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World-Class Version Control

SourceGear Vault Pro is a version control and bug tracking solution for professional development teams. Vault Standard is for those who only want version control. Vault is based on a client / server architecture using technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and IIS Web Services for increased performance, scalability, and security. Vault is affordably-priced, painless to install, and intuitive to use, allowing your team to be up and running quickly.

A Reliable, User Friendly Version Control System

Vault was designed to ensure the integrity of data by committing source code changes in atomic operations to a SQL Server database. All communication between client and server is done over HTTP with data compression and binary deltas to provide the best in remote access. In addition, Vault supports exclusive features such as Line History and Event Notifications.

At its core, Vault represents the finest in a reliable, robust, and user friendly version control system. Vault's version control features are powerful yet flexible enough to fit the development process your team prefers. And Vault's version control features avoid the unnecessary complexity found in many version control solutions. Most of all, you can feel safe knowing your code resides in a version control repository that is both reliable and of high integrity.

Atomic Transactions
SourceGear Vault - Notify within Visual Studio Vault was designed to ensure the integrity of data by committing source code changes in atomic transactions to a SQL Server database. In an atomic transaction, a set of operations either all occur successfully, or nothing occurs at all, so your repository is never left in a half-baked state. This is a major advantage compared to other solutions, such as SourceSafe, where changes to some files during a checkin operation could succeed while others failed.

Remote Access
All communication between the Vault client and server is done over HTTP and utilizing IIS Web Services. Configure IIS for SSL support to keep your data secure. In addition, Vault uses both data compression and binary deltas in both directions to minimize network traffic. Vault was designed from its beginning to work well over the Internet, using technology that is both familiar and friendly for network administrators.

Advanced Features
In addition to the basic source control operations common to most solutions, Vault also supports several advanced and unique features. Vault's Line History cuts through your version control history so you see who's responsible for what changes line by line within a file.

The #1 Replacement for Visual SourceSafe

From its inception, SourceGear Vault was designed and built for users migrating from Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. Vault implements nearly every feature of SourceSafe, including Share and Pin, preserves the workflow that teams using SourceSafe rely on, and provides a familiar user interface that eliminates any learning curve. 

Vault combines the ease-of-use and intuitive design of SourceSafe with a reliable, robust architecture based on modern technology. SourceSafe stores files on the Windows filesystem, Vault stores them in SQL Server. SourceSafe communicates using Windows filesharing, Vault uses HTTP and IIS Web Services. SourceGear Vault offers the benefits of SourceSafe without the drawbacks.

Migrate Quickly With VSS Handoff
VSS to Vault Pathway SourceGear Vault is the only SourceSafe replacement offering VSS Handoff, a revolutionary way to upgrade from SourceSafe without losing any of your version history and in only a fraction of the time. VSS Handoff works by getting the latest versions of your files out of SourceSafe and placing them in the Vault repository, and then providing a hook into SourceSafe from within Vault for historical operations on older versions of the files when needed.

Vault also offers a full import where all of the historical versions of your files in SourceSafe are placed into the Vault repository. Although this process takes additional time, users can still choose this option if preferred.

Supports the SourceSafe Features You Need
Unlike most other SourceSafe replacements such as Team Foundation Server, SourceGear Vault supports nearly every feature of SourceSafe, including Share, Pin, and Keyword Expansion. So when you transition to Vault, you don't have to give up any of the features you rely on or worry about learning a new development process.

Avoid the Learning Curve
SourceGear Vault provides a rich user interface that closely resembles SourceSafe Explorer so your team will be able to be up and running quickly, without a learning curve. All of the major SourceSafe features are present and the terminology is the same. Vault gives your team the features they desire, plus the reliability, performance, and data integrity that's lacking in SourceSafe.

Fully Integrated Work Item Tracking

For users needing more than source control, Vault Professional offers fully integrated work item tracking in a powerful, yet easy to use interface. Source code changes and work item updates are linked as part of checkin operations, so you'll always know what changes are related to which items.

Vault Professional goes beyond version control by offering development teams a fully integrated work item tracking solution. Vault's work item tracking features are easy to learn and simple to use, yet complete and customizable to insure a perfect fit for your team. Security can be configured to only allow user access to particular projects, and queries can be created and customized to allow you to quickly find the work items you're looking for.

Access From Your Web Browser
Work items and bugs can be created and edited within all of Vault's clients, including the stand-alone GUI Client, the Visual Studio client, and the Web client. Web only licenses are available at a reduced cost for non-developers and other team members who do not need IDE integration and version control features.

