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Since introducing its award-winning IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains has been dedicated to creating highly intelligent, easy-to-use, up-to-date productivity-enhancing tools for software development professionals as well as for software users, with an emphasis on the advancement of software development technologies.


Productivity Tool for Visual Studio

ReSharper makes Microsoft Visual Studio a much better IDE. .NET developers worldwide wonder how they've ever lived without ReSharper's code inspections, refactorings and navigation.

  • Analyse code quality
    On-the-fly code quality analysis is available in C#, VB.NET, XAML, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, and XML. You'll know right away if your code needs to be improved.
  • Eliminate errors and code smells
    Not only does ReSharper warn you when there's a problem in your code but it provides hundreds of quick-fixes to solve them automatically, in the best possible way.
  • Safely change your code base
    Automated solution-wide code refactorings help safely change your code base. Whether you need to revitalise legacy code or put your project structure in order, you can lean on ReSharper.
  • In other ways
    As if the above isn't enough, there are other areas where ReSharper helps Visual Studio users, such as generation of common code, extensible code and file templates, internationalisation assistance, diagrams to visualise project and type dependencies, as well as a unit test runner.
  • Instantly traverse your entire solution
    You can instantly navigate and search in the whole solution. Jump to any file, type, or type member, or navigate from a specific symbol to its usages, base and derived symbols, or implementations.
  • Enjoy code editing helpers
    Multiple code editing helpers include extended IntelliSense, hundreds of instant code transformations, auto-importing namespaces, rearranging code and displaying documentation.
  • Comply to coding standards
    Code style and formatting functionality with fine-grained, language-specific settings will help you get rid of unused code and create a common coding standard for your team.
  • ReSharper Ultimate: all individual .NET tools and ReSharper C++ in one license. ReSharper Ultimate is a license that combines all individual JetBrains .NET tools, as well as ReSharper C++. Each ReSharper Ultimate license allows a single developer to use ReSharper, ReSharper C++, dotCover, dotTrace and dotMemory.
* For more information or pricing call 1300 553 313 or email


IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

IntelliJ IDEA is the most intelligent IDE for Java. Out-of-the-box feature set includes tools and integrations with the most important modern technologies and frameworks for enterprise and web development. Advanced refactorings, on-the-fly code assistance, profound navigation, smart completion and blazing performance bring new level of productivity for developers beyond compare.

In addition to being the most intelligent Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA does provide out-of-the-box support for web, enterprise and mobile frameworks, which all together bring you an unparalleled user experience.

  • Productivity-Boosting Features
    IntelliJ IDEA is focused on raising your productivity by providing the most intelligent code assistance for all supported languages and frameworks.
    • Smart Code Completion is always aware of the context so you can code faster than ever.
    • On-the-fly Code Analysis ensures code quality as you type and suggests handy quick-fixes.
    • Advanced Refactorings takes care of applying complicated changes to the code safely.
    Web Development
  • Web Development
    IntelliJ IDEA offers advanced support for the most important web frameworks and standards.
    • Develop easily with Spring MVC, GWT, Vaadin, Play, Grails, Web Services, JSF, Struts, Flex and other frameworks.
    • Includes ultimate code assistance for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Dart, ActionScript and other languages.
  • Mobile Development
    Developing for mobile platforms becomes incredibly easy with IntelliJ IDEA.
    • Support for Android, including refactorings and handy UI designer.
    • Development tools for AIR Mobile with support for Android and iOS devices.
  • Agile Development
    IntelliJ IDEA is an ideal IDE for agile development.
    • Deploy your applications to the Clouds directly from the IDE.
    • Use Task and Context Management for integration with bug trackers and context switching.
  • Developer Tools
    IntelliJ IDEA offers an amazing set of integrated tools that make development more productive.
    • Database Tools including a full-featured database editor and SQL support.
    • UML Designer for analysing and designing classes.
    • Version Control Tools with a unified interface for Git, SVN, Mercurial and others.
    • Build Tools with support for Maven, Ant, Gradle and Gant.
    Enterprise Development
  • Enterprise Development
    IntelliJ IDEA offers an out-of-the-box tool set for building enterprise applications.
    • With support for Spring, including Data, Web Services, Security, Batch, Roo, Integration and other frameworks.
    • Code assistance and deployment tools Java EE, including EJB, CDI, JPA, Hibernate and support for the most popular application servers.
  • Languages Supported
    IntelliJ IDEA is a polyglot IDE with comprehensive support for multiple languages, including:
    • The most popular JVM-based languages, including Java, Scala, Groovy, Clojure and Kotlin.
    • PHP, Python and Ruby.
    • SQL, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and many other dialects.
* For more information or pricing call 1300 553 313 or email


The Most Intelligent PHP IDE

Enjoy productive PHP and web development with PhpStorm. Take advantage of deep code understanding, top-notch coding assistance, and support for all major tools and frameworks.

