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Ultimate UI for Windows Forms

Top-performing controls for every aspect of software development

Get 100+ fully featured Windows Forms UI controls, including Microsoft Office-style user interface tools, high-performance grids, dashboards, and reports with touch and gesture support.

Ultimate UI Controls for Windows Forms

Data Chart

Take full advantage of touch, animate data over time, create composite charts, and use multiple series with our updated Windows Forms Data Chart control. Apply heavy duty data visualization and a wide range of series, including Line, Stacked 100-Line Series, Area, Stacked 100-Area, Bar, Stacked Bar Series, Bubble Series, Column, Stacked Column, Stacked 100-Column, Point, Spline, Spline Area, Step Line, Range Column, Waterfall, Scatter Line, Polar, Radial, Candlestick, and more.

  • Take full advantage of touch
  • Animate data over time
  • Apply heavy-duty data visualisation
  • Includes a wide range of series, such as Line, Stacked, Bubble, Column, Point, Spline, Waterfall, Polar, Radial, Candlestick, and more

Data Grid

Surpass user expectations with this data-driven hierarchical data grid control for Windows Forms. A rich feature set provides Microsoft Excel-like functionality that will accentuate your data-centric desktop applications.

  • Surpass user expectations with this data-driven hierarchical data grid control
  • Accentuate data-centric desktop applications with rich Microsoft Excel-like functionality

Infragistics Excel

Import and export Microsoft Excel workbooks in high-fidelity. This compiled assembly reads and writes in the widely-interoperable XLS/XLSX/XML file format. With absolutely no Excel dependency or installation necessary, your desktop application can run completely independent of Excel.

  • Embed Excel document creation and editing experiences right into your Windows Forms applications


Build many resource scheduling solutions with these data-bound schedule views (daily, weekly, monthly, and timeline) that make it a simple to drag and drop your way to an outstanding Outlook-style user interface.

  • Plug-and-play, Microsoft Outlook-style scheduling solution
  • Flexible data-bound displays include day, week, month, and timeline views
  • Highly adaptable non-visual controls

Test Automation

  • Experience fully automated testing of your Windows Forms applications with Infragistics test automation tools
  • Integrates seamlessly with both HP UFT and IBM RFT

Ultimate UI Controls for Windows Forms

Most Popular
Data Chart
Data Grid
Infragistics Excel
Data Chart
Doughnut Chart
Pie Chart

Data Entry & Display
Color Picker
Combo Box Editor
Form Manager
Ink Provider
Spell Checker
Ultra Radio Button

Data Visualizations
Gantt View
Geographic Map

Calculation Manager
Data Source
Documents Framework
Excel Exporter
Excel Framework
Flat Data Source
Grid Document Exporter
Math Library
Syntax Parsing Engine
Word Exporter
Word Framework


Grids & Lists
Pivot Grid
Tree List
Desktop Alert
Peek Pop-up

Dock Manager
Grid Bag Layout Panel
Group Box
Layout Managers
Live Tile View
Message Box Manager
Tabbed MDI
Tile Panel
Zoom Panel
Explorer Bar
List View
Navigation Bar
Notification Badges
Office Nav Bar
Radial Menu
Ribbon Customisation


Styling & Themes
App Stylist


** Available separately or as part of Infragistics Ultimate



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