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Cross-Platform Native Mobile Controls for Xamarin, iOS, and Android

Get your mobile apps to market quicker with Xuni, a collection of cross-platform UI controls designed to enhance iOS, Android and Xamarin.

Flexible Grids, Charts, Gauges, and More

Xuni's collection of cross-platform, native mobile controls employs the same API across iOS, Android, and the Xamarin Platform using native programming techniques. With Xuni, you'll get fast, flexible, enterprise-level controls and deliver the same experience across all platforms. Available separately or as part of ComponentOne Ultimate


Cross-Platform Support

Xamarin Platform

Xuni is a collection of native, cross-platform mobile controls for Xamarin. ComponentOne has designed Xuni to provide native experiences in Android, iOS and Windows Phone using the same API across all platforms. With Xuni and Xamarin.Forms you can develop once in C# and XAML to create enterprise-level apps for all devices. Cross-platform mobile development has never been easier!
  • Write once in C# using Xamarin.Forms to create apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Go deeper into native development using Xuni in your Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android apps
  • Develop in either Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio; Xuni is supported in both


Save your valuable development time with the high-quality, feature-rich charts and gauges in Xuni iOS that add eye-catching visualisations to your app. Integrate our controls easily into your universal iOS apps, and improve your UI in less time with a touch-first experience.
  • Built for Human-design interfaces
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad apps for iOS 7 and higher
  • Develop with Objective-C or Swift in Xcode


Visualise all your data! Build touch-first, fully customisable charts, gauges, and grids right out of the box. Easy integration with the Android IDE of your choice saves you time — and material design-based UI controls provide a seamless experience for your users
  • Develop with Java and the Android IDE of your choice: Eclipse or Android Studio
  • Material design-based UI controls that look professional and modern

Included Controls

Xuni Calendar

A customisable calendar control for iOS, Android, and Xamarin.

Provide date range selection and visualise custom data on a calendar in your mobile apps. Xuni Calendar comes complete with intuitive navigation and selection gestures, animation and built-in globalisation. Plus you can match any popular calendar UI with horizontal or vertical navigation.

Xuni CollectionView

Get a powerful data binding component with Xuni CollectionView. CollectionView provides currency, filtering, grouping and sorting services for your data collection. You can use the control with the standard ListView or FlexGrid. It's based off the .NET implementation so it's familiar for most developers.

CollectionView is supported in iOS, Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Forms.

Xuni FlexChart

A Flexible Cartesian Chart Control for iOS, Android, and Xamarin

Visualise your data in a wide span of Cartesian chart types including bar, column, area, line, spline, scatter, bubble, high-low-open-close (HLOC) and candle. With animation, customisation, and interactive features, Xuni FlexChart brings life to your mobile dashboards and allows you to create your ideal app.

Xuni FlexGrid

Display tabular data across columns and down rows with this simple, powerful grid control. Xuni FlexGrid brings a spreadsheet-like experience to your mobile apps, with intuitive touch gestures and quick-cell editing capabilities.

FlexGrid is supported on iOS, Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms

Xuni FlexPie

An easy-to-use, native pie chart control for iOS, Android, and Xamarin

FlexPie is a specialised pie chart control. Because it's separated from FlexChart, it's easier to visualise a single list of values as a pie chart. Transform it into a doughnut chart and extend slices by just setting a few properties. Customise the colours or select one of many professionally designed palettes. The control brings life to your dashboards with touch-based selection and built-in animation features.

Xuni Gauges

A library of radial and linear gauge controls for iOS, Android, and Xamarin

Xuni Gauges include three controls including radial, linear, and bullet-graph indicators that enable you to build rich dashboards and business scorecards for visualising key data points. In addition to animation and interaction capabilities, these gauges have a clean, modern look and feel that goes well with all popular mobile design paradigms.

Xuni Gauges

A collection of specialised editors for iOS, Android, and Xamarin

Xuni Input fills the gap and provides desktop-inspired input controls for mobile apps.

  • Combine critical text editing with the efficient power of drop-down selection in one with Xuni AutoComplete and ComboBox.
  • Provide smarter input for phone numbers and postal codes with Xuni Masked Text.
  • Create your own custom drop-down with ease using Xuni DropDown.



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