  • Smart PHP Code Editor
    The editor that actually 'gets' your code and deeply understands its structure, supporting all PHP language features for modern and legacy projects. Provides the best code completion, refactorings, on-the-fly error prevention, and more.
  • Code Quality Analysis
    Hundreds of inspections take care of verifying your code as you type, analysing the whole project. PHPDoc support, code (re)arranger and formatter, quick-fixes, and other features help you write neat code that's easy to support.
  • Development Environment
    Perform many routine tasks right from the IDE, thanks to Version Control Systems integration, support for remote deployment, databases/SQL, command-line tools, Vagrant, Composer, REST Client, and many other tools.
  • Debugging and Testing
    Zero-configuration debugging makes it really easy to debug and profile your PHP applications with either Xdebug or Zend Debugger. PHPUnit and Behat support lets you develop and run tests right from the IDE.
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript Editor
    All the cutting edge front-end technologies are included, such as HTML5, CSS, Sass, Less, Stylus, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Emmet, and JavaScript, with refactorings, debugging and unit testing. Live Edit let you see changes instantly in the browser.
  • Cross-platform Experience
    Use the same frequently-updated and fully customisable PHP integrated development environment on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux with your single license key. Enjoy the performance and stability!
* For more information or pricing call 1300 553 313 or email


The smartest JavaScript IDE
WebStorm is a lightweight yet powerful IDE, perfectly equipped for complex client-side development and server-side development with Node.js.

Why WebStorm?

  • Smart Development Environment
    The IDE understands your project and helps you produce high-quality code more efficiently, thanks to intelligent code completion, on-the-fly error detection, powerful navigation, and automated yet safe refactorings.
  • The Complete Experience
    WebStorm streamlines your workflow by integrating with everything you need for productive development. You can use the debugger, VCS, terminal and other tools right in the IDE.
  • Support for the Latest Technologies
    WebStorm works well with most modern and popular technologies for web development. Enjoy first-class support for AngularJS, ECMAScript 6, Compass, and much more.
  • Cross-platform IDE
    WebStorm works on Windows, Mac OS or Linux with a single license key. No matter what OS you prefer, WebStorm guarantees the best development experience.
* For more information or pricing call 1300 553 313 or email


Continuous Integration for Everybody

TeamCity is a user-friendly continuous integration & build management solution for Java, .NET and Ruby which is trivial to setup and, following the tradition of JetBrains IDEs, takes software team productivity to a whole new level.

  • Automate code analysing, compiling, and testing processes, providing instant feedback on build progress, problems and test failures, all in simple, intuitive web-interface.
  • Run multiple builds and tests under different configurations and platforms simultaneously.
  • Make sure your team sustains an uninterrupted workflow with the help of Pretested commits and Personal builds.
  • Have build history insight with customisable statistics on build duration, success rate, code quality and custom metrics.
  • Enable cost-effective on-demand build infrastructure scaling thanks to tight integration with Amazon EC2.
  • Easily extend TeamCity functionality and add new integrations using Java API.
* For more information or pricing call 1300 553 313 or email


Issue tracker designed for development teams

JetBrains YouTrack is a web-based issue tracking and project management platform. YouTrack is optimised for developers and agile teams.

  • Find issues fast with search queries that use the same code completion features found in JetBrains IDEs.
  • Update issues wherever you work with commands that you apply directly in YouTrack, add to commit messages in a connected VCS, or enter in your Jabber client.
  • Plan and prioritise your product development on an agile board.

In YouTrack search box, you enter Google-like search queries aided by suggestions and highlighting. This lets you find or filter out any subset of issues in no time, concentrating on the task at hand.

Powerful YouTrack commands help you modify multiple issues simultaneously. For example, you can mark 10 issues as being in progress, raise their priority, and specify a product version that they affect — instantly.

