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Chart FX 8

Tight integration into Visual Studio for effortless programmability and suburb end-user experience

Chart FX is available for Visual Studio, VS .Net, WPF, Silverlight, Java, ASP, Client Server & SQL Reporting applications.

Studio FX Subscription

Get these and many more award-winning data visualisation and analysis products as part of the Studio FX Subscription!

The Studio FX Subscription offers unprecedented access to the entire line of Software FX data visualisation products for developers, including .NET, Java, COM, SharePoint and Mobility for one low price.

What's new in Chart FX 8?

Chart FX 8 was built on top of Chart FX 7, taking advantages of all its implementations and at the same time improving by the addition of new features.

Passing and Analysing Data

The most noticeable improvement of Chart FX 8 are its data analysis features. Grouping, sorting, filtering and pivoting are built right in. Developers have many different options to take advantage of this API, while end users can access them right at the toolbar. Also, LINQ is now supported (added to the many different ways of passing data to the chart).

Simple statistical features are also built in. Average and Linear Regression lines (for example) can be added to any series both via API and UI (at run time).

This iteration of Chart FX also introduces the concept of "Selection". Selecting a point can be used to bring attention to it as well as drilling down for more information.

Performance Improvements

A faster and more responsive chart can be obtained with Chart FX 8 Our 20 years of experience in the data visualisation industry has taught us how to be very efficient handling the demands of different industries when it comes to displaying data. From large volume of points to fast refreshing charts, Chart FX 8 outperforms its predecessor in many ways. Fast paint has been implemented so the chart does not waste time painting irrelevant details.

Enhanced Tooltips

Tooltips are now much more customisable. And this goes beyond rich text and parameters: you can now set a Control as the tooltip. Having a Control as the tooltip allows for unlimited flexibility, including using other charts (or data visualisation tools) for drill down. Data for the tooltips can also come from data fields that would otherwise not be visible on the chart, such as image data fields.

Intuitive and Improved UI

The UI has been completely rebuilt on this version of Chart FX. Menus are more intuitive, the end user has more control, there are no longer differences in the set of features between winforms and webforms. Helpful floating bars now show up, in a very unintrusive way, when the user hovers over areas of interest. New palettes (in addition to the old ones) are also available. Gridlines and Sections can now be redifined at run time by dragging and dropping.


Given all the customisation and modification that can be done to the chart at run time, it is only logic to allow for a undo/redo action. They can be accessed by API and at the toolbar (run time).

Web Improvements

Through embedded SVG, Chart FX 8 now supports HTML 5. Callbacks are now faster and less wasteful. A robust server and serialisation infrastructures were added. A more secure file handed was put in place. Better logs (for error reporting) and config file are available.

And Much More

Markers are now possible on bar charts. Curve-Area charts now support initial values. Pie charts now benefit from a smarter label margin calculator. Scale breaks can be added to axis. A new Funnel gallery has been added. Scrolling on connected charts is improved. Many other features can be found on the following pages of this guide.
Why Chart FX?
Besides a powerful charting engine supporting the most complete collection of chart types, you may also want to consider Chart FX for its following attributes:

Chart FX is the only charting and data visualisation product capable of delivering native components for the most popular development platforms, including .NET, Java, COM (ASP & ActiveX), HTML5, iOS, SharePoint and Windows PowerShell. Chart FX shares the same charting engine and API across all these platforms allowing developers to easily migrate their applications without the need to retrain or sacrifice the look and feel of the final product. This multiplatform capability is important considering the diverse and heterogeneous nature of IT infrastructures in the modern enterprise.

While some charting solutions are monolithical, slow and unreliable, Chart FX features a powerful extensibility mechanism. These Chart FX Extensions can be stitched together, allowing developers to quickly adapt to data sources enabling organisations to quickly and economically have access to specialised solutions that meet unique business needs. Chart FX Extensions are entire products targeting specific functionality while meeting the needs of specific markets. For example, adding interactive maps or vectorised images to your applications is as easy as integrating Chart FX Maps.

