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Wijmo Enterprise

Build a Better Web for Your Business

Wijmo Enterprise's suite of UI controls includes:

  • Wijmo 5's collection of cutting-edge JavaScript controls
  • Enterprise exclusives such as FlexSheet, FinancialChart, and OLAP
  • Wijmo 3's collection of classic jQuery widgets.

Available separately or as part of ComponentOne Ultimate.

Wijmo 5

Deliver next-gen web apps with true JavaScript UI controls written in TypeScript.

Welcome to Wijmo 5, our brand new generation of JavaScript controls! With the launch of Wijmo 5 we've introduced a new HTML5/JavaScript product that takes full advantage of all the latest and greatest web technologies without making compromises to support legacy browsers.

Wijmo 3

Support modern and older web apps with 40+ jQuery UI widgets for mobile and web application development.

Wijmo 3 is a complete kit of 40+ HTML5 jQuery UI widgets for mobile and web application development with everything from interactive menus and rich charts to spreadsheets and grids. Wijmo 3 supports modern and legacy browsers, including IE6 support, every widget is hand-crafted and includes premium themes.


Build sophisticated financial dashboards quickly and easily.

Instantly create stunning, advanced stock trending visualisations with the powerful Financial Chart for Wijmo. Analyse with trendlines, filters, range selectors, annotations—all with minimal coding. Optimised for the finance industry, this full-service control meets nearly every need to get users started on a full stock market application, directly out of the box.


Develop a familiar, Excel-like experience with a fast, lightweight spreadsheet control.

Produce an Excel-like experience in your web app with FlexSheet, a fast, lightweight control allowing users to import spreadsheets, apply formulas, format and freeze cells, undo/redo, and export data to Excel. Add Excel-like spreadsheets to your applications and give your users a powerful and familiar tool for analysing data.


Wrap grid columns to use multiple rows to represent a single record.

The MultiRow control extends conventional grid layouts by using multiple rows to represent each data item. It allows users to see and edit data in tabular form, like conventional grids. The MultiRow control is not a simple replacement for conventional grids; it is a specialised tool that fits some scenarios really well.

OLAP Pivot Controls

Process and aggregate thousands of rows in milliseconds with no server-side dependencies.

Create Excel-like, web-based pivot tables in JavaScript with Wijmo's OLAP module. Process and aggregate thousands of rows in milliseconds with no server-side dependencies. The smart pivot panel interprets data types and intelligently places fields in an intuitive, modern UI.

Why Wijmo Enterprise?


Wide Variety

Wijmo Enterprise comprises of Wijmo 5, for building modern mobile applications and Wijmo 3, for building applications with jQuery UI that support older browsers. Our most comprehensive HTML/JavaScript product suite, Wijmo Enterprise includes everything you need to develop vibrant websites for every scenario.


Premium Support

You don't have to worry about questions slowing you down. Get fast and professional help while using ComponentOne's tools with Premium support. From ComponentOne's 24-hour support response guarantee to their knowledge-rich online community, enjoy unmatched support.


Samples and Documentation

Get started quickly by referencing in-depth documentation and samples with full source code. Searching for something specific? Take a look at the Wijmo documentation, which includes quick starts, tutorials, syntax, and more. Or, explore the controls by playing with online Wijmo demos.



20+ Years of Experience

Feel at ease. ComponentOne have been developing popular UI components for over 20 years. With that exposure, research, and involvement in the development world, they have a solid foundation for delivering you quality products you expect.



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