Agile Project management in YouTrack is designed to help teams plan, visualise and manage their work in an efficient manner, with support for both Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

  • Agile project management. Scrum and Kanban boards. Backlog management.
    Burndown and Cumulative charts. Multiple projects on the board. Multiple boards.
  • Powerful Customisation. Custom attributes, customisable workflows and
    powerful YouTrack REST API.
  • Keyboard-centric. Simple keyboard shortcuts for creating, editing, and navigating between issues.
  • Time management. Add work items, summarise time spent on a feature, create
    time reports.
  • Localisation. YouTrack localised to English, French, German, Russian and Spanish. Custom localisations are also available.
  • Mailbox integration for submitting issues and receiving updates via e-mail. Custom notification templates.
  • Jabber bot for applying commands and get issue details directly from your Jabber
    client by chatting with YouTrack.
  • Integration with JetBrains products: Intellij IDEA, TeamCity, PhpStorm, PyCharm, WebStorm, RubyMine, and MPS.
  • Integration with LDAP, and OpenID for easier access control.
  • Integration with VCSs through TeamCity and native GitHub integration.
  • Integration with JIRA and Zendesk.
  • Integration with TestLink and TestRail.
  • Import existing projects from any bug tracker.
  • Mobile UI for accessing and handling issues from a mobile device.
* For more information or pricing call 1300 553 313 or email


Repository Browsing and Code Review

Browse your source code repositories, share, discuss and review code that you and your team create. Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce are all supported.

  • Instantly access all your projects
    Explore and monitor all your VCS repositories from a central location, using a friendly UI. Upsource is great for most projects, old and new, as it can read from Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce repositories.
  • Use code insight in Java projects
    In Java projects, enjoy code inspections when reading or reviewing code, search for usages, or navigate to symbol declarations, as if you were using IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Discuss and review code
    Discuss code and changes with teammates, create code reviews on revisions or entire branches, and keep the team up to date with important changes.
  • Keep track of code changes
    Navigate to specific revisions, inspect diffs inline or side-by-side. Track recent commits, branches and merges, or search the project history to learn who did what and when.
  • Explore any revision of your code base
    Enjoy quick read access to the current or any prior state of your project's code, without having to check out locally. Browse project structure, view syntax-highlighted files, search for code, files and text.
  • Share links to code
    Use URLs to link to everything in code, including revisions, branches, code reviews, diffs, discussions, reports, search filters, files, or even selections in code.

* For more information or pricing call 1300 553 313 or email


The Most Intelligent Ruby and Rails IDE

Boost your productivity for all types of Ruby projects and cutting-edge technologies with RubyMine, a powerful IDE with smart coding assistance and advanced testing and debugging features.

  • RubyMine's smart code editor provides first-class support for Ruby and Rails, JavaScript and CoffeeScript, ERB and HAML, CSS, Sass and Less, and more. Take advantage of language specific-aware code completion, error detection and on-the-fly code fixes.
  • Use smart search to jump to any class, file or symbol, or even any IDE action or tool window. It only takes one click to switch to the declaration, super method, test, usages, implementation, and more. Enjoy super fast navigation in your Rails project with MVC-based project view and model, class and gem dependencies diagrams.
  • Refactor your Ruby code the intelligent way, with safe Rename and Delete, Extract Method, Introduce Variable, Inline Variable or Method, and more refactorings. Rails-aware refactorings help you perform project-wide changes: for example renaming a controller will also rename helper, views and tests.
  • Use the powerful debugger with a graphical UI for Ruby, JavaScript and CoffeeScript. Set breakpoints, run your code step by step and use all the information available at your fingertips. Create and run RSpec, Cucumber, Shoulda, MiniTest & Test::Unit tests with coding assistance and GUI-based test runner.
  • Minimise your use of the command line thanks to integration with tools like Rake Task Runner, Rails Generators, Bundler, RVM, Zeus, and others. Of course, the Terminal is also available as an IDE tool window whenever you need it.
  • Save time with a unified UI for working with Git, SVN, Mercurial or other version control systems. Easily configure automatic deployment via FTP or SFTP and manage your infrastructure with Vagrant, Capistrano, Chef, and/or Puppet.


.NET Profiling Experience Like No Other
Quickly find performance bottlenecks and optimise your .NET applications.