End User Experience
Although Chart FX is a development product, it provides many runtime and end user features as well. The Chart FX end user interface significantly increases end users ability to analyse data. For example, end users can access most Chart FX functionality by clicking chart elements or using toolbars and menus on demand. Also, through royalty free runtime components your users can export or reuse charts in most popular productivity applications, such as Microsoft Office.

Scalability & Performance
Integrating a charting solution to your application or web server could pose crucial server performance, scalability and security issues. Actually, many developers don’t become conscious this until they do real-life stress testing and unveil serious performance and scalability issues that may jeopardise a successful or timely deployment of the final application. You will learn, Chart FX has been designed to work in intricate server architectures and you can expect a substantial increase in your Web server's throughput, commonly measured in requests per second and avoid security issues associated with generating and storing server side charts.

Elegant and professional presentation layer
Many vendors have focused on using the OS drawing capabilities to "beautify" or "animate" the charts, in most cases these drawing abuses not only have serious implications in server performance and scalability but also result in chart caricatures or mockeries that make your application look amateurish and provide little or no additional analysis capabilities to end users. Instead, Chart FX offers developers the ability to quickly and easily integrate impressive charts into their applications while retaining blazing speed and performance, making Chart FX the perfect data visualisation solution for your application.

Seamless integration and Object-oriented API
Chart FX seamlessly integrates to the most popular development tools like Microsoft’s Visual Studio, Visual Basic and Embarcadero Delphi, among others. Additionally, The Chart FX API is consistent throughout the different Chart FX versions, making it easier and more accessible to create and maintain applications.

Code-generation assistants
Chart FX features Wizards and Designers that help you achieve the most stunning charts and at the same time quickly access the code-behind and learn most of the interesting features Chart FX has to offer.

Unparallel Technical Support
When in need, you can quickly search the Software FX integrated and centralised Resource Center or Support Site (http://support.softwarefx.com) for tutorials and samples.

Chart FX Platforms

Visual Studio

Visual Studio stands today as the de-facto IDE standard for .NET developers. For over 15 years, Software FX has specialised in enterprise-grade data visualisation solutions. Regardless of the Visual Studio version you are using, you can be assured that Software FX has the right data visualisation product for your development needs!
Products Available:
Chart FX 8: Visual Studio 2010 +
Chart FX 7: Visual Studio 2005 +
Chart FX for .NET: Visual Studio .NET (2003)


Chart FX for Java has for many years been the leader in Data Visualization components for Java server applications. Chart FX 8 for Java Server now gives all the power of Chart FX to Server application developers in both NetBeans and all Eclipse-Based IDEs.
Products Available:
Chart FX 8 for Java Server
Chart FX 7 for Java Desktop
Chart FX 7 for Java Server
Chart FX 6.5 for Java Server


jChartFX is a set of Javascript libraries providing a powerful collection of charts and graphs for professional and serious business data visualisation and analysis, leveraging HTML5, CSS and SVG capabilities in today’s browsers to deliver aesthetically superior charts and a richer end user experience.
Products Available:


Visual Basic, C++ and ASP continue to be the preferred platform for millions of developers worldwide. Software FX provides up-to-date data visualisation components for leading COM-based tools and technologies for Internet and client-server applications.
Products Available:
Chart FX Internet Components
Chart FX Client Server Components

WPF, Silverlight

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight are the next-generation .NET based presentation systems for building Web-based and Smart Client applications with visually stunning user experiences. Our smarts, visuals and user interface innovations will unleash new ways of exploring and analysing enterprise data.
Products Available:
Chart FX for WPF
Chart FX Silverlight Add-on

SQL Server

As a key component of SQL Server, Reporting Services is a platform with a comprehensive environment for authoring, managing, and delivering reports. Software FX leverages SSRS custom report items with server controls that can be easily embedded and customised providing additional dashboard and KPI elements in your enterprise-level reports.
Products Available:
Chart FX for Reporting Services

Studio FX Subscription

Get these and many more award-winning data visualisation and analysis products as part of the Studio FX Subscription!
The Studio FX Subscription offers unprecedented access to the entire line of Software FX data visualisation products for developers, including .NET, Java, COM, SharePoint and Mobility for one low price.




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