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Enhanced File Transfer (EFT)

Managed File Transfer Software for Enterprise

Unlike traditional file transfer software, Globalscape's managed file transfer (MFT) platform provides enterprise-level security for collaboration with business partners, customers, and employees, while automating the integration of back-end systems. Built-in regulatory compliance, governance, and visibility controls help keep your data safe, while outstanding performance and scalability help boost operational efficiency and maintain business continuity. Administration is easy, yet granular enough for complete control of your file transfer system.

EFT from Globalscape is an advanced, powerful managed file transfer (MFT) solution that replaces insecure legacy FTP servers, inflexible and haphazard home-grown file transfer systems, slow physical shipment of data, and expensive leased lines and VANs. This secure file transfer platform provides:

  • Security & Compliance
  • Stability
  • Automation
  • Control & Visibility
  • Programmatic API Control
  • High Availability Active-Active Clustering


EFT Enterprise Datasheet 

EFT SMB Datasheet 

EFT Version Comparison 


Simplicity. Security. Stability.

Get it all with our Customisable Managed File Transfer (MFT) Platform

Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) is our best-in-class, customisable managed file transfer software and a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for MFT. Companies of all sizes (including the US Army) use EFT, trusting its unmatched simplicity and top-notch security.

Both EFT SMB and EFT Enterprise are customisable, and use the same powerful server and automated client. This managed file transfer software is easy to implement, easy to upgrade, and easy to maintain. You can also use our Mobile Transfer Client to securely access your data on the go!

Managed File Transfer Software That Saves You Time and Money.

EFT helps you boost operational efficiency. By combining a powerful server with an automated client, our managed file transfer software gives you the best of both managed file transfer software components all in one platform. This allows you to:

  • Setup quickly and intuitively
  • Automate file transfers, especially two-way transfers
  • Reduce errors and points of failure
  • Reduce file transfer setup time by up to 80%

Here's an illustration of how the managed file transfer software works:


High-Availability, Active-Active Clustering

EFT's active-active deployment provides high availability using two or more EFTs and a load balancer for non-stop availability of your network. Unlike active-passive failover clusters, all of the nodes in the active-active deployment are put to work in production without any standby hardware or clustering software.

Our DMZ Gateway Keeps You Safe

DMZ Gateway works with the managed file transfer software to create a multi-layered security solution for data storage and retrieval, authentication, and firewall traversal. Unlike other store-and-forward technologies, our DMZ Gateway neither stores nor process data; it's simply a liaison through the "Demilitarised Zone" to your internal network. Your data always remains safe behind the firewall.

More Security, More Control, Less Work

Managed file transfer software plays an important role for many businesses. When information consumers in your organisation rely on manual and intermittent batch processes to deliver the data they need, day-to-day productivity becomes dangerously vulnerable to manpower limitations, vacations, turn-over, and simple human error. Powerful managed file transfer software provides the added capability of automating intensive processes while providing you with the necessary control and visibility.

Configure EFT Enterprise as a Network Access Server (NAS) with Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) settings. RADIUS is a networking client/server protocol that provides centralised Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting (AAA) management for computers to connect to and use a network service. EFT Enterprise has been extended for RADIUS support for RSA SecurID two-factor authentication. You can also use the RADIUS interface in EFT Enterprise to point to an SMS provider, adding secure SMS authentication to EFT from a web browser.

Transfer data protected by two-factor authentication using RADIUS, RSA SecurID, CAC, or SMS.

Modules Make EFT Customisable and Scalable

Your business is unique and so is your data. Your managed file transfer software should be customised to your security preferences and organisational challenges. EFT comes in two editions: SMB and Enterprise. Ensure reliable, secure file transfer capability for your business with EFT SMB, then upgrade with ease as necessary. Or, choose EFT Enterprise for advanced file transfer capabilities and robust automation.

Add any module at any time:

  • Auditing & Reporting Module
  • Application Statement 2 (AS2) Module
  • Advanced Workflow Engine
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Content Integrity Control Module
  • DMZ Gateway
  • High Security Module
  • HTTPS Module
  • Mobile Transfer Client
  • OpenPGP Module
  • SFTP (SSH)
  • Web Transfer Client

Migrating From SMB to Enterprise

The Enterprise and SMB versions of EFT are built on the same platform, so migrating is simple. Our managed file transfer software grows and adapts along with your business.

