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TeeGrid for .NET

Lightweight and full-featured data Grid control

The Grid Control for NET offers a very fast data grid for your Visual Studio projects.

TeeGrid for NET is a native C# Grid control currently available for Winform projects, NET 7 and NET Core, for use as an ASP.Net Core MVC chart rendering to directly to jsGrid grids.


Take full control

TeeGrid installs a palette component to aid designtime configuration.


Easy to use

We think you'll find this is one of the easiest grids around for quick setup to get to and see your tabular data.


Priced right for you

TeeGrid is agile and its price is light and nimble making it an easy fit in any project's budget.


Steema's commitment to you

Steema has been publishing code for more than twenty years; your satisfaction is of paramount importance.



Fully-featured Grid Control

The feature-packed NET data grid provides features such as sorting, grouping or filtering grid data, resizable columns, master-detail view, draggable selections, grid scrolling. These built-in features can be enabled just using a few property settings.

TeeGrid can be linked to any sort of database, like a Dataset, DataSource, arrays of objects or records, pure 'Virtual Mode' or any other source.

Master-Detail View

The Grid control offers master-detail data presentation. Any selected row in the master grid can be expanded to display its detail rows. Detail rows can be displayed in hierarchical data grid.

Rows and Columns

TeeBI provides an array of chart types, grids and customisation options to easily create beautiful and detailed data visualisations for instant analysis. Dashboards and reports can be built from multiple data sources and types. Plugin your own favourite Chart & Grid or use Steema's own BIGrid & BIChart

New and Improved Features

TeeGrid offers many features to manage the rows and columns sizing, formatting and more to your grid tables; 
Locked columns allows to lock/fix a specified number of rows and columns. Any grid column can be locked to a grid edge (left or right).
Column dragging allows you to move or re-order grid columns using drag-and-drop. Select the column you want to move and drag the column's header to a different position in the grid.
Column resizing feature allows you to modify the column width in a grid.
Grid scrolling functionality lets you perform horizontal / vertical scrolling to display data using grid scrollbars or arrow keys, mouse-dragging or finger-touch.



TeeGrid is fully compatible with Visual Studio NET offering you the means to take common core code for gridding on Windows, Android and iOS/macOS. TeeGrid ships with some default themes to optionally custom match to each environment.



The TeeGrid "Ticker" is a small component to automatically refresh grid cells when values are updated.

Options include FadeColors, Delay, Higher.Color, Lower.Color and RefreshSpeed.



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