelBook" product sample.

ASP.NET Web Forms Edition

  • GridView now supports filtering in C1TemplateField.
  • Calendar now allows you to set the initial view of the calendar. You could set the initial view to all months of the year, year view, or day view.

Silverlight Edition

  • Added a C1.Silverlight.DataGrid.OpenRia assembly.




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