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TeeChart for PHP

TeeChart for all PHP development environments including Delphi for PHP

TeeChart for PHP is an Object-Oriented Charting component library for PHP. The library is completely written in PHP and ready to be used in any PHP scripts.


Take Full Control

The TeeChart Chart Component for PHP is offered via two formats, the Free Open Source version and the Licensed Pro version. Both include the full source code meaning that no loaders have to be used in order to create a Graph on your servers.


All the Charts You Need

Many Chart and Graph types to visualise data and function types including many specialised financial functions, multiple axes, multiple tool, export formats as image or as Text or XML data. Display features include customisable canvas objects, transparency and anti-aliasing, 2D and 3D views.


Priced Right For You

Most of the features are identical between versions; the significant exceptions being that only the licensed Pro version of the TeeChart for PHP library may be used in a commercial context (please check the Licensing info for details) and that standard support is only available for the licensed Pro version.


Help When You Need It

Evaluation version includes working examples for most Chart types. Pro Support gives the subscriber a priority support link into Steema.


Easy to use

You'll see how easy it is to code TeeChart and how you can improve department development productivity.


Steema's commitment to you

Steema has been innovating TeeChart components since 1995 and endeavour to continue offering you the best tools for the job in the future.


TeeChart for PHP - Features

  • Supported IDE's
    TeeChart for PHP Charting component library can be used in all the known PHP IDEs or editors (like PHPEd, Zend Studio, Delphi for PHP, PHP Eclipse, PHP Edit, Dreamweaver, Bluefish, PHP Coder, etc.)
  • License type
    Licensed Pro version
    - licensed Pro version of the TeeChart for PHP library may be used in a commercial context (please check the Licensing info for details) and standard support is only available for this licensed Pro version.
    Free Open Source version
    – free for a non-commercial use.
  • Chart types
    25+ chart types and variations including:
    - Standard: Line 2D, Line Point, Line 3D, Horiz Line, Fast Line, Bar and Horiz. Bar, Horiz. Bar 2D, Area and Horiz. Area, Points, Bubble, Pie, Shape, Gantt, Arrow
    - Financial: Candle, Volume
    - Statistical: Histogram, High-Low, Error, Error Bar, Error Point, Funnel
    - Extended: Pyramid, Bezier, Donut, Smith, Polar, Bar 3D
  • Functions and Indicators
    Financial and statistical indicators including:
    - Standard: Add, Subtract, High, Low, Count, Multiply, Divide, Average
    - Extended: Variance, Perimeter, Smoothing
  • Data Connectivity
    Database support.
    Direct access to URL addressable Charts.
  • Chart Tools
    TeeChart includes a set of 7 tools for additional charting functionality, like Annotation, Colour Banding with Transparency, Custom Lines, Extra Legend, etc.
  • Exporting Formats
    Export formats as image: JPEG, GIF, PNG, WBMP. Data export as Text, XML. Template import / export (TEP).
    Also allows Flash / Flex Chart exportation, SVG Chart format and HTML5 export Format.
  • JavaScript / HTML5 Charts
    TeeChart allows creation of dynamic JavaScript (HTML5) chart via PHP code.
  • TeeChart JavaScript
    The latest version of TeeChart for PHP also includes the TeeChart JavaScript product. This way the user of TeeChart for PHP has the option of obtaining a live Chart, which generates the minimum amount of PHP code by exporting the Chart in JavaScript instead.
  • Plug-ins and extras
    TeeChart for PHP can be used to create plug-ins for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal among others.
  • Fast and Memory Efficient
    Direct high-speed addition of Array data to the Chart making TeeChart for PHP very quick!
  • Multiple Axes
    Supports multiple axes, both Horizontal and Vertical in the same chart. Unlimited Axes may be added and independently configured.
  • Interactive Zooming and Scrolling
    Live and animated zoom and scroll.
  • Chart Themes
    Includes 11 predefined themes enabling rapid change of many chart properties with a single mouse click.
  • Visual Attributes
    Customisable colour palette, Transparency and anti-aliasing on all Chart object Pens, Brushes, Fonts and Gradients. 2D, 3D Chart. Custom 3D Drawing Objects.
  • Comprehensive Support
    Support Forums provide browsable answers to thousands of users' questions. Optional Professional-level technical support gives the subscriber a priority support link into Steema.
  • Royalty free
    You may distribute your charts royalty-free for use in compiled applications.
    See the Software licensing contract to learn more about the use of TeeChart for PHP license.
  • Help and Documentation
    The help file and documentation include a reference guide, a user guide, tutorials with detailed "how to" explanations, end-user help and a comprehensive example project (with complete sources). Other references may be found at blog articles and the TeeChart wiki.

New License as of 2017

TeeChart for PHP v2017 with 100% Sourcecode
A Server License permits use on one Developer, one Intranet and one Internet server.



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