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Whether you need to create technical documentation for online Help, software and API documentation, policy & procedure manuals, knowledge bases or user guides, MadCap Flare allows you to create, manage and publish content to a variety of formats, including print, online, desktop and mobile.

Flare 2017

Documentation for Any Audience, Language or Format

Whether you need to create technical documentation for online Help, software documentation, policy & procedure manuals, knowledge bases or user guides, MadCap Flare allows you to create, manage and publish content to a variety of formats, including print, online, desktop and mobile.

Authoring, Publishing and Content Management

A complete solution for technical communicators and content developers, MadCap Flare offers advanced features to maximise authoring efficiency and content reuse, including:

  • Advanced Multi-channel Publishing
  • Topic-Based Authoring for Maximum Content Reuse
  • Advanced Single Source Content Development
  • Patented XML WYSIWG Editor
  • Responsive Layout Editor for True Responsive Content
  • Robust Import Capabilities to Leverage Existing Content
  • Advanced Stylesheet Editor with Multiple Medium Views
  • Out-of-the-box Project Templates
  • Content Management and Source Control Support
  • Tracked Changes in Microsoft Word and PDF Outputs
  • Multi-language Authoring, Translation and Publishing
  • Multilingual Web and Print Publishing from a Single Project
  • Team Collaboration and Project Management
  • Analytics, Reporting & Social Collaboration
  • Open Standards-based for Flexibility and Future-proof Content
  • Scalability for Any Size Organisation
  • Accessibility Compliance


Publish Content

Easily publish content to multiple formats from a single content repository. Use what you need, for any given output, and store what you don't. Flare allows for the streamlined creation of documents and outputs from component parts. Publish Content


Reach Your Audience Anywhere with Advanced
Multi-channel Publishing and Responsive HTML5 Output

Ensure your content is accessible to your end users, wherever they are, and however they prefer to consume your content.

  • Publish content to an increasing number of formats including HTML5, WebHelp, PDF, Word, XHTML, EPUB, DITA and more
  • Flare utilises Responsive Design technology to ensure your web-based content can be read by any user regardless of screen size or device
  • Move beyond the tripane with stunning frameless HTML5 web output for online Help, policy guides, knowledge bases and more
  • Advanced print capabilities, including CMYK support, OpenType Fonts, vector graphic support and more for any high-end print publishing needs
  • Flare's publishing versatility is unmatched: Create knowledge bases, policies & procedures guides, eBooks, online Help, API documentation and more


Flare 2017 - What's New?

  • New Clean XHTML Output
    Flare can now produce clean XHTML files – files that are free from MadCap-specific tags. This new output is not dependent upon other MadCap-generated files, it is simply your single sourced content from Flare. It is especially useful when you need to repurpose this single sourced content into other systems.
  • Pin Variables for Quick, Easy Access
    Find yourself relying on the same variables throughout your project? To save time, you can now pin your favorite variables, making them easily and quickly accessible for future use.
  • A Live Dynamic Preview Window Displays Target Outputs While Authoring
    The new Preview window is dynamic, and can stay open while you work and save changes in the XML editor. With the preview window open you can select any topic, snippet or master page in your project. No need to open the file in the XML editor first. You can also select different targets with the preview window open. When a different target is selected, the preview window will refresh showing the content using settings (like your conditions) in that target.
    When the preview window first opens, it floats over the XML editor. If you happen to have a dual monitor set up, you have the option to drag it to another monitor while editing your topic in the other monitor. Another option is the ability to dock the preview window if you prefer to customise your work space.
    Whether you choose to float the window or dock it, you can now keep the preview window open and have it dynamically update when a different content file is opened or saved in the XML editor, or when different targets or files are selected in the preview window.
  • Microsoft Word Equations Convert to MathML on Import
    Equations in Microsoft Word are written in Office Math Markup Language, the format used in Word. When you import Microsoft Word files, Flare now gives you the option to convert equations to MathML, the web standard and Flare format.
  • Synchronisation of Topic Title and TOC Entries
    With the new system variables in Flare, you can now ensure that your TOC entries are in sync with your topic titles. When the topic title is changed, the TOC entry will automatically update as well. If your topic doesn't have a title (and it doesn't have to), Flare will then use the first heading it finds in the topic instead. And if it doesn't find a heading, it will use the file name for the topic. By default, when you drag a topic into the TOC, the TOC entry will use the "LinkedTitle" variable. However, you have the option of choosing a different system variable instead, like the "LinkedHeader" variable if you prefer the TOC entry to always use the first heading in the topic, or the "LinkedFile" variable if you want to force it to use the file name. If you don't want to create this linking at all, you can always type the text manually.
  • Integration with the Official Release of MadCap Central
    Flare 2017 coincides with the official release of MadCap Central, a powerful cloud-based content management solution for technical writers and content developers. Extend the authoring capabilities of MadCap Flare with a powerful platform for content, task and project management, hosting, build automation and more – all from a single, centralised location. With MadCap Central you can:
    • Manage Projects and Content in One Centralised Location
    • Host Projects and Content in the Cloud
    • Track and Manage Tasks with Multiple Task Views
    • Assign User Permissions to Control Access and Maintain Content Quality
    • Collaborate with Teams to Manage Projects Efficiently
    • Automate, Manage and Publish Builds Quickly and Easily
    • And more!

Maximise Content Reuse with Topic-Based Authoring

Topic-based authoring is a modular content creation approach that supports XML content reuse, content management, and makes the dynamic assembly of personalised information possible.

Create customised content or different variations of the same document without creating new documents, such as:

  • Beginner and Advanced Guides
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals based on city, region or country
  • Employee Handbooks for every level within the organisation
  • Admin and Programmer Guides
  • And much more

Manage Your Content from a Single Source

Save time by using advanced topic-based authoring features that allow for maximum content reuse and publishing to multiple deliverables and outputs.

  • Use Flare not only to publish to multiple devices and platforms, but to re-purpose your content for multiple audiences
    and purposes
  • Single source images with MadCap Capture
  • Content changes are made universally from a single source and updated across projects for consistent, accurate documentation
  • Authors can focus on creating content instead of constantly formatting and reformatting
  • Projects and content are accurate and consistent across multiple deliverables and completed faster with far less content duplication

Get a Visual Representation of the Content with an Advanced WYSIWYG XML Editor

Flare's visual XML Editor is packed with features designed to provide authoring efficiency and content creation in a familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft Word-like authoring environment. The patented Structure Bar technology allows you to simultaneously create/edit content and view a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" (WYSIWYG) representation of the underlying XML structure of a document without having to view the raw XML code.

Edit or rearrange content using Structure Bars to:

  • Drag and drop content for quick and easy editing
  • Apply conditional tags
  • Revise formatting
  • Re-number/re-order lists
  • And more

Real-time Split View Editor

A synchronised spilt view shows both the XML Editor and the Text Editor in real time, with horizontal and vertical orientation options, auto complete and code validation with syntax colouring.

Web and Print Editing Modes

The XML Editor includes two authoring/editing modes – Web Layout and Print Layout mode. Toggle between the two display modes to see how content will appear in each medium.

Responsive Layout Editor for True Responsive Content

The responsive layout editor allows you to control the layout of your content for any device, without the assistance of a web developer or requiring any coding knowledge.

  • Control Responsive Layouts for Web, Tablet and Mobile
  • Easy to Use, No Coding Required
  • Takes Minutes, Not Hours





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