Best-in-Class Training and Support

Globalscape offers a range of professional services in addition to our managed file transfer software, including product customisation and system integration, quickstart implementations, business process and workflow, policy development, and education and training.

In addition, we offer an outstanding service support team to ensure that you're getting the most out of your Globalscape solution. We take pride in optimising the business value of your security solution and realise that one size doesn't always fit all. That's why we've developed varying levels of technical support to ensure you receive the correct level of service.


Compare features below to find exactly what you need!

EFT is offered in six different bundles or "tiers," as described below. The tiers are organised to meet the needs of small, medium, and enterprise businesses. You are not locked in to these specific groupings. For example, if SMB Tier 2 would meet all of your needs, but you also need a secure proxy server in the DMZ, you can add DMZ Gateway.

Print Table EFT SMB EFT Enterprise
Features included in Tiers Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Core Server Features
FTP Server            
SSL/TLS & Certificate Management            
Authenticate users against internal or external data sources            
Active Directory authentication including user impersonation            
Resource & access controls (disk quota, mac connections, etc.)            
Secure remote administration of settings & users            
Execute a process or send an email based on the triggering of an event            
IPv6 and Windows Server 2012 Gold Certified            
Security policies and controls            
Run on virtual machines (VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, etc.)            
LDAP Authentication integration e e e      
Two-Factor authentication (RADIUS, RSA SecurID) e e e      
CAC authentication e e e      
Delegated administration to limit admin control e e e      
Backup and restore configurations easily with a single click e e e      
SFTP Module
SFTP transfers            
SSH Key-based Authentication            
High Security Module (HSM)
Active monitoring and alerting of PCI DSS violations; Run PCI DSS compliance reports o          
FIPS Certified Libraries o          
Advanced security including data sanitisation (wiping) and idle account cleanup o          
Basic HTTP/HTTPS Module
HTTP/S transfers o          
Mobile Friendly Web interface o          
Use Web Services (WS) calls to invoke workflows e e e      
Web Transfer Client (WTC)
Number of Licenses Included o 10 10 10 20 unlimited
File Transfer integrity Checks o          
Session Transfer Queue o          
Resume, Stop, Start Transfers o          
Drag and Drop interface o          
Workspaces Module
Number of Licenses Included o o 25 o 50 100
Ability to share EFT folders with colleagues or external partners easily o o   o    
Mobile Transfer Client (MTC)
Number of Licenses Included o 99 249 99 249 499
Android and iOS Mobile Apps allows for data synchronisation o          
Mail Express
Ad hoc, person-to-person file transfer o o   o o  
OpenPGP Module
Encrypt, decrypt, and sign data with OpenPGP o o   o    
DMZ Gateway
Add an additional security layer by using a reverse and forward proxy o o   o    
Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
Business Activity monitoring dashboard and analytics o o o o    
Business Activity Portal for external partners and users o o o o o  
Audit and Reporting Module (ARM)
Audit to SQL Server and run reports o          
Audit to Oracle instead of SQL Server e e e      
Content Integrity Control (CIC) Module
Integration with Antivirus (AV) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) using ICAP e e e      
AS2 Protocol Module
Send and receive EDI documents using the Drummond certified AS2 protocol e e e o o  
Schedule automated workflows on a recurring basis (Timer module in SMB) o o o      
Copy/Move/Upload files (File Transfer Client module for SMB) o o o      
Download Files (File transfer Client module for SMB) o o o      
Monitor folders; cleanup of target folders (Folder Monitor module for SMB) o o o      
Monitor inbound and outbound file transfers in real time e e e      
Data retention/cleanup policies for targeted folders e e e      
Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE)
Build advanced workflows and pick from over 200 automation actions, including XML/CSV parsing, database connectivity, SNMP, web services, etc. e e e o    

e = Enterprise Only
o = Optional
= Included


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