  • Easily configure and start profiling sessions - dotTrace offers several profiling modes to help you detect any performance bottlenecks in a variety of .NET applications. Use dotTrace Home screen to choose your profiling targets, access recent profiling sessions or configure profiling options.
  • Run your session and collect precise profiling data - Manage your profiling session to get a snapshot with accurate real-time data on specific activities of your application.
  • Quickly detect bottlenecks in .NET apps - In Timeline profiling mode, record accurate temporal data on application threads, call stacks, memory allocation, garbage collections, and I/O operations. Analyse any aspect of your application thanks to easy-to-understand data views and flexible filters.
  • Optimise your .NET app's performance - Take advantage of multiple views to glean information from your profiling data and analyse it in different ways. Get an immediate estimate of how removing a certain bottleneck may affect overall performance without recalculating your snapshot.
  • Instantly navigate to application source code - After the root cause of the issue is identified, you can quickly fix it in your code. Consult a handy code preview even when no source code is available: dotTrace will just decomplile it for you!
  • Vuala! Compare results and check performance gain - Embedded snapshot comparison saves your time and effort spent on checking the application optimisation results. Get awarded with performance gain.


Smart and reliable .NET memory profiler
Optimise memory usage in your .NET application. Detect memory leaks. Fight all types of memory issues.

  • Profile various .NET application types - dotMemory allows you to analyse memory usage of various .NET applications based on .NET Framework 2.0 to 4.5.2: Standalone, ASP.NET web applications, IIS, IIS Express, Windows services, arbitrary .NET processes, and more.
  • Easily control profiling process - Use timeline view to monitor memory consumed by your application in real time. On-demand allocations collection control.
  • Collect profiling data - Get snapshots with a single click without stopping your profiling session, add them to compare or browse memory traffic during a particular timeframe.
  • Begin your analysis with automatic inspections - Thanks to multiple powerful built-in inspections, the most common memory issues are detected with a single click, no manual effort required. Just get a snapshot and find the next steps to optimising memory usage.
  • Dig deeper with multiple data views - For in-depth analysis, dotMemory offers many different criteria to apply to memory usage data, so you can view data from thousands of different angles, and drill-down, dice, slice or pivot as you wish.
  • Understand memory traffic in your app - Analyse memory traffic during particular timeframe to know the cause of excessive allocations and garbage collections. Determine how objects were allocated and collected and what methods stay behind these allocations.


Extensive .NET Code Coverage Tool
JetBrains dotCover is a .NET unit test runner and code coverage tool that integrates with Visual Studio.

  • Analyse .NET code coverage - Make sure you know to what extent your code is covered with unit tests. dotCover calculates and reports statement-level code coverage in applications targeting .NET Framework 2.0 to 4.5 or Silverlight 4 or 5.
  • Run and manage unit tests - Execute and debug unit test and run coverage analysis of unit tests in Visual Studio or using the command-line utility. dotCover supports many unit testing frameworks including MSTest, NUnit, xUnit, and MSpec.
  • Manual test sessions - For manual test sessions, dotCover shows what parts of code were called during the session and which parts failed to be reached. Using coverage analysis data, you can easily get to the source code of the tested application.
  • Hot spots view - Detect potential risk areas at a glance with Hot Spots, showing the most complex methods with the least coverage. Get your coverage analysis off to a good start with intuitive graphical presentation.
  • Seamless integration with Visual Studio - dotCover integrates with Visual Studio, giving you the advantage of analysing and visualising code coverage without leaving the code editor. It supports Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015 Preview.
  • Multiple code coverage report formats - dotCover helps you process coverage data the way you need. Export to HTML, XML, JSON, or XML for NDepend to share coverage reports with the rest of your team or pass coverage information to external services.


Swift execution of your bright ideas
Turn your bright ideas into outstanding iOS/OS X apps with ease and pleasure. Rely on AppCode's intelligent assistance as you code, refactor, debug and test.

