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Dundas BI

Dashboard, Reporting and Analytics Software

Dundas BI is fully customisable BI and data visualisation software. With tailored self-service, single experience and powerful visualisations, dashboards and reporting, users now have real-time data analytics and results from any data source, on any device, all delivered on one flexible, open platform. Dundas Data Visualization helps organisations to improve efficiencies and gain deeper insights.

Product Overview

Dundas BI is a state-of-the-art business intelligence platform for building and using interactive dashboards, reports, scorecards, and more. You can deploy Dundas BI as the central data portal for your organisation, or integrate it into an existing website as part of a custom or embedded BI solution.

Dundas BI Features

Single Experience on Any Device

Consistent Data Views and User Experience

With Dundas BI, you have a single and unified experience across all data sources and all devices, providing full functionality and faster performance for data connections, exploration, analysis and visualisation.

Quickly connect and integrate data sources – whatever they are (OLAP, Excel, relational databases, web services, simple text file).

With a uniform design and viewing experience, you can utilise the same tools, views, actions and options across any data source and on all devices.


Smart Design Experience – Beautiful, Powerful Visualisation Controls

With the Smart Design Experience and a wide range of visualisations and layout options to choose from, you can create pixel perfect dashboards using data visualisation best practices.


Dundas BI comes complete with highly-customisable visualisations including interactive charts, gauges, maps, scorecards and more. With a wide range of customisation options, you can always see your business data exactly how you imagined.


Fast Self-Service Data Analytics

With tailored, self-service BI by user type, you can easily and quickly perform data analysis and on-the-fly data analysis via powerful visualisations.
Dundas BI includes the ability to create your own dashboards and reports, run ad-hoc queries and perform data analysis, all without having to involve your organisation's technical or IT staff.

Both standard business users and advanced business power users benefit from the intuitive, easy-to-use tools in Dundas BI. Tools such as drag-and-drop visual data discovery, allow you to view, create, interact with, personalise, monitor and share key business metrics with minimal assistance from IT. With convenient access to established metric sets and hierarchies, you can create dashboards, reports, scorecards and slideshows faster.

Data preparation users can create data connectors, data cubes, metric sets, hierarchies and further customise data visualisation options available for the business users. They can establish predefined data models for simplified data discovery, or metrics of interest that can be used, re-visualised, further analysed, and combined together.

IT administrators have full control over how the application is deployed and security models.

Developers have access to the entire application and platform through .NET, REST and JS APIs, plug-ins and in-app scripting options. They can create data connectors, metric sets, hierarchies, dashboards, reports, scorecards and slideshows. They can also create data cubes and cube perspectives.


BI Analytics & Data Interactions

Data discovery allows you to quickly and easily analyse your data in a meaningful way. You can see the structures in your database, such as stored procedures, tables and cubes and then you can drag and drop them in to further see, filter and sort the data as needed.


One Flexible Platform – Customise, Extend and Integrate

Customise, extend and integrate with one fully programmable platform supporting Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) for data integration, reporting, dashboards and analysis exactly the way you need it.

One open, flexible BI platform that can consolidate data from any data source and provide seamless data delivery. Dundas BI is one of the most customisable and extensible products on the market. You can easily customise the user interface and visual design to meet your needs via built-in properties or your own HTML and CSS styling.

Key Benefits and Features

Self-Serve Business Intelligence

Dundas BI gives you the ability to create your own reports, run ad-hoc queries, and perform data analysis, all without having to involve your organisation's technical or IT staff. From the interactive designer screen in Dundas BI, you can easily explore available data sources and use intuitive operations to arrange dashboard, report, or scorecard views of your data. For further analysis, you can apply formulas to data using a familiar scripting interface. Smart defaults and automatic data preparation are used throughout Dundas BI to provide a streamlined workflow, which means there are a lot fewer steps needed to progress from your data to desired visuals.

Full API Support

Right from the start, Dundas focused their development of Dundas BI on extensibility and integration. Every capability you see visually in the user interface of Dundas BI is powered by underlying APIs which you have access to as well. Dundas BI conveniently offers .NET, REST, and JavaScript APIs. Depending on the type of extension, integration, or embedding you require, a combination of these public APIs may be used. In particular, the REST API makes it possible to access available functionality regardless of the programming language, platform, or operating system you are using.

HTML5, Mobile & Touch

The client-side of the Dundas BI platform is based entirely on the latest web standards including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. There is no requirement for Silverlight or other browser plug-ins. This means Dundas BI works and looks the same on a desktop as it does on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. The user interface of Dundas BI fully supports touch-based gestures so you can even design dashboards and reports directly on an iPad. All you need is a standards-compliant browser for your specific client device.

Data Visualisations

Dundas BI provides an array of data visualisation types you can use to compose your dashboard and report views. The JavaScript-based data controls including charts, maps, tables, gauges and more, have all been designed with performance and support for ad-hoc analysis in mind. Dundas has also programmed the data controls with default styles and behaviour that conform to established best practices in data visualisation.

ETL Layer & In-Memory Analytics

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) capability is built directly into Dundas BI via the data cube layer. Simply add transform nodes to a data cube and connect them together to perform data cleansing or join tables sourced from different databases. The output of a data cube can be cached to the internal data warehouse for improved performance. Or, you can build an in-memory analytical model of your data to enable even faster results for analytical queries.

Dundas BI Data Cube Designer

Administration & Configuration

Dundas BI provides a flexible data security model which includes support for multi-tenant / SaaS deployment. For scalability, load balancing is supported through the use of application and data processing server groups. Application configuration can also be performed in Dundas BI without having to log in directly on the server, making it easier to administer the system and perform tasks such as changing configuration settings or adding a new license.



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