Link Your Source Code Changes To Work Items
As source code changes are committed to the Vault repository, developers have the option of associating the changes with particular work items. For example, a developer may check in changes to fix a bug and within the same transaction he is able to mark the bug as complete and ready for testing. The link between code changes and work items is saved in history so that other team members have access to all the information at any time.

Keep Track of Your Time
Team members can now track the amount of time spent working on particular items or tasks with Vault's built-in time tracking fields. As time is logged against a particular item, the total amount of time spent is displayed along with the remaining time required based on the original time estimate.

Toolset Integration and Cross-Platform Support

Vault integrates into the leading IDEs, including Visual Studio and Eclipse. Access Vault from Mac OS X and Linux using the new Vault Cross Platform Client. Build integration is provided with support for CruiseControl.NET and Nant. Vault also supports integration with a variety of popular 3rd party tools, such as Red Gate's SQL Source Control. A Java command-line client is available for cross-platform support. 

SourceGear Vault offers a rich set of integration features for the leading development environments and 3rd party tools. Whether you're wanting integration into your favorite IDE, build system, or bug tracking tool, Vault has you covered. Plus, Vault provides support for non-Windows based operating systems, so your entire team will be able to connect to Vault and enjoy its rich set of features and functionality.

Support For Popular IDEs
All of Vault's features are available in Visual Studio. Vault also includes a plugin for Eclipse on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. Finally, Vault also supports Microsoft's MSSCCI interface which allows Vault to integrate into other 3rd party IDEs that implement MSSCCI.

Cross-Platform Support
Mac OS X and Linux users can now access Vault with the Vault Cross Platform Client (CPC). Vault also offers a Java-based command-line tool for accessing Vault repositories from non-Windows based operating systems.

3rd Party Tools
In addition to the built-in work item tracking functionality in Vault Professional, users of Vault can also integrate into other issue tracking systems such as Axosoft's OnTime defect tracking (up to 2013), and FogCreek's FogBugz. Integration is also available for database professionals using Red Gate's SQL Source Control.

Build Integration
Vault integrates with CruiseControl.NET to provide continuous integration and build support. We also provide NAnt tasks to access and update Vault repositories from your build scripts, and a cross-platform Vault command line client that can be called from any build tool.




SourceOffSite is an add-on product which allows developers to access a SourceSafe database over the Internet.

  • Fast and secure remote Internet access to your SourceSafe database
  • Use over any TCP/IP connection
  • Integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Windows, Macintosh and Unix (Linux and Solaris) clients
  • Familiar environment with the look and feel of Visual SourceSafe Explorer
  • Free demo

SourceOffSite is the way to access your SourceSafe data quickly and securely, locally or over the internet. But SoS 5 brings things squarely into the 21st century, with more power,more speed, and a completely revamped user interface.

A Brand New Interface - The SOS client has been rewritten from the ground up. It looks, feels, and behaves like a modern, powerful Source Control client — which is just what it is. SOS 5 lets you open multiple tabs, to see simultaneous history views, search results, and project listings all at once.

All of your activities are launched from a clear, modern, easy-to-navigate toolbar. You’ll hardly believe you’re working with SourceSafe.

Working Smarter - The redesign is not just a "re-skin" — it's all aimed at helping you get your work done faster and more easily.

SOS’s Pending Checkins view shows you all of your works-in-progress, across all folders, in one place. One place to view the list, one place to check them in.

SOS also gives you one window to find and manage your Working Folder settings, one-click shares of folders and trees, and more.

Faster and More Reliable - SOS is the fastest SourceOffSite yet — often 10x faster, or more — with serious upgrades on the stability and robustness fronts, as well. See the release notes for all the details.



DiffMerge is a FREE application to visually compare and merge files for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

  • Configurable
  • Windows, Macintosh and Linux clients
  • Free

DiffMerge is an application to visually compare and merge files for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

product features

Diff screenshot - Graphically shows the changes between two files. Includes intra-line highlighting and full support for editing.

Merge screenshot - Graphically shows the changes between 3 files. Allows automatic merging (when safe to do so) and full control over editing the resulting file.

Folder Diff screenshot - Performs a side-by-side comparison of 2 folders, showing which files are only present in one file or the other, as well as file pairs which are identical or different.

Windows Explorer Integration - Right-click on any two files in Windows Explorer to diff them immediately.

Configurable - Rulesets and options provide for customized appearance and behavior.

International - Compatible with 42 different character encodings.

Cross-platform - Identical feature set on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.



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