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erwin has more than 25 years of enterprise architecture (EA) experience, helping organisations better understand, architect and transform the critical enterprise domains: business, information, application and technology. With erwin EA, you'll know how business functions are aligned and structured, understand the information that powers business operations, and see where technology and innovation is lagging or can be used to drive competitive advantage. erwin EA takes the guesswork out of business and IT transformation, and tames the inherent complexity of major IT initiatives like application rationalisation, migrating to the cloud, and implementing Big Data.

Define and Assess Business Capabilities

Map out your enterprise capabilities and assess their maturity, effectiveness and quality, plus identify improvements and plan subsequent IT investments.

Architect for Innovation and Transformation

Ensure you tie innovation and digital transformation to business strategy for the best return on investment.

Integrate EA with Business Process and Data Management

We offer the only integrated platform for EA, BP and DM, breaking down the silos between enterprise architects, business process analysts and enterprise data management professionals.


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Manage the Application Portfolio

erwin EA is designed to easily manage the enterprise application portfolio, providing insights into the usefulness, functionality and structural composition of applications. Capture and manage such information as user satisfaction, total cost of ownership, business criticality and risk/compliance (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley and the processing of sensitive data). Use erwin EA to identify functional redundancy and plan consolidation and modernization projects.

Collaborate Across the Organisation

One of the primary goals of enterprise architecture is to give stakeholders critical insights into aspects of the business they otherwise wouldn't have in time to make key decisions. To accomplish this, EA platforms need to seamlessly bring together subject-matter experts and information consumers to share knowledge and collaborate. erwin EA enables this with a user-friendly web experience that provides self-discovery navigation and analysis of enterprise assets. Cross-functional collaboration is encouraged through discussion threads, surveys and other social features.

Configure and Right-Size a Framework to Fit Enterprise Needs

Numerous industry-standard and industry-defined frameworks have shaped the implementation of enterprise architecture, such as TOGAF, Zachman International and DoDAF. In addition to supporting these frameworks, erwin believes EA should serve other stakeholders – the non-architects. That's why erwin EA is highly customisable to meet the specific information needs of stakeholders across an enterprise. Easily and fully configurable, erwin EA also is "right-sized" to efficiently and effectively build the EA information portal that delivers the greatest value.



  • Align business and IT with consistent design, documentation and communication of architecture assets
  • Understand the full impact of changing business and IT capabilities in support of strategic decision making
  • Model and integrate complex goals, strategy, process, application, business and technology architectures
  • Collaborate around innovation and transformation initiatives engaging all stakeholders


  • Evolutionary enterprise architecture modeling
  • Easy-to-use interfaces for technical and business users
  • Collaborative approach to modeling
  • Visualisation of complex enterprise architecture assets
  • Reporting and publishing to share information easily with all stakeholders
  • Integration with other tools

Frequently Asked Questions

How is erwin EA different from free or open source tools? Can't I just use PowerPoint or Archi to draw diagrams and Excel to store data and get the same results?
Free and open source tools can be useful if you have rudimentary architecture requirements, but they can't help you achieve the same business outcomes and decision-making insights as a more sophisticated solution like erwin EA. With erwin EA, enterprise architects have everything they need in one place to plan, manage and respond to business and IT change while driving digital business transformation. Everything in erwin EA is presented to the user community through a collaborative web experience and ties together via a central shared repository. An integrated set of views and information on strategy, business capabilities, applications, information assets, technologies, etc., give information consumers a thorough understanding of the enterprise, providing insights necessary to optimise, rationalise and transform.

What industry frameworks does erwin EA support?
erwin EA supports numerous industry-standard and industry-defined frameworks that have helped shape enterprise architecture. These include:

  • ArchiMate
  • DoDAF2
  • Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)
  • erwin Model Extension for NAF version 3 (NATO C3 System Architecture Framework v2 (NAF v2)
  • Zachman

How can erwin EA help me with application portfolio management (APM), so I can rationalise my business applications for redundancy or duplication?
erwin EA has a shared central repository for storing enterprise architecture assets, making it easy to build a catalog of your business applications and their associated metrics. By analysing this catalog, you can identify applications that are redundant or duplicated and realize substantial license fee savings.

How can I build enterprise landscape views?
Using erwin EA, you can build dynamic landscape views to visualise and analyse your architecture across the enterprise. Any object can be added to a landscape view and colour coded based on any available data property, providing meaningful insight across a broad view of the organisation. Use these heatmap-style views to assess business capabilities, applications, information assets, projects, technologies and more.

How can I build a business capability model?
erwin EA makes business capability modeling simple, so you can identify critical gaps and opportunities in your enterprise architecture. By focusing on either an individual business unit or the entire organisation, you can map existing capabilities to business goals and objectives to get a visual representation. Heatmaps reveal important information about the costs or value of individual capabilities and identify where to focus your time and resources.

Which erwin EA software solution is right for my organisation?
erwin EA is highly customisable and configurable for integration into your environment. erwin EA Agile is a cloud-based, out-of-the box platform that uses industry frameworks, such as TOGAF and ArchiMate, so you'll be up and running EA instantly.



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