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Flasher PPC

Flash Programmer for PowerPC cores

Flasher PPC is a programming tool for PowerPC based microcontrollers with on-chip or external flash memory. Flasher PPC is designed for programming flash targets with the J-Flash software or stand-alone. It connects via Ethernet, USB or RS232 interface to a PC, running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later (for a list of supported versions, please refer to the specifications below).

Flasher PPC itself has a built-in 20-pin JTAG connector but is shipped with an 14-pin adapter for PowerPC devices.


  • Stand-alone JTAG programmer (Once set up, Flasher can be controlled without the use of PC program)
  • Support for PowerPC cores. For a complete list, please click here
  • Supports programming of internal and external flash memory
  • Free software updates1, 2 years of support
  • 64 MB memory for storage of target program
  • Host interfaces: Ethernet, USB, RS232
  • Serial in target programming supported
  • Data files can be updated via Ethernet/USB using J-Flash, via RS232 or via the mass storage functionality of Flasher PPC
  • Target interface: JTAG
  • No power supply required, powered through USB
  • Programming speed up to 138 KB/second depending on target hardware
  • ASCII command interface to control Flasher without the use of PC program
  • Authorized Flashing allows to limit the number of flash programming cycles and to protect the Flasher against non-authorized access in case of external production

Package content

Flasher PPC is delivered with the following components:
Flasher STM8 PPC 14-pin adapter incl. 14-pin flat ribbon cable Ethernet cable RS232 cable 1:1 female / male USB cable USB power supply


Supported OS Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP x64
Microsoft Windows 2003
Microsoft Windows 2003 x64
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista x64
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 7 x64
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8 x64
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10 x64
Operating temperature +5°C ... +60°C
Storage temperature -20°C ... +65 °C
Relative humidity (non-condensing) Max. 90% rH
Size (without cables) 121mm x 66mm x 30mm
Weight (without cables) 119g
Available Interfaces
USB interface USB 2.0
Ethernet Host Interface 10/100 Mbit
RS232 Host interface RS232 9-pin
Target interface JTAG 20-pin (shipped with 14-pin adapter for Renesas PPC)



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