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PowerDesigner 16.5

PowerDesigner is the industry-leading business process / data modeling software and metadata management solution for data architecture, information architecture and enterprise architecture.

PowerDesigner, is the only modelling and metadata management tool that supports data, information and enterprise architecture with unique Link and Sync technology. PowerDesigner brings powerful impact analysis and design-time change management techniques to your enterprise.

The following PowerDesigner products are available:

Data Modeling for database administrators, developers and architects:

  • PowerDesigner DataArchitect/DM, or "Data Modeler" edition, is an open and enterprise scalable data modeling tool for logical and physical data modeling with robust database round-trip engineering for over 80 RDBMS. PowerDesigner DataArchitect/DM includes the Requirements Model (RQM), Logical Data Model (LDM), Physical Data Model (PDM), XML Model (XSM), Impact Analysis Model (IAM) and Free Model (FRM).
    • Enhance the quality and accuracy of your data-driven initiatives with a unified, highly visual blueprint of your organisation's core information assets.
    • Leverage enterprise data as a strategic asset with powerful metadata management
    • Empower database designers and administrators with support for all leading RDBMSs
    • Boost productivity with a blend of modeling tools and database design techniques
  • PowerDesigner DataArchitect/RE, or "Repository" edition, is the team version of DataArchitect/DM, designed specifically for cross-functional teams who manage and maintain large, complex database applications and need to share metadata across the enterprise using a repository. PowerDesigner DataArchitect/RE includes everything in DataArchitect/DM and adds the Glossary and the Enterprise Repository.  The Repository includes the PowerDesigner Portal for read only access over the Web.  PowerDesigner DataArchitect/DM includes the Requirements Model (RQM),

Information Architecture for IT managers, data center managers and CIOs:

  •  PowerDesigner InformationArchitect is the industry's leading information architecture tool supporting data governance, business intelligence, integration and consolidation or any enterprise "information problems".  PowerDesigner InformationArchitect includes the Glossary, Requirements Model (RQM), Business Process Model (BPM), Conceptual Data Model (CDM), Logical Data Model (LDM), Physical Data Model (PDM), Data Movement Model (DMM), XML Model (XSM), Impact Analysis Model (IAM), Free Model (FRM), as well as the Enterprise Repository to securely share, manage and re-use models. The Repository includes the PowerDesigner Portal for read only access over the Web.
    • Improve your data governance and business intelligence initiatives with a model-driven, collaborative approach to information management across your enterprise.
    • Establish a 360-degree view of key information assets to improve business agility
    • Perform enterprise-wide impact analysis to minimize the cost and risk of change
    • Strengthen data governance by aligning strategy, policy, and technology
    • Facilitate collaboration between business and IT with role-based views and reports

Enterprise Architecture for enterprise architects, IT leaders and business leaders:

  • PowerDesigner EnterpriseArchitect combines the functionality of InformationArchitect with enterprise architecture modeling techniques that integrate business, application and technology domains.  PowerDesigner EnterpriseArchitect the only EA tool that can integrate and transform all models, bridging the gap between business strategy and IT implementation.  PowerDesigner EnterpriseArchitect includes the Glossary, Requirements Model (RQM), Enterprise Architecture Model (EAM), Business Process Model (BPM), Conceptual Data Model (CDM), Logical Data Model (LDM), Physical Data Model (PDM), Data Movement Model (DMM), XML Model (XSM), Object Oriented Model (OOM), Impact Analysis Model (IAM), Free Model (FRM), as well as the Enterprise Repository to securely share, manage and re-use models. The Repository includes the PowerDesigner Portal for read only access over the Web.
    • Translate your business vision and strategy into a collaborative roadmap for the processes, systems, and technologies you'll need to transform your enterprise.
    • Visualise the impact of change from any perspective with link and sync technology
    • Define all aspects of your enterprise architecture in one collaborative framework
    • Understand the links between processes, information, applications, and technology
    • Improve business agility by empowering all stakeholders to easily respond to change
    • Support industry-standard EA models, including DoDAF and TOGAF

For All Owners of PowerDesigner with a Repository:

  • PowerDesigner Portal Composer allows for read/write of key metadata on all objects stored in the repository. Portal Composer licenses work on the FREE PowerDesigner Repository Portal, and activate the authoring capability. Portal Composer requires the purchase (or ownership) of at least one license of DataArchitect/RE, InformationArchitect or EnterpriseArchitect. It is not a standalone product, and does not include any product media.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Beginning with version 12, PowerBuilder Enterprise will be the only edition produced (there will no longer be a Desktop or Professional edition as of PowerBuilder 12). Upgrades are available for v11.x Desktop and Professional editions to upgrade to PowerBuilder v12 Enterprise Edition. It is still possible to order the Desktop and Professional edition in v11.5 and these are listed on our pricelist / order form.

