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SOLO Server

The best e-business option for license automation & distribution

The real fun starts when you use SOLO - (Secure Online License Ordering) Server to automate the operations of an online software business. Making money licensing your products has never been as easy, effective or efficient.

SOLO Server is power packed with features including Electronic License Activation (ELA) allowing your customers to activate their software 24 hours a day while you maintain control. ELA is the must-have luxury feature of e-commerce for software products. With SOLO Server you have all the traditional benefits of e-commerce with advantages most e-commerce providers have not yet begun to imagine.

  • Reach new markets
  • Get real-time reports
  • Automate your sales process with secure "hands-free" remote activation
  • Capture a valuable database of information on your sales and customers
  • Turn time into money with your software 24/7 … and so much more!
SOLO Server has processed millions of transactions, a few per day for some of our customers and up to 3000 per day for others. At the product store level, some use the standard template we provide while others create a customised look and feel. With SOLO you'll find the flexibility to meet your needs today and what you will want in the future.

Choose the solution that works for you

SOLO Server is available in 4 different packages; you can choose from two managed services, turnkey server, or develop a customised solution:

  • Instant SOLO Server - Managed service gets you running in minutes, we do all the work.
  • Instant SOLO Server Dedicated URL - Managed service with your own domain. Can be moved to your IT infrastructure.
  • SOLO Server - Run everything on your own in-house server with our flagship turnkey package.

Combine SOLO Server with Protection PLUS

Combine SOLO Server with Protection PLUS and reap the benefits of the seamless integration of the SoftwareKey System. Give yourself the ultimate power and flexibility to create a customised solution that gets your product in front of your customers safely.

SOLO Server is specifically designed to work with the Protection PLUS licensing toolkit. The system automates the ordering, purchasing, delivery and activating tasks, all while maintaining the Protection PLUS security that developers have come to rely on.

  • Protection PLUS or Instant PLUS secures your software during the trial period and expands your distribution choices.
  • SOLO Server automates the ordering process with secure "hands-free" remote activation via the internet without sacrificing any of the powerful protection of Protection PLUS.

The SoftwareKey System combines the best of three technologies: the speed of traditional software e-commerce, the hands-free automation of electronic license activation (ELA) and the security and flexibility of Protection PLUS licensing.

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SOLO Server Features

Instant SOLO Server / Instant SOLO Server Dedicated URL / SOLO Server

Primary Functions
  • Product Catalog
  • Shopping Cart
  • E-Commerce
  • Customer portal for license management
  • Basic CRM for software publisher
What You Can Do
  • Prospective customers can download a trial version of a software application & receive automated marketing emails. A trial conversion report is automatically generated.
  • Integrated recurring billing and payment plan engine.
  • Software upgrade rules engine to determine eligibility to purchase software upgrades at a discount.
  • Maintain subscription expiration date for software maintenance. Notify customers when expiration date is approaching or has passed. Allow customers to renew their subscription.
  • Ability to send product update notifications to software applications to display on screen and even provide automated downloads.
  • An on-demand account can be set up in minutes!
Top Ten Features

For software developers who want an on-demand, pay-as-you-go managed service, we recommend Instant SOLO or for an out of the box server solution, we recommend our flagship, feature rich product SOLO Server. All contain these features:

  1. Trial Marketing—Collect data from your potential customers before they have access to the trial version of your software. Send them a marketing email immediately with information about your product and how to download. For those customers who do not purchase, send a follow up marketing email with additional information.
  2. E-Commerce for Selling Software—You can designate SOLO Server to handle the entire e-commerce process from the buy now button through to order completion. Traditional shopping cart features are included, such as customisable look and feel, promotional discount codes, advertising cross-sells & up-sells, credit card processing, and sending transaction receipt via email.
  3. Customer Self Service Portal—Customers can log in to a portal to see their order history, reprint receipts, download software updates, purchase upgrades, renew support contracts, register software, retrieve license keys, and much more.
  4. Customer Relationship Management—Your customers are your most valuable resource and the heart of your business. Your ability to access information about your customers can determine how well you understand and use this resource in your business goals and strategies.
  5. Subscription Management—Automate and manage a subscription version of your software. You design the parameters of how your customers will subscribe, maintain/renewal their subscription including assigning grace periods.
  6. Electronic License Activation (ELA)—Customers can activate your software 24 hours per day, while you maintain control of the licensing options, providing you greater security. Set rules for activation, re-activation, and license transfer.
  7. Electronic License Management (ELM)—Once an application has been activated on your customer's computer, use SOLO Server to continually manage the license with features such as license revocation and tracking application usage.
  8. Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)—Distribute your software to customers online and reap the benefits that countless others have come to know. ESD is a must if your software is going to compete in the global marketplace where buyers and sellers are active 24/7/365.
  9. Real time reporting—SOLO Server has over 20 reports showing what is going on with the server in real time. Export customer and license data in Comma Separated Variable and XML formats.
  10. Web service interface—For customers who want to integrate SOLO Server with other systems or automate the licensing process, several web services are available to access the SOLO Server database.



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