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Embedded TCP/IP Network Stack

RTIP-32 is a TCP/IP stack for embedded systems. It provides deterministic, configurable memory usage, a table driven device driver interface and an easy-to-use Berkeley socket compatible API. The network configuration can be set statically or obtained dynamically at runtime using RARP, BOOTP, and optionally DHCP protocols.

RTIP-32 supports simultaneous communications over multiple Ethernet and serial port interfaces. It supports the protocols UDP, TCP, ARP, RARP, BOOTP, IGMP, ICMP, NAT, and NATP.

RTIP-32 Features

  • Full Source Code Available
  • BOOTP, RARP, ARP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DNS, NAT, NATP Protocols Included
  • Fast and Robust TCP Implementation
  • Supports IP Fragments
  • Supports Multiple Interfaces and NAT Routing
  • Standard Berkeley Unix Sockets API with Extensions
  • Support for Encrypted (SSL/TLS) Network Communication
  • IP/UDP/TCP Checksum Offloading on All Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
  • Many Add-Ons (High-Level Protocols) Available

RTIP-32 High-Level Protocol Add-Ons

  • IPv6
    An IPv4/IPv6 dual mode version of RTIP-32 is also available.
  • PPP Driver Add-On
    The PPP Driver for serial communications supports LCP, PAP, and IPCP. The PPP Driver runs in both passive and active modes. Modem dialing and script processing for login procedures is supported.
  • FTP Client/Server Add-On
    The FTP Client/Server add-on supports file transfers over TCP/IP. The FTP module uses a virtual file system layer, allowing easy integration with RTFiles-32 or a RAM file system.
  • TFTP Client/Server Add-On
    TFTP provides a simple file send and retrieve mechanism via UDP. Unlike true FTP, TFTP does not support advanced features such as browsing remote directories, changing directories, etc. It can be used for file transfers of known file names in small systems which prefer not to load the full TCP protocol (e.g., a boot loader which only retrieves a remote boot image).
  • Web Server Add-On
    The RTIP-32 Web Server is a full-featured HTTP/HTTPS server specifically designed for embedded systems. With very little additional overhead, an embedded system can display static or dynamic HTML pages on PCs running a standard Web browser. The RTIP-32 Web Server supports HTML forms and CGI (server side scripts). CGI script names are mapped to C/C++ functions of the application.
  • POP3 Client Add-On
    The POP3/POP3S Client can retrieve mail information and email messages, possibly with attachments, from a POP3 Server.
  • SMTP Client Add-On
    The SMTP/SMTPS Client can send emails, possibly with attachments, to an SMTP Server. Optional SMTP Authentication is supported.
  • TELNET Client Add-On
    The Telnet Client add-on provides a VT100 terminal emulator package for a PC console and the necessary socket management code to establish and maintain an interactive or automated Telnet session.
  • TELNET Server Add-On
    The Telnet Server can accept and process commands over the network from any Telnet client and return the results to the client. There are no limits to the number or complexity of commands the application can implement.
  • SNMP Agent Add-On
    The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) can be used to retrieve configuration, performance, and statistics information about a network node. In addition, configuration parameters can be sent to a network node running RTIP-32. The RTIP-32 SNMP agent supports versions SNMPv1 and SNMPv2. Both provide the capability to retrieve and set internal RTIP-32 data.
  • DHCP Client Add-on
    Using the DHCP Client API, an application can obtain an IP address, network configuration parameters, or both. The DHCP client will automatically extend its lease in the background before it expires.
  • DHCP Server Add-on
    The DHCP Server Add-on manages a pool of IP addresses for all DHCP clients on a network LAN segment as a background service.
  • SNTP Client Add-on
    SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) is a protocol to synchronize the clocks of computers over a TCP/IP network. The SNTP Client can request the current date and time-of-day from an SNTP server, which the application in turn can use to set the clock of the local computer. The SNTP Client adjusts the time received by a timezone offset and the actual transmission time. For most networks, the achieved accuracy is better than 1 second.
  • SMB Client Add-on
    CIFS (Common Internet File System) or SMB (Server Message Block) is a protocol designed by Microsoft to allow networked computers to share files. The SMB Client allows an On Time RTOS-32 embedded system to access files located on a network share published by another computer on the network. The file I/O API is the standard Win32 API also used to access local files. Thus, application programs can open files with the same functions (e.g., fopen("\\\\Server\\Share\\C\\SomeFile.txt", "rt")). Through its optional code page and UTF-8 support, the SMB Client has full Unicode support.
  • SMB Server Add-on
    The SMB Server allows an On Time RTOS-32 embedded system to publish network directories such that other computers on the network can access files on them. Client computers can either be Windows PCs or other computers with SMB client software installed (for example, Samba or the On Time RTOS-32 SMB Client). Full user authentication is supported to restrict usage to no access, read-only, or read-write permission. Through its optional code page and UTF-8 support, the SMB Server provides full Unicode support.



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