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Upsource is a code review tool that has IDE-level Java code insight and repository browsing functionality. It lets you keep track of changes, explore code bases, participate in code reviews, and more. Supports Git, Mercurial, Subversion, and Perforce.

Upsource is a powerful tool for teams wishing to improve their code, projects and processes. It serves as a polyglot code review tool, a source of data-driven project analytics, an intelligent repository browser and a team collaboration center. Upsource boasts in-depth knowledge of Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Kotlin to increase the efficiency of code reviews. It continuously analyses the repository activity providing a valuable insight into potential design problems and project risks. On top of that Upsource makes team collaboration easy and enjoyable.


Key Benefits

  • Upsource can be used with projects written in any programming language. Teams that use Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Kotlin receive an additional advantage: IDE-level code insight including static code analysis and code-aware navigation. This makes performing code reviews significantly faster and easier.
  • Upsource also keeps track of all commits, revisions and personal contributions in your projects. It continuously analyses the repository data and is capable of highlighting areas in need of refactoring or process adjustment.
  • Upsource provides your team with the means for trans parent real-time collaboration over the code base, keeping a history of discussions for future use.
  • The tool installs on your servers, behind your firewall, so that only you have access and full control over your project information. It comes with exible user management options, granular permissions, and per-project permissions, and integrates with multiple authentication modules.


Key Features

Automated code review

You can automate code review creation, reviewers assignment, set a default due date for code reviews in a project and apply transitions in your JIRA workflow. Upsource also implies statistical analysis to suggest appropriate reviewers and revisions to be added to a review. For a branch review revisions are added automatically.

Code insight

Upsource offers IDE-level code analysis, navigation, symbol usage search and comparison, inherited from JetBrains' flagship IDE, IntelliJ IDEA. It also shows if a change in question introduced any new problems.

Comprehensive VCS exploring

Upsource provides unified UI and instant access not only the most recent changes but the whole repository at any revision. It allows users to find exactly what they need in no time in a repository's activity, across projects or even in deleted files using its powerful search engine.

Flexible user management

Upsource gives you complete control over project access: divide users into groups, customise roles and permissions, and set per-project permissions.

Multiple authentication modules

To avoid introducing yet another authentication scheme, Upsource integrates with LDAP and many other authentication modules.

IDE plugins

Upsource provides integration with JetBrains IDEs, allowing developers to participate in discussions, code reviews, and get noti cations in real time without leaving the comfort of their IDE.

Data-driven project analytics

Upsource continuously analyses repository activity and presents a number of useful reports to help a team identify potential design flaws and candidates for refactoring, improve code review process and get an overview of the contributions.

Smart notifications

Upsource users are notified in real time of any activities requiring their attention, from code review status changes to simple @mention in a comment. All notifications are customisable.


Upsource integrates with popular issue trackers, Continuous Integration servers, synchronises activity with GitHub, allows to review GitLab merge requests and provides webhooks to notify external services or receive notifications.

Scalable setup

Upsource offers two installation options. The default one suits well small and medium-sized companies. You can download the distribution .zip and install it either on your servers or on your cloud infrastructure. If your company has high scalability requirements, however, we also offer a distributed cluster setup.

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