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Ultimate UI for Xamarin

Create fast, beautiful, cross-platform mobile apps.

Includes controls for fast, powerful, great-looking mobile apps, and the exclusive Xamarin Productivity Pack of templates, code snippets, configurators, and more.

Ultimate Native UI Controls for Xamarin

App Map

The days of creating Xamarin.Forms applications one page at a time are over.  Infragistics AppMap allows you to lay out your entire Xamarin.Forms application using a familiar Microsoft Visio-style diagram interface.  Design your app in minutes by dragging and dropping pages, child relationships, and navigation instructions onto the design surface.  Once you're happy with your application layout and flow, AppMap will generate all the Views, ViewModels, and navigation code based on a best-practice Prism MVVM architecture.  Creating mobile apps has never been easier!

  • Fast page layout with drag & drop
  • Automatically generate all views, view models, and navigation code
  • Generate a well-architected MVVM application based on Prism


The first NuGet-powered toolbox, the Xamarin.Forms Toolbox includes all the Xamarin controls by Infragistics, as well as the Xamarin controls native to the platform for quick access to design your page – automatically adding the namespace and XAML for your selected control.

  • Fast page design with drag & drop
  • Includes Infragistics and native Xamarin.Forms controls
  • Extended XAML output


Infragistics Ultimate UI for Xamarin Control Configurators provide visual configuration of rich controls like charts, gauges, and the data grid right in the XAML editor, shaving hours off your development time. Configure your controls and bind data directly from XAML files with pre-built styles and themes and WYSIWYG property editing - no coding required. Use the control configurators to learn the rich API's of the Xamarin Forms controls.

  • Visually configure grids, charts, and other rich controls
  • Data bind with ease
  • Generate code with the click of a button

Data Grid

Use the lightweight, feature-rich Data Grid control when you need to display lots of data without sacrificing mobile device performance. Use the new Ultimate UI for Xamarin Data Grid Configurator to quickly configure the control and bind data directly from XAML—no code required!

  • Display large data sets with this high-performing grid control
  • Sort, filter, and select data
  • Supports responsive layout design


Use the Xamarin Data Chart control to display your data in multiple series and types, with animated transitions, and with modular design capabilities for legend, axis, markers, series, trend lines, and interaction layers.

  • Render large sets of data with the best-performing data charts
  • Includes Area, Bar, Financial, Sparkline and many other business charts
  • Highlight trends with interactive series charts


Ultimate Native UI Controls for Xamarin

Fast, full-featured, easy-to-use components give you the power to create high-performance, cross-platform mobile apps with controls for Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android

Controls & Configurators
Data Grid
Data Chart
Category Chart
Pie Chart
Sparkline Chart
Radial Gauge
Linear Gauge
Bullet Graph
Excel Library
Coming Soon
Funnel Chart
Donut Chart
QR Barcode
Productivity Pack


** Available separately or as part of Infragistics Ultimate



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