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AdminStudio: provides enterprise IT teams the most advanced repackaging solution to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for deployment with a complete suite of automated MSI packaging, reporting, customisation, testing, and management reporting capabilities. Barcode Xpress: is a barcode SDK for 1D and 2D barcode recognition and creation toolkit so you can integrate accurate 1D or 2D barcode recognition into your applications. It enables you to detect, read and write more than 36 different 1D and 2D barcodes with accuracy and dependability.
Chart FX: integrates seamlessly into Visual Studio providing developers with unprecedented data visualisation capabilities. Chart FX takes full advantage of the .NET Framework and cutting-edge technologies such as AJAX to create visually-rich, lightweight and secure charts that will enhance your enterprise application's display layer. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise: combines eight popular platform Studios so you can deliver rich, responsive desktop and Web applications in time and under budget. With controls ranging from UI to complex data visualisation and platforms including WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, and WinRT, you will have everything you need to build the most modern touch-enabled apps as well as maintain and update legacy applications.
ComponentOne Ultimate: Whether you develop for HTML5, Windows or XAML developer, this ultimate collection of studios and tools enables you to create any type of application—HTML5, WPF, Windows Store, Silverlight, Windows Forms, ASP.NET WebForms, MVC, Windows Phone and even ActiveX. dtSearch: can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site and can also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching, large document collections to Web sites or CD/DVDs.
Grid FX: provides developers with a truly unique and highly integrated data visualisation platform to display graphical and tabular data in enterprise applications. ImagXpress: is a speed-optimised document and photo imaging SDK that enables you to quickly accomplish complex imaging tasks for document imaging, photo processing, or medical applications.
InstallShield: is the most comprehensive all-in-one installation-authoring solution for every platform, operating system, and device. InstallShield lets you easily create Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScript, or cross-platform installations and extend them to database servers, Web services, and mobile devices. IP*Works!: is a comprehensive suite of programmable Internet components that eliminate much of the complexity of developing connected applications.
  Nevron Chart for .NET: is a leading .NET charting tool that combines the power of raster and vector graphics and employs state of art 2D and 3D rendering technologies.
Nevron Diagram for .NET: is built on top of the solid Model - View - Controller architecture and provides your applications with consistent, intelligent and powerful diagramming abilities. Nevron User Interface for .NET: provides a rich and powerful docking library, professional and extensible command bars and set of extended Windows Forms controls.
Nevron .NET Vision: this suite features Nevron Chart for .NET, Nevron Diagram for .NET and Nevron User Interface for .NET. Nevron 3DChart for ActiveX: can be embedded in any ActiveX compatible container and can empower your application with feature rich, fully interactive 2D and 3D charting functionality.
PDF Xpress: is a powerful control that enables you to build applications supporting PDF file creation, editing, and viewing using licensed Adobe technology. PrimalScript: is a professional scripting environment that adds significant efficiency to the scripting process.
Protection PLUS: offers superior software licensing so developers can enforce software security and network licensing as well as create demonstration versions of software. RadControls: is a collection of UI Controls for ASP.NET AJAX, WinForms, WPF and Silverlight.
Raster Imaging Pro SDK: is designed to be used in any application that an image needs to be displayed, loaded, saved, converted or processed in anyway. ScanFix Xpress: provides a superior scanned image cleanup SDK so you can save time with automated image cleanup processes resulting in improved OCR results and smaller file sizes.
SmartZone ICR/OCR: Text & handprint recognition SDK enables you to read hand and machine printed data off your forms. It makes it easy to include the world's best character recognition in your application. Spread Studio for .NET: is ComponentOne's new cross-platform toolkit that includes components for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, WinRT, and Silverlight all in one package. It enables you to embed spreadsheet functionality into your applications.
Studio Controls: .NET controls in one straight forward, extremely easy-to-use package. Studio Enterprise: is the largest, most complete toolset for Windows, Web and Mobile application development available anywhere and targets all layers of application development including data, presentation, reporting and transformation.
  TX Text Control: is a royalty-free programming component that offers an extensive palette of word processing features.
Xceed UI Studio for .NET: is a complete toolkit for creating rich and flexible .NET Windows Forms interfaces. 23 modular controls. Xceed Zip for .NET: is a multi-talented and advanced Zip compression library for .NET and ASP.NET with built-in GZip, TAR, AES encryption, and FTP / SFTP.


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