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Gnostice eDocEngine: is a comprehensive, generic, 100% VCL electronic document creation component suite for Delphi and C++Builder. eDocEngine enables developers to deliver information straight from the applications they develop. Gnostice PDFtoolkit: is a powerful component set for Delphi and C++Builder to manage, manipulate, enhance, view and print PDF documents and process PDF eForms.
GrammarKit: simplifies the process of managing grammars declared with IBM ViaVoice, Microsoft SAPI 4 Grammar Text File, Microsoft SAPI 5 XML Grammar, or Nuance BNF+, Java Speech Grammar Format (JSGF), W3C ABNF, and W3C XML grammar syntax to use with your favourite speech recogniser. KinectKit: is comprised of software components that handle the complexities of tracking movement with Microsoft Kinect sensors.
LexiconKit: is a component library that provides you with a simple way to create, edit, export, and import lexicon word pronunciations. Your application can edit lexicons as part of its runtime operation to enable real-time customisation and tailoring of your speech recognition and speech synthesis environment. LMD BarPack: provides components which help you to enhance your projects with advanced bar controls (ExplorerBar and SectionBar).
LMD DesignPack: controls enhance your projects with advanced designing features - e.g. by adding an object inspector, extended form designer or diagrams. LMD DockingPack: helps you to build applications with an entirely customizable and modern user interface. Add docking features with floating panels as known e.g. from Visual Studio!
LMD ElPack: the Unicode enabled component suite including more than 170 controls!  
LMD FxPack: was designed to help you adding exciting splash screens or form transitions to your applications - select from over 70 families of animation and transition effects which again provide hundreds of different variations. LMD IDE-Tools: represents a collection of native VCL components which help you to set up a complete IDE environment in a quick and easy way (designable forms, scripting features etc., syntax editor etc.)
LMD RichPack: contains several controls (based on MS RichEdit DLL) allowing integration of text editor functionality into your application. LMD ScriptPack: enables Delphi/CBuilder applications to support active scripting languages installed in Windows Scripting Host (such as VB Script, Java Script, etc).
LMD SearchPack: supports you integrating advanced search features (e.g. for HTML files) including support for wildcards and AND, OR, NEAR and NOT operators. LMD ShellPack: contains controls which help creating Windows Explorer like projects and solving shell/system related tasks.
LMD StoragePack: controls are used to save/restore configuration data. Possible target formats are the Registry or Ini-, XML- and binary files. LMD SysPack: controls are used for retrieving extensive system information.
LMD WebPack: helps you to integrate advanced webbased features like updates via internet, display of news items, scanning of web sites or HTML pages. LMD-Tools: the legendary component suite containing more than 425 VCL components! Buttons, Dialogs, Multimedia, System, Data-aware, Container, Standard, Label, and extended controls allow developers to produce professional applications.
List & Label: Professional report generator + Developer component for Windows 2000 and higher + Classic print and extensive export functions + High performance Designer + Integratable as DLL, OCX/ActiveX, VCL and .NET Assembly. SpeechKit: is comprised of application ready software components that handle the complexities of speech recognition and speech synthesis to minimise the programming necessary to develop software that speaks and listens.
TeeChart Pro: is a charting and diagramming library of components for FireMonkey and VCL in RAD XE3, Delphi, C++Builder, and for RPCL in HTML5 Builder (PHP and JavaScript). VoiceMarkupKit: enables you to fine-tune speech synthesis with text-to-speech markup.


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