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What's New in Doc-To-Help

Doc-To-Help 4

New Dynamic Add-In Modes: "Basic", "Full" and "No Features" for Templates:

What's New in Doc-To-Help 4 (pdf)

Creating and editing content is easier than ever with all-new dynamic add-in modes, which automatically adjusts the Doc-To-Help ribbon based on the functionality needed for the type of document.

  • Basic: This mode is used when the document is not included in any Doc-To-Help project, the add-in is disabled, or the add-in cannot find the Doc-To-Help project associated with the document. This mode is also used for final output.
  • Full: This mode is used for all documents included in a Doc-To-Help project.
  • No Features: This mode is used for templates; new, unsaved documents; and documents with an unsupported format.

Generate Multiple Builds and More Directly from Microsoft Word

With three new panels – Build, Progress, and Project – users can access features directly in Word without having to switch back and forth between Word and Doc-To-Help.

  • Build Panel: Allows you to build, rebuild, view or cancel builds, as well as view build errors and a build log.
  • Progress Panel: Provides a display of the build status messages and build progress percentages.
  • Project Panel: Allows access to some of Doc-To-Help's most frequently used functions.

All-new Templates for Creating Content Out-of-the-Box

New templates have been added to Doc-To-Help, making it easier to create common document types such as policies and procedures.

  • Policies and Procedures Templates
  • Macro-Free Templates
  • Source Template Updates

New Themes and Stylesheets

Take advantage of three new project themes – Accordion, Tab, and Responsive – for easy project creation. New stylesheets have been added to compliment the new themes.

Plus: Dozens of Usability Enhancements and Other Improvements

A number of critical bug fixes and updates for improved performance.


Previous versions

Doc-To-Help 3

Adds New Features and Enhancements for Improved Word Authoring, Workflow and More

What's New in Doc-To-Help 3 (pdf)

  • Improved Look and Feel – Doc-To-Help has been completely re-branded to fit into the MadCap Software suite of products, including an improved start page to help new users get started.
  • DOC to DOCX File Conversion – This lets authors upgrade older Word documents (DOC files) in a project to the newer DOCX format.
  • Multimedia Enhancements – In previous versions of Doc-To-Help, only .swf was supported. We have expanded multimedia support to include the following formats:
    • HTML5 Videos
    • Windows Media Files
    • QuickTime Movies
    • YouTube Videos
    • Vimeo Videos
  • Support for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge
  • New Project Templates – The templates that were provided in previous versions have been polished and updated to the .dotm format, and two additional templates have been added.
  • New Variable Types: When adding a new text variable, you can now select one of three types: text, version, or date/time.
  • Page Orientation Option for Specific Pages in Print Output – In previous versions, page orientation (i.e. landscape or portrait) could be set for the entire output. In this version, authors now have the option to specify orientation for pages within a given section break in a Word document.
  • Plus: Additional Usability Enhancements and Improvements

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