PowerBuilder 12.5

PowerBuilder - Accelerate your development.
PowerBuilder is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective application development tool for creating high-performance, data-driven business applications. PowerBuilder is both revolutionary and proven technology that has uniquely evolved to stay in synch with the latest functionality and visual user interface advances. PowerBuilder IS .NET…and so much more.

Sybase PowerBuilder is the revolutionary new generation of Sybase’s award-winning, market favourite rapid application development tool.

Revolutionary? Yes! It’s not just a new version, it’s a leap forward in technology that also protects and extends your existing investment into the future.

Developers can do more with PowerBuilder and their current skill set than they can with any other tool. Whether your company needs to maintain a Win32 code line, build Web front ends for existing applications, integrate with .NET development, or move development entirely to the .NET Framework, PowerBuilder gets you there. Faster, easier, and more cost effectively.  

The new Sybase PowerBuilder architecture works with Microsoft’s Visual Studio infrastructure to deliver the highest level of application development productivity for PowerBuilder developers on the .NET Framework.  PowerBuilder 12 still requires only about five lines of code – instead of hundreds in another language – to access powerful business logic using its patented DataWindow technology. With the DataWindow now re-written in C#, PowerBuilder also produces managed code and natively supports Microsoft WPF, giving developers even more productivity, flexibility, and security.  Also, it is the only product that allows customers to leverage their existing Win32 code and seamlessly migrate to the .NET Framework, saving the expense and complexities of re-writing. 

Sybase ships PowerBuilder with two self-contained IDEs. The first is designed for Windows 32-based development to build and maintain Win32 applications and migrate existing code to Windows Forms and WebForms. The second is a new comprehensive IDE for migration of existing code to Windows Presentation Foundation applications, building new Windows Presentation Foundation-based applications and deploying 100 percent managed code on top of the Microsoft Visual Studio shell, all with existing PowerBuilder skills.

PowerBuilder diagram


A developer favourite for nearly two decades, PowerBuilder is the declarative application development environment for building, maintaining and modernising business-critical Windows applications.

PowerBuilder’s patented, unparalleled DataWindow technology is the key to quickly building data rich applications with minimal coding. Its declarative programming environment and high level of abstraction simplifies the complexities of development, allowing developers to focus on solving business problems instead of trying to keep up with the myriad of new technologies, programming languages, and techniques. With PowerBuilder, all you need is your current skill-set to do a variety of application development.

PowerBuilder is simply the easiest way for developers to create the most updated, visually appealing business applications on the latest Windows platforms – on time and under budget.

Speeds development
PowerBuilder’s DataWindow technology abstracts the complexity of data access, data manipulation, sorting, filtering, data presentation, and enables developers to declaratively apply custom business logic with about five lines of script, significantly accelerating development speed.

.NET Common Type System (CTS) language supports complete .NET solution
PowerBuilder is a true .NET language, enabling developers to easily produce and consume Web Services and.NET assemblies that can be shared with partners, customers, and throughout the enterprise.

Multiple deployment options
Create desktop, Web, Rich Internet Applications (RIA) or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.

Open database support
Native drivers specifically built for Sybase, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle are included with the product. JDBC, ODBC, and ADO.NET are also supported making it simple and easy to support any data source in your enterprise.


SQL Anywhere 16

Give developers the tools to rapidly design and power embedded database applications for mobile and remote environments. Our SQL database management software keeps data synchronised with thousands of mobile devices or remote offices, so that all business users can access vital data – anytime, anywhere.