  • Avoid lots of unnecessary typing with a context-aware editor providing smart code completion, live templates, multiple cursors, automatic code formatting, and much more.
  • Modify and improve your code any time with safe, accurate and reliable refactorings. Whether you need to revive an old code base or brush up your project structure, AppCode is always there for you.
  • Instantly navigate from a method to its declaration or any of its usages, through the classes hierarchy, or from one file to another. Jump to any file, class, or symbol in your project in no time, or see all real usages of a symbol - not just text matches.
  • Never miss a problem with AppCode's code analysis. It monitors your code and gives you hints whenever your code can be improved. Apply a fix with a simple shortcut and rest assured that all the appropriate changes are introduced automatically.
  • AppCode allows you to use the full power of CocoaPods dependency manager. Manage pods with ease by using AppCode's code completion and intention actions in pod files, as well as automatic installation and update of pods.
  • AppCode supports OCUnit, XCTest, Google Test and Kiwi testing frameworks out of the box. A set of smart navigation and code generation options works for unit testing to make you more productive.


The Most Intelligent Python IDE
Enjoy productive Python, Django, and Web development with PyCharm, an intelligent Python IDE offering unique coding experience.

  • PyCharm's smart code editor provides first-class support for Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, CSS, popular template languages and more. Take advantage of language-aware code completion, error detection, and on-the-fly code fixes!
  • Use smart search to jump to any class, file or symbol, or even any IDE action or tool window. It only takes one click to switch to the declaration, super method, test, usages, implementation, and more.
  • Refactor your code the intelligent way, with safe Rename and Delete, Extract Method, Introduce Variable, Inline Variable or Method, and more refactorings. Language and framework-specific refactorings help you perform project-wide changes.
  • Use the powerful debugger with a graphical UI for Python, JavaScript and CoffeeScript. Set breakpoints, run your code step by step, attach to process and use all the information available at your fingertips. Create and run your tests with coding assistance and a GUI-based test runner.
  • Save time with a unified UI for working with Git, SVN, Mercurial or other version control systems. Easily configure automatic deployment via FTP or SFTP and manage your infrastructure with Vagrant.


A power tool for a power language
This powerful IDE helps you develop in C and C++ on Linux, OS X and Windows, enhancing your productivity with a smart editor, code quality assurance, automated refactorings, and deep integration with CMake build system.
Trust CLion to take care of the routine while you focus on the important things. Knowing your code through and through, it can boost your productivity with smart and relevant code completion, full coding assistance including customisable coding styles, keymaps and various project views, and instant navigation to a symbol's declaration or usages.

  • Various languages and standards
    CLion natively supports C and C++, including C++11 standard, libc++ and Boost. In addition to C/C++, you can use JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS, and enjoy the same code editing and transformation features such as syntax highlighting, analysis, completion, navigation, and refactorings.
  • Integration with Version Control Systems
    Popular VCS supported out of the box include Subversion, Git, GitHub, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce (via plugin), and TFS. CLion provides a unified interface for all these systems along with shortcuts for common VCS tasks.
  • Embedded terminal
    With CLion's built-in terminal, you can run any command without leaving the IDE: locally or remotely using the SSH protocol. Depending on your platform, you can work with a command line prompt, Far, powershell, bash, or other tools.
  • Keyboard-centric approach
    To help you focus on code and raise your productivity, CLion has keyboard shortcuts for nearly all its features, actions and commands. Use one of the pre-defined keymaps or customise them as needed. Vim fans are welcome to install the Vim-emulation plugin.


Enjoy Working with Databases
Meet DataGrip, the database IDE that is tailored to suit specific needs of professional SQL developers and DBAs.

  • Exploring your databases - DataGrip is the multi-engine database environment. We support MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQLite, HyperSQL, Apache Derby and H2. If the DBMS has a JDBC driver you can connect to it via DataGrip. For any of supported engines it provides database introspection and various instruments for creating and modifying objects.
    • Database objects
    • Navigation
    • Table editor
  • Intelligent coding assistance - Just as any decent IDE should, DataGrip provides smart code completion, code inspections, on-the-fly error highlighting and quick-fixes, and refactoring capabilities. It saves your time by making the process of writing SQL code more efficient.
    • Code completion
    • Code generation
    • Renaming and finding usages
    • Code analysis and quick-fixes
    • Smart text editor
    • Customise appearance
  • Executing queries - Writing queries is nothing without being able to run them. Query console in DataGrip is the basic instrument for any SQL developer. Create multiple consoles, each with its own schema and query options.
    • Query console
    • Query result
    • Diff viewer
  • Miscellaneous features - Among other things, DataGrip comes with user parameters support, CSV editor, diagram builder, version control support and many other features.
    • User parameters
    • CSV editor
    • Diagrams



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