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Indigo Design (formerly Indigo Studio)

A Unified Platform for Visual Design, UX Prototyping, Code Generation, and App Development

The world's first, and only, end-to-end comprehensive design to code platform for UX Designers, Visual Designers & Developers that will generate pixel-perfect Angular components from Sketch designs.

Design to Match Your Brand
Create best-in-class UI designs using the expressive Indigo Design System with Sketch UI Kits. With 50+ components, 30+ UI patterns and complete app scenarios, getting started is a breeze.

Share, Collaborate & Test
Import Sketch files into the cloud and share user flows and interactions on any device. Record & playback usability studies and get real-time reporting & analytics to see how users interact with your designs.

Runnable Code with 1-Click!
Everything you craft in Sketch from the design system matches to our Ignite UI for Angular components. With the click of a button, generate high-quality HTML, CSS, and Angular code from your design with no compromise.




Fast, code-free prototyping for today's most popular platforms

  • Design for today's most popular iOS and Android devices, the Web, or desktop using Indigo Studio's built-in controls and environments for platforms - complete with touch and swipe gesture support.
  • Run your prototype from any device with a web browser.
  • Create your own reusable UI components, or import ones shared by community designers.


Instant usability testing at scale with detailed results and statistics

  • Create and launch unmoderated usability studies — and view results in real-time.
  • Record and watch videos of how people interact with the prototype.
  • Test multiple design alternatives concurrently, and maintain your testing history in your cloud-hosted workspace.


Collaborative review and feedback with screen-by-screen, state-by-state commenting

  • Share your prototypes with one-click, invitation-only publishing to the cloud.
  • Collect and review screen-by-screen feedback from testers.
  • Securely craft your prototype in parallel with your workgroup, in Indigo Studio's cloud-hosted team workspaces.

What is included in the new Indigo.Design Enterprise product?

Indigo.Design is a unified Platform for Visual Design, UX Prototyping, Code Generation & App Development.

The Indigo Design System is an Enterprise ready, Material Design based design ecosystem, improving your team's workflow - from prototyping, through design, all the way to code for a working application. Indigo.Design is made up of:

Indigo.Design Sketch UI Kits 50+ UI components in Sketch map to our Ignite UI for Angular UI toolset. Designs created using these components will generate HTML, CSS & Angular code. Also included is 45+ UX/UI patterns and complete applications to jumpstart your design projects. These libraries are designed with extensibility in mind, allowing you to customise components or UX patterns easily for your brand needs.
Indigo.Design Cloud A cloud hosted image-based prototyping tool with built-in group collaboration that allows you to organise your teams around public and private workspaces. With image-based prototyping, you can Import your Sketch documents or images and then add interactions and transitions to show user flows, then share your prototype with others and view on any device. Add to that the unmoderated usability studies feature, which lets you create task-based tests for your prototypes, and record audio & video, so you can watch your users interact with your prototypes all while returning real-time analytics and reports as tasks are completed.
Indigo.Design Code Generator A Visual Studio Code extension that links your cloud-based designs to your development team. Use the magic link to access your Indigo.Design prototype, select the components or views you want code for, and with 1 click, generate best-practices Angular code and add it to your application.
Ignite UI for Angular Indigo.Design includes a license for high-performance Ignite UI for Angular controls. You are covered from design to development with 50+ Material-based UI components, including the fastest Angular Grid & Angular Chart on the planet.

Indigo.Design also includes a license for Indigo.Design Desktop. Indigo.Design Desktop does not support any of the new image-based prototyping features, nor does it support code-generation.

** Available separately or as part of Infragistics Ultimate



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