  • Create powerful, data-driven applications that run remotely on laptops, handhelds, and smartphones
  • Harmonise data automatically and securely with best-of-breed synchronisation technologies
  • Minimise database administration with out-of-box performance and self-maintenance features
  • Leverage advanced features and flexible, standards-based platforms to speed application development


  • Easy to Use, Easy to Administer - Self-administering and self-tuning, requiring minimal DBA involvement.
  • Enterprise-level Performance and Scalability - Symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) support and innovative new query processing algorithms speed performance for larger, complex queries and greater numbers of connected users.
  • True End-to-End Security - 128-bit strong encryption options, resulting in true end-to-end security that meets the needs of customers in privacy-conscious industries such as healthcare and financial services.
  • Multi-Platform Support - Supports a wide range of operating systems and popular handheld platforms to provide the highest flexibility in deployment.
  • Open API and Tools Support - Supports many standards for easy, high-performance data access. SQL Anywhere lets you leverage your existing investments in development skills and tools.
  • Comprehensive Support for Web Services - Simplifies the development of database-powered Web services applications, integration with existing systems, and deployment of applications across diverse IT environments.
  • Optimised for Handheld Devices and Intelligent Appliances - Provides an ideal solution for memory-constrained environments such as handheld devices.

The SQL Anywhere Base Packaging consists of three Editions (Base Packages): Workgroup Edition, Standard Edition, and Advanced Edition.

  • Workgroup Edition: The SQL Anywhere Base Packages have been renamed SQL Anywhere Workgroup Edition. The Workgroup Edition is available as a Multi-user Server (5-user, 10-user) or Personal Server (1 CPU).The Workgroup Edition supports up to 2 CPUs.
  • Standard Edition: The Standard Edition is designed for the growing number of customers needing guaranteed reliability and performance. Standard Edition includes everything in the Workgroup Edition plus SQL Anywhere High Availability and SQL Anywhere Monitoring. The Standard Edition supports up to 4 CPUs.
  • Advanced Edition: The SQL Anywhere Advanced Edition is targeted at enterprises that want to incorporate departmental servers into established IT environments and have increased requirements regarding performance or special use cases. The Advanced Edition includes everything included in the Standard Edition plus SQL Anywhere In-Memory Mode, Replication Agent for SQL Anywhere and RSA FIPS Security.

Note: The features included in the Standard or Advanced Editions that are not included in the Workgroup Edition (such as SQL Anywhere High Availability, Monitoring, Replication Agent and In-Memory Mode) will not be available as additional deployment licenses for versions 11.0.1 and later. To obtain licensing for these components for v11.0.1 and later customers will need to purchase the applicable edition of SQL Anywhere. Note that these components will continue to be available separately as additional deployment licenses for versions prior to v11.0.1.

SQL Anywhere Server

SQL Anywhere Server is an enterprise calibre database that scales to hundreds of concurrent users, hundreds of gigabytes of data, containing hundreds of millions of rows. Yet its many features enabling zero-administration ensure that it also scales down to smaller environments with little or no onsite I.T. support. This makes SQL Anywhere Server ideal for ISVs selling solutions to customers who come in a range of shapes and sizes.

SQL Anywhere Server has many advanced, enterprise calibre features including:

  • Row-level locking
  • Full transaction processing
  • Referential integrity
  • SQL and Java stored procedures and triggers
  • Advanced OLAP functions
  • Database mirroring
  • Database clustering
  • Snapshot isolation
  • Materialised views
  • Built-in Web Services server
  • Inter-query and intra-query parallelism

SQL Anywhere Server also offers a rich set of features that make it easy to operate in environments where I.T. support may not always be available, such as:

  • Self-tuning query optimiser
  • Dynamic cache sizing
  • Automated online back-up and recovery
  • Roll-forward log
  • Scheduled and event-based DB maintenance
  • Remote DBA privileges
  • Automated DB file growth
  • Configuration data stored in single DB file
  • Binary compatible DB files
  • SNMP agent
  • Trace logging
  • Configurable through SQL commands

Scaling from 64-bit multi-processor servers all the way down to laptop and tablet computers, SQL Anywhere Server can be deployed onto the platforms you desire, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Netware, Solaris, and a range of other UNIX variants. The adoption of open standards and integration ensures you can build your database-powered applications using the development tools and technologies you already know.

without touching the core licensing code.



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