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Document Imaging Developer Toolkit

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK Box ShotDevelop powerful document imaging applications with LEADTOOLS Document Imaging. Features include comprehensive image annotation, specialised bitonal image display such as scale-to-gray and favour-black, and specialised bitonal image processing. Other features include performance and memory optimisations for bitonal images, document image clean-up including inverted text, border, hole-punch and line removal, and scanning with LEADTOOLS Fast TWAIN and WIA. 


What's Included in the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK?


LEADTOOLS includes comprehensive PDF reading, writing and viewing technology with advanced capabilities such as support for extraction of text, hyperlinks, bookmarks and metadata as well as updating, splitting and merging pages from existing PDF documents.
Combined with LEADTOOLS' advanced rasterisation and image display technology, developers can take advantage of these properties to enhance their applications with dynamic document viewing, editing and assembly features. Furthermore, programmers can implement state of the art OCR, ICR, OMR, Forms Recognition, Virtual Printing and scanning technologies within LEADTOOLS to create any type of document and medical imaging application that utilises the PDF format.

  • Merge, Split, Convert, Linearize, and Distill PDF files
  • Read and Extract text, bookmarks, hyperlinks, metadata and more from PDF
  • Convert images such as JPEG or TIFF to searchable text-based PDF
  • Convert images such as JPEG or TIFF to image-based PDF
  • Convert PDF to an image format such as JPEG or TIFF
  • Capture print jobs and convert to PDF from any application
  • Create PDF and PDF/A Documents files with support for profiles, encryption, font properties, bookmarks and annotations
  • Compress image-based PDF files

LEADTOOLS Document Image Processing

To further enhance document imaging technologies such as OCR, barcode and forms recognition, LEAD Technologies has developed a large collection of advanced document image processing functions. This powerful collection of functions can rid scanned documents of artifacts and imperfections such as hole punches, skewed angles, borders, dust speckles and more. Clean black and white images are essential to any document imaging workflow due to the increased recognition accuracy, optimised processing speed, and higher compression ratios.

Overview of LEADTOOLS Image Processing SDK Technology

  • Many functions support processing a region of interest
  • Powerful functions for pre-processing document images for OCR, form image recognition and barcode recognition
  • Image cleanup and noise reduction functions improve document image readability and compression performance.
  • Advanced colour detection and conversion functions to help identify optimal color resolution to preserve image quality while reducing image size
  • Document image processing SDK technology available for C DLL, C++, .NET, WinRT, iOS, OS X, Android, Linux, Silverlight, Web Services and WF activities
  • Multi-threaded support for image processing in high performance server-based applications hosted in Windows services, Web services and Windows WF hosted applications
  • 32 and 64 bit image processing binaries

Virtual Printer, Image Capture and Scanning

  • Virtual Printer driver to capture print jobs from any application
    With LEADTOOLS, .NET, and C/C++ developers can capture printer output from any application and exports the data as EMF. The unique vector properties of EMF provides substantial flexibility, enabling print jobs captured by a LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer to be converted to document formats such as PDF, Word DOC and text, as well as any of the 150 raster image formats supported by LEADTOOLS.
  • Acquire images and control TWAIN devices and scanners
  • Optimise scanning with LEADTOOLS Fast TWAIN acquisition
  • Acquire images and control WIA devices and scanners
    LEADTOOLS SDKs provides a powerful set of functions spanning the full spectrum of digital imaging, including in-depth support for image acquisition from Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) devices.
  • Capture images from the screen

Image Display and Annotation

  • Image annotation and markup
    Several LEADTOOLS SDKs include flexible and time tested image annotation technology for .NET, C/C++, Java and Web developers. LEADTOOLS image annotations are perfect for general image markup applications as well as specialised document and medical applications. Image annotations can be added to any Windows, .NET, iOS, OS X, Android, HTML5, Silverlight or WPF project.
  • Enhanced bitonal image display
  • Image display functions for .NET, C and C++
    Developers can implement image viewers in any application with its comprehensive offering of image display controls for every major desktop, web, tablet and mobile platform. LEADTOOLS viewers include everything developers need from core features such as image display, interactive modes, thumbnails and touchscreen input to advanced display technology like HTML5, annotations, DICOM, 3D and more.
  • Image display controls for .NET and C++
  • Image display controls for Silverlight
  • ASP.NET Web Form imaging controls
  • WPF imaging controls
  • Print images to Windows printers

Image Load, Save, Conversion and Compression

  • Load, save and convert files in Silverlight
  • Archive files and data to CD, DVD and ISO files
  • JPIP
  • High-level image compression optimiser to automatically optimise bit depth and compression settings
  • Image formats for desktop and web applications
  • Compress and Decompress over 150 formats including:
    • ABIC
    • JPEG
    • JPEG 2000
    • JPEG-XR
    • CCITT, CCITT G3 and CCITT G4
    • NITF
    • LZW
    • RLE and PackBits
    • ZIPLIB
    • Huffman
    • Arithmetic
    • LEAD CMP
    • LEAD CMW
    • LEAD ABC
  • Load, save and modify image metadata
  • Imaging common dialogs
  • Mixed Raster Content
  • WIC codecs

LEADTOOLS Image Processing

LEADTOOLS provides over 200 image processing functions in several categories including document cleanup, medical image enhancement, color conversion and correction, noise reduction, edge detection and more. Combined with LEADTOOLS' 150+ image formats, developers can build applications to handle virtually any imaging requirement in today's market.

Overview of LEADTOOLS Image Processing SDK Technology

  • Most image processing functions support region of interest processing
  • Supports the processing of many colour bit depths and the conversion of one bit depth to another
  • Signed image data support
  • Image processing SDK technology available for C DLL, C++, .NET, WinRT, iOS, OS X, Android, Linux, Silverlight, Web Services and WF activities
  • Add image processing to single and multi-threaded applications including IIS and Windows WF hosted applications
  • 32 and 64 bit image processing binaries

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging can be Extended to Add More Technology

Add-on modules and plug-ins may be added to LEADTOOLS Document Imaging to add even more imaging technology.

  • LEADTOOLS 1D Barcode Module
  • LEADTOOLS 2D Barcode Module
  • LEADTOOLS OCR Module - Advantage
  • LEADTOOLS OCR Module - Professional
  • LEADTOOLS Arabic OCR Module - Professional
  • LEADTOOLS Asian OCR Module - Professional
  • LEADTOOLS ICR Module - Professional

Platforms and Programming Interfaces

  • Windows API - x86 & x64
    • C/C++
  • .NET
    • C#, VB, C++/CLI, XAML
    • WinForms, WPF, Web Forms, Silverlight, WCF, WF
  • WinRT - x86, x64 & ARM
    • C#, VB, C++/CX, JavaScript
  • HTML5
    • JavaScript
  • Web Services
    • JSON, SOAP & RESTful
  • iOS & OS X
    • Objective-C, C/C++
  • Android
    • Java, C/C++
  • Linux
    